Anime Review: K-On!

Before reading this Review, please note, that humor is entirely subjective and as is it is such, it fully depends on the viewer, if he is enjoying the humorous parts, that the show has included. As this show is a show that heavily relies on humor and similarly objective things, please remember that this is MY opinion on how I liked these subjective topics! Thanks!

The moe genre has been widely spread within the last few years, slowly creeping more and more into the seasonal charts before actually taking them over, as there have been many shows of this kind in there lately. One production company in particular has gotten their hands on many shows of that kind, being, as you may have guessed, Kyoto Animation. They were the ones that actually started the hype with Lucky Star and have ever since been able to receive more money just from releasing shows of this kind, such as Tamako Market in some ways Chuunibyou and most notably K-On!

K-On! Review Christmas

Most things happening in K-On! actually are rather random.

Story: K-On! is a 2009 Anime, done by Kyoto Animation and has been well known ever since. The story follows Yui a clumsy air headed girl that has just got into High school. As she never really was productive in any year earlier, she decides that this year she wants to join a club but doesn’t know which one, since nothing that other clubs are doing really is to her liking. That is until she finds out about a club called the “Light Music Club”. Thinking they are only playing easy songs and she won’t have to do anything but play the castanets she joins them, but it isn’t long until she sees, that underneath the big “Light Music Club” sign it says, that they want to form a band. Too late for Yui though as she already handed in her application sheet and she now has to at least tell the club that she wants to do so, since she can’t play any instrument. She tries to do so, but the club members are begging her to stay, since otherwise the club would have to disband. They show her a song and Yui decides that she wants to learn the guitar and so they start playing music drinking tea…

K-On! Review HeadphonesThe story of K-On! for the most part actually is pretty non existent as this is a moe show and moe shows are dependent on things like cuteness and humor most of the time. It is rather rare that a moe show has an actual overarching plot instead of just having a motivation that makes them do whatever they are doing (in this situation being the band). However there are a few points that kind of show something like Drama, even though it is nothing really worth mentioning, but that is really all there is, as everything else is just cute girls doing cute things. The thing about that though, is that it doesn’t make huge difference, since having a good plot obviously never was this show’s goal.

K-On! Review Band

The band members in the style of the ending!

Characters: The characters presented  in K-On! are all rather generic, as everyone seems to represent a certain cliche that they fulfill.
We have Yui, a clumsy, air headed girl that is playing the guitar. She originally joined the Light Music Club, thinking that she wouldn’t have to do anything but playing the castanets and even now she’d rather be somewhere playing around than actually doing something productive. Nevertheless she gets quite good at playing the guitar pretty fast (which makes me kinda jealous…I always had to practice!)
The second character is Ritsu, the Band’s leader and drummer. She is an energetic girl, that is just as lazy is Yui is, when it comes to actually practicing or similar things and loves to make fun of others, Her dream is to form a band and go to Budokan (which is a huge concert hall in Tokyo) to hold a concert there. Thus she decides to form the Light Music Club and puts quite some efforts into it, even though she forgets things really easily which makes some situations really hard for the band.
The next Club member is Mio. She is a really hard-working girl that plays the base in the band. She is really easy to embarrass though and gets easily scared, which often is used as the comedy relieve as it is quite funny to see for both Ritsu and the viewer.
The last band member is Migu, a really kind and well mannered girl. She plays the keyboarder for the band and actually wanted to join the choir club at first, but ended up in the Light Music Club as they seemed to look a lot more fun to her. She is the daughter of a rich father, who seems to own several stores, often helping the group out quite a bit.
The Supporting Cast in K-On! is just as the main cast nothing really special as they are for the most part just a bunch of moe cliches. We have the really crazy one, the caring one, the best friend and so on. Something that really stands out though, is that the supporting cast is really small, leading to them getting shown rather often and better understanding of the viewer, which really helps a lot to relate to them.

Basically how the concept of K-On! works…

In total the characters of K-On! really are nothing out of the ordinary. Every single of them is as I mentioned earlier just a Representative of a cliche and none of them is written really complex. On the other hand though, every single one of them is likeable and I could perfectly relate to everyone, not that this was really necessary, as there was no point where I actually felt bad for any of them, since this is a moe show and moe is really well known for actually not having any Drama in there. Nonetheless I really enjoyed watching them.
Character Development in this show is just as nonexistent, as the originality in the characters. Almost every single one stays the same for the whole show and while there are a few things that change, the change rarely gets significant and really visible.

The thing about this section though is, that it doesn’t really matter, whether they are cliche or not. It doesn’t matter, whether the characters develop or not, since this is a show that neither wants any complicated plot nor any amazingly well written characters. K-On! totally works without anything that way. This show never even intended to be taken seriously which already gets obvious from the first episode on and doesn’t really change throughout the course of the show. This is supposed to be a comedy Anime and as such we have to treat it that way. The thing that matters a lot more than the actual characters themselves, is the character interaction which in this Anime seems to be done really well. It is more than one time that I just had to laugh out loud, at just how cool the interactions between the band members were and that surely is nothing that you achieve by having great characters, but by making just letting them interact in a way that is cute and funny enough for the viewer to watch.

