This Reaction might contain SPOILERS for the episode talked about! I recommend watching the episode itself before reading this (only if you want to watch the show itself of course)!

More Yandere characters detected! So we have another stereotypical character welcomed to the cast, but things are going to heat up! While I have to say that Natsuno actually is quite growing on me and I start to actually enjoy watching her (if she’s not in Sadist mode), Hiiragi is getting more and more annoying as the masochist stereotype (I really don’t like that kind of character). The humor used is even though it seemed to be a bit refreshing at first in this episode, still way to overused and just is not funny anymore. The end of the episode, with all the figuring out that Madoka was involved in that slashing thing, was a lot better than I expected it to be and that was the moment when I actually started to like our main characters. In my opinion though, they should have stopped right at the point where they stopped explaining, since Madoka coming in totally killed the mood for me and should have been something featured next episode!

Episode: 5/10

Show: 4.25/10


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