This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

Nagi no Asukara First Impression Fish-knee

This probably is the weirdest sickness I have seen so far…god I wouldn’t wanna have that!

There was only one particular reason for me to watch this show, being the studio called P.A. Works, since I am a huge fan of their style. It wasn’t really a show that I was looking forward to, as I didn’t even know what it was about until a few days ago. So going into this now, I was a little sceptic about the whole idea of people living under the water, but I really like the way that it has been executed up to the point now. The seperation and “racism” between the ones living on the earth and the one living in the sea is something that really interests me and that will probably be built upon soon. I quite liked the drama that has been brought up in the first episode already and I am certainly looking forward to seeing more. Also…I have not been disappointed by P.A. Works, as the show just looks gorgeous in every single point! Characters, backgrounds and Animation just look wonderful!

Score: 7.5/10


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