K-On Review Comparison

Character Design Comparison: K-On – Free

Animation: I don’t think I actually have to say a lot about this, as this was done by the Animation Studio known as Kyoto Animation. For those unfamiliar with them, they have done amazingly well animated shows such as Chuunibyou or the recent free. To keep it short, the Animation looks just as amazing as in other shows by KyoAni. The character designs look really damn cute and I think it is worth mentioning, that they actually influenced every single following KyoAni-Anime, as those always seem to copy the style that K-On! had.

K-On! Review Concert

Even though the music wasn’t fantastic the concert-scenes certainly were the most fun!

Sound: As K-On! is an Anime about music, you might figure that the music is really well done and that if the girls are playing the songs are done really well. The Soundtrack of K-On! though, only consist of way too few actual songs the band plays itself. The majority of the Soundtrack is the background music, which is rather boring and not really exciting to listen to. The songs that they actually play on concerts though, which happens rarely, are pretty well done and catchy. They are nothing that stands out due to it’s complexity, but going into a moe show about music I actually was thinking it’d be a lot worse than it was. The ending and Opening though, both were amazing. Especially the ending, featuring a style that is really cool to look at and a really cool song.

K-On! Review Moe

this is one of the moments to go: “awwww”

In total K-On! has been something that I was kind of cautious to start, since I heard mixed opinions about this, ranging from absolute love to hate. I didn’t know what to think of it until I actually watched it myself and I really have to be honest and say that I actually really enjoyed this. The humor was fantastic and I caught myself several times going “awwww…this is cute!”, an exclamation that I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever hear myself saying And while this is all there is to it, with it being really funny and really cute, the show really doesn’t need anything but this. It is enjoyable the way it is and I myself wouldn’t have changed anything about it. It doesn’t try to be something deep or anything that makes a lot of sense, but just wants to entertain the masses and that’s what it does really well!

Now as I calculated the scores I gave K-On! (being Story, Characters, Animation, Sound and my personal enjoyment), I came to a score of 7,66/10! It is really good for what it is supposed to be, but nothing beyond that!
As it is now, K-On! has been licensed by Bandai Entertainment, but since Bandai actually has gone broke, this is out of print. You can quite easily get a new one though, as this show still is rather new and there are quite some left to sale. If you happen to live in Australia this show has been picked up by Madman and by Manga in UK and if you live in the same country as me (being Germany), you are able to get this by Kazé entertainment.
With that I hope I could help you and see you next time!


Impression: RWBY

The Discussion about what exactly Anime is has always been something that has been talked about a lot, as there are several opinions, that Anime can be defined as. This discussion has recently been heated up again, with the release of the highly Anime influenced web-show RWBY, directed by Monty Oum, known for his amazing choreography in the fights that are included in his show and produced by Rooster Teeth. So far 7 episodes have been released, with almost every single one having the length of 5 minutes, the plot didn’t really get that far. From what has been shown so far, it seems that the world RWBY is presented in is rather complex and that there are a lot of points, where many details are added. At this point in time though, the only thing that we know actually is that there are weird monsters in this world are getting hunted down by people called Hunters/Huntresses. Also something exists called “Dust”, that can basically be summed up as magic in a materialized way. There are a lot of points that I don’t necessarily love about this show, like the 3D-Animation that at some points in times just looks really cringeworthy, which is the same with the Voiceacting, the VAs only being people from Rooster Teeth. It did get a lot better though from episode to episode and it kinda feels like they’re learning a lot out of this. The characters and the plot so far, even though we haven’t seen a lot of it yet, seems a lot like a typical shounen right now, but all this is honestly not a real bother for me. If people are talking about RWBY, they normally want to compare it to other great Anime and I personally think that that is nothing you should do, as this is something that has been done with a tiny Budget and it only had around 2 actual Anime episodes to build it’s plot. This is something fanmade and nothing that is supposed to be really professional and it’s not even that it is all bad! The fighting scenes look freaking good in here, as this is what Monty Oum is really good at!

In the end, RWBY is compared to actual Anime rather mediocre, but as it stands, this is not an Anime and as such not comparable to them. I think it is doing a quite good job for what it is and am looking forward to seeing more of it.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou: Episode 9

This Reaction might contain SPOILERS for the episode talked about! I recommend watching the episode itself before reading this (only if you want to watch the show itself of course)!

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 9 Yuri in Bed

Am I the only one thinking they look like married already anyway?

Oh my god…this show is on a rampage now! After the main plot having started and the really dark part beginning, this week Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou goes on in the same way they ended it last time. We have a lot of focus on Luna this episode, which I rather like, since to me she felt like the least developed character and the one that was the most uninteresting to me. This was a point that was bothering me a little, but this time, they did it perfectly, giving her a lot of developement depth, while still not making it feel rushed! This is how episodes like this should be and I am really wondering why they didn’t do it this way earlier. The Twists that the episode held were rather obvious, since I knew from episode 4 (I think it was 4) on that there was quite some Shoujo-Ai involved, which I actually don’t hate (I’m male after all…). Just this particular pairing…I’m not really sure about it. Anyway, back to topic. I also wasn’t really shocked of Akari being the evil Daemonia-maker (whatever he/she/it is supposed to be called), but that wasn’t the purpose of the episode, as it was build up to the end for the most part, as which it served really well!

Score: 7.8/10