Anime Review: To Aru Kakgaku no Railgun +S

“With great Power comes great Responsibility!”  – Stan Lee
Power is something that every human being has dreamt of having at least once, being it the power of money, strength or simple influence. It is something that helps people change things around them and makes it possible for life to be a lot easier. However, Power does not come without a certain price tag, sticking onto it. With whatever power you obtain, you get the chance to not only change your life but that of others as well. A huge responsibility lies upon the shoulders of those ruling and having the powers that others long for and there are several ways to handle this responsibility and for everyone there are good examples for it. You can simply abuse your power, oppressing everyone that is weaker. You can simply ignore everyone around you and don’t care about anyone but yourself. Society though in this age, sees it as the duty of anyone having power to help the ones that have less and speak up for them. Ladies and Gentlemen, todays Anime deals with the issue of obtaining power and having power. Today’s topic shall be Index’ first Spin-Off To Aru Kagaku no Railgun!

As this is a Review of both Seasons of Railgun, I am going to give two scores for every category! (One for the original and one for Railgun S)

Railgun Review Misaka Badass

And now…tell me again, why she is not badass!


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun’s setting is almost exactly the same as Index’. The Anime takes place in Academic City, a fictional town, that dedicated itself to the advance of science. It has amazing technology and almost 80% of the people living there are students. Most of these,didn’t come here for the science aspect though, but for the second big objective that the city was found because of. The training of Espers. Espers, to those who don’t know, are people that mysteriously obtained power that they now can use for all kind of things, but for the most time for the sake of fighting. They are split into Levels ranging from 0, which indicates that you have no ability at all, to 5. There are only 7 Level 5 Espers and those are counted as the 7 strongest ones in the whole world. In that city, lives our main character Misaka Mikoto. She is pretty popular Esper, since she is known to be the third strongest Level 5, also known as the “Railgun”. One day, she gets to know her roommate Kuroko’s, a Level 4 Teleporter, acquaintance from her work at Judgment, an organization that focuses on keeping Academic City safe. The acquaintance Uiharu, a Level 1, has always been a huge fan of Misaka and brought her best friend Saten, who doesn’t have any powers at all and is of the opinion that probably all Level 5 Espers are arrogant and annoying people. As they meet the “Railgun”, a friendship quickly develops and the four of them hang out together more and more often. But at the same time, strange incidents start happening everywhere in the city and even though the four at first seem to have nothing to do with it, they get sucked into it faster than they thought they would…
The Story of Railgun starts of rather weak, presenting a lot of Slice of Life episode to begin with and only a few episodes that really go into the Setting itself. Not to say, that these are bad or anything, it’s just not what is to be expected out of a setting that looks this way. After quite some while though, the pacing starts to get faster and more and more incidents start happening. Meanwhile, the show decides to bring in an actual plot. That is to it’s better, as the story for Railgun’s first season might not be as good as for Index, but it certainly is well done and while there always are a few filler episodes between different arcs, they get back to the actual plot fairly quickly. The strength of the arcs is just as with Index, it’s climaxing. When Railgun wants to set it’s climax, it gets amazing. Using epic fights great speeches and really well done villains for the sake of ending everything with a big blast.
The first season’s story is while certainly not being bad not as good as Index, the second season blows everything out of the water. Entering the second season, we get to see the sisters arc, a part of the Index show that only had 3 episodes over there, from Misaka’s point of view. In Index it was a fairly decent part of the show, but now in Railgun, it gets extended to more than a half of the season and a lot of things get shown that people who watched Index didn’t know about. It suddenly shifts into a part that is really dark compared to everything Index has ever done and is what I loved about it. That said the first season did something similar but not to the extent that Railgun S did!
Railgun: 7.7/10
Railgun S: 8.7/10

Railgun Review Kuroko

Kuroko in Action…

Even though getting amazing at points, the story of Railgun is not what drives the Anime. The strongest point that the Spin-Off has is in it’s characters. Other than it’s predecessor, this show uses it’s characters a lot more and is working towards their development. While Index often only used them as a plot device, Railgun rather uses both parts to bring each other further. The story advances the characters and the characters advance the story. We have our main protagonist Misaka Mikoto, aka the “Railgun”. She is a pretty popular Esper, as she is listed as the third strongest Level 5 in the world. Still, she stays really levelheaded and often doesn’t really think that her powers are anything to show off with, but rather sees them as a practical tool. That’s what makes her friendship with the other three characters possible. Nonetheless, she is a really strong woman in total while caring for everyone around her. Caring this much for people, often makes her vulnerable though, since she never wants anyone around her to get involved into things happening around her. The next character is Misaka’s roommate Shirai Kuroko. Kuroko is a Level 4 Teleporter that is (at least it gets strongly hinted) sexually attracted to Misaka. She has a rather bold personality and is the one that the most comedy relief comes from, mostly using her tries to get close to her roommate. She can get really serious at times, though most of the time being when it is about her work at Judgment, an organization that keeps the streets of Academic City in order. Next up is her Judgment Colleague Uiharu Kazaro. Uiharu is a really quite and kind girl. She is Kuroko’s team partner in Judgment, but she normally only sits at their base though, as she is really good with computers. The last one is Saten Ruiko. She is an energetic girl, that has a unique fascination for urban rumors and is Uiharu’s best friend. She is a Level 0, meaning that she has no power at all.

