This Reaction might contain SPOILERS for the episode talked about! I recommend watching the episode itself before reading this (only if you want to watch the show itself of course)!

Dark Saber Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya Episode 4

She’s finally going to get introduced ❤

Another episode of the Magical Girl comedy and I really start to like Miyu for her kind of personality, that is not really like feelinfless, but also not really showing her emotions. Surprisingly the humor this episode wasn’t the best thing the show had to offer, but the action scene, which was brilliantly done in my opinion and silverlink really is doing an amazing job for this show. However the stories plot itself is still not too interesting and if it wasn’t for the humor, it prbably would score a lot lower than it does now. Also…we get to see Dark Saber next episode :3 I can’t wait!

Episode: 7.5/10Show: 7.37/10


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