This Reaction might contain SPOILERS for the episode talked about! I recommend watching the episode itself before reading this (only if you want to watch the show itself of course)!


Another weird monster spotted!

I honestly have to admit, I was bored. While the OST, the Opening were still awesome and we even got something that felt like Steins;Gate reference (MAD SCIENTIST ftw!), everything else just seemed as if it was directly taken out of another episode. The only differences being, that this time we get to learn something about the person that became a Daemonia and that we are getting a litle more background knowledge on how the Tarot cards work. Other than that, it just felt as if the script writers needed to get a little time passed. There was almost nothing new to the episode and the only thing that could’ve sold it to me would have been the action scene, but that just is not this show’s strength and really falls flat.


I just can’t bring myself to enjoy the fight scenes to the fullest :S

Episode: 5/10
Show: 7.12/10


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