Railgun Review dark scenes

Some of the Arcs in Railgun can get really dark and emotional! Most of the time that is connected to the characters!

The side characters in Railgun are pretty much the same as for Index. While all being fairly interesting to watch, they often lack a little depth and character development. They are all given background and motivation, but they don’t seem to stand out as much as they used to in the first instance of the franchise. That is not due to them being bad though, but due to us now having strong lead characters. For Index, the main characters were really generic and didn’t have any interesting characteristics. This made the characters shine, since they were a lot better written than Touma and Index themselves. For Railgun, this is not the case. In Railgun, the main characters are really well done, making the side characters only remain in their shadows and not seem as amazing as they were in Index. They still are quite good though.
The characters in Railgun are a lot better as in Index, as Railgun focuses a lot more on them than it’s parent story does. It is able to let them grow on you really fast and manages to capture their mentalities really well! This can be seen best, whenever the show enters a darker part of the story, such as middle parts of the Level-Upper incident and the Sisters Arc. They are in no way one-dimensional and everyone has a believable and likeable side to him. Heck, even the villains in the end often turn out to either be pretty cool or just amazingly well written for the most part. There aren’t quite as many side characters in Railgun as there were in Index, but the amount of them still is pretty high compared to other shows. They all are well written though and almost none of them is boring.
Railgun: 8.5/10

Railgun S: 9.1/10

Railgun Review lighting

The Lighting at times is pretty good (also Misaka looks so good when not in school uniform :3)

The Art in Railgun’s first season is pretty good. As expected from J.C. Staff, the animation is pretty well done, while not being outstanding. It is detailed and fluent during the action scenes, but is kept to a rather standard level in the Slice of Life parts. The use of CG-Animation is quite obvious though, as it does stand out quite a bit and does not look good! This gets really annoying, when they start doing the background purely based on CGI. For the second season, the standards of Animation rises quite a bit, as there were several years of a gap between the production of the two shows. The Animation does get more fluent and even though it doesn’t get any more detailed it doesn’t need to. However compared to other shows of it’s time, both are only above average and could’ve been better. One plus point for Railgun S though is, that they use a lot less CGI than any other Raildex show. The character designs don’t look too original, but are nothing to complain about, since they for the most part are bound to the original show. However the ones that are new aren’t too original either.
Railgun: 7.5/10
Railgun S: 7.7/10

Railgun’s Soundtrack was done by Maiko Iuchi, who is part of the company “I’ve”, that did the OST for Index. He also did the Soundtrack for Ano Natsu de Matteru. The Music in Railgun is really good, having a great variety of tracks, ranging from energetic electronic music for the fight scenes, light hearted tracks for the Slice of Life parts and quite piano OSTs for the sad scenes. It suits the show really well and is really good to get you either hyped up or breaking to the ground. Of course it is not something that a Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown) would have created, but it does it’s job. Even outside the Anime, the OST still has an impact, as it is a lot of fun to listen to even while not watching the show. That is an attribute, that makes an amazing OST. The only part that I don’t like about it are just as in Index the light hearted tracks, that often annoy the hell out of me. They are fine when not being noticed or really quite, but they don’t really sound good to me. The Openings on the other hand are amazing. All four of them capture the show really well and are able to get you hyped for the show itself. The songs are amazing and I’ve been listening to them on my phone all day long. As for now, there is no dub available and the Japanese voice acting is as always really good (I can’t judge too much though since my Japanese is not good enough).
Railgun: 7,9/10
Railgun S: 7,8/10

Railgun Review Beach Episode

Of course the obligatory beach episode may not be missing!

Despite being part of the same franchise and even being set in the same city as Index, the themes presented in the two Raildex instances are entirely different. While the parent story focuses more on the war between church and science, the church doesn’t play any roll in the spin-off. Instead, Railgun is more about Power, how to obtain it and what to do with it. It deals with the lack of power and how the wish of having it can effect people and it deals with the responsibility of having a lot of power and how it can effect people’s life. It does so amazingly well, presenting it in the characters in a great way and never disappoints in good and flashy action. The story and setting both are really interesting and both seasons of it are great.
Now as I calculated the scores I gave to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S (being Story, Characters, Art, Sound and my personal enjoyment) I got to a score of 8.02/10 for Railgun and a score of 8.58/10 for Railgun S. The first season already is good mostly for it’s characters, but the second season then proceeds to get lengths better and is simply amazing. As it stands now, both Seasons are currently unlicensed and is available for legal streaming on Crunchyroll.
And with that, I hoped you enjoyed this Review and until the next post!

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The Anistorm Anime Awards 2013

Hey guys Kori here!

and today I have some really special news for you! As you probably know from one of my last updates, I am part of a Podcast that is called “The Anistorm Podcast”. We, the Anistorm Crew, have been planning something pretty cool, that as you might have guessed is calleed: “The Anistorm Anime Awards”.
Basically, it is some kind of ceremony that we are going to record in a video and that we are gonna put on Youtube. In this ceremony, we will present the ones that will win the Awards. These awards though, are not going to be voted by us, but by the fans, meaning: YOU! Everybody is allowed to vote once per category (of course you don’t have to vote for every category though.)! You can vote over 2 ways, either you can write all your votes in the comments of the video I linked to you above or you can send a tweet saying #Anistorm and #The Category you want to vote for, plus the one that you want to win! We will be counting all those votes and present them in the video that we plan to upload on new year’s eve.

Anime that were going over 2 seasons, are not going to count into the “Anime of the Season”-Categories, but will go to the “Anime of the Year” directly. Also shows that started in Fall and will end with a future season, will count, but only the first half of them!

Also we are planning to get Youtubers and Reviewers on other platforms to join us and present some of the Winners, so if you have “connections”, please try to convince to tell us @AnistormPodcast 😉

Anime Review: To Aru Majutsu no Index I+II

Ever since people started thinking, gathering in groups and building villages and cities, there was always the one question that some people asked themselves and even though most people probably didn’t really care in the first place, they later started asking the same questions. It was a matter of time until that question was raised. “What are we?”, “Where do we come from?”, “Why are we on earth?”, are the ones I am talking about and one answer became popular quickly: God! Religion was founded in the early days and while having it hard at first, the religion that in the end came out on top in the western world was Christianity. Not always through peaceful means, but they somehow managed to make people believe them. But the church doesn’t really have the monopole of answering these questions. Science did not always played a role as big as it does now, hell it even was forbidden to oppose the church by using science for some time! The war between science and church though has always been going on, Galilei, who was imprisoned for spreading the truth he found out through scientific mediums, probably is the best example for it and while it certainly did cool down a lot, there probably are still people fighting about it right now! Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s topic shall be the Anime with the oh so interesting topic of science and church, Today’s topic is To Aru Majutsu no Index!

As this is a Review for both seasons of Index, I will go on and give two scores for every category!

Index Review Esper system

The Esper System of the show is one of the most interesting parts

To Aru Majutsu no Index or Index as I will call it for short, revolves around Kamijou Touma, a middle school student that lives in Academic City, a city solely dedicated to science development and Esper training. It is technologically advanced and around 80% of the people living there are students. In this city there are different ranks of Espers, telling their strength, going from Level 0, people that don’t have any ability, up to Level 5, which are the 7 strongest ability users in the entire world. Our Main Protagonist Kamijou though unfortunately only is Level 0 and doesn’t have any ability at all, except for one thing: His right hand can destroy any Magic or Ability! One day as he comes home to his apartment, he suddenly finds an oddly dressed catholic sister hanging on his balcony, muttering that she is hungry. After taking her in, she explains to him that her name is Index and she has memorized 103000 Grimoires in her mind. She tells him of the existence of Magic as well and that some kind of evil organization is after her.

Index Review Touma Punches

This pretty much is how every single arch ends!

The basic premise of Index is really interesting, featuring the earlier mentioned differences between the Church and science, but it’s nothing that the show focuses on too long. While the enemies often are either from some kind of church or some evil scientific organization, it doesn’t feel anything but a mere excuse to have a new antagonist. The setting still remains really interesting, but more for the reasons of Academic City being one of the coolest cities that I have seen in a Franchise so far, featuring underground organizations, a realistic set of population, meaning it is not perfect and a really interesting society where students are able to rule a lot. Also the whole Esper system is really well thought through and was a lot of fun to think about, even if it certainly is not the main point of Index.
Index Story itself consists of many arcs, bound together to an overarcing story, that is not too significant yet, but might get soon. Every single arc is built the same way, there is some light hearted fun going on, something bad happens and everyone freaks out. Then some Plot Twists happen, the bad guy is getting figured out, he fights Touma and everything ends. Of course for the most time it is not as easy as that and surely isn’t as dull as it probably just sounded. What this show does really well though,  is the pacing. It never feels rushed and never drags once it really got going. Even though it has a few difficulties getting into the arc at the beginning, as the light hearted parts often drag out a little. As the arc gets more story focused though, the show starts to throw in a good amount of twists before ending in a for the most amazingly climatic and epic fight, that basically consists of our main characters holding epic speeches and punching everyone in their face! Believe it or not, it is a lot of fun to watch! If the show really has one big problem though, than it is the getting into it! The first few episodes of Index are pretty hard to watch, not because the story is bad, but due to another reason…
Index: 8.5/10
Index II: 8.7/10

Index Review Character Interaction

The Interaction between the main characters get boring really quick

The characters of Index are by far it’s weakest points! The first character is Index. Index is a catholic sister, with the ability of remembering everything she has once seen. This ability is getting used by the church, as she had to read 103.000 grimoires for the church and remember every single one of them. She now has to take care of them and keep people away from looking into it. Index rarely really gets active in the show itself and for the most part only is the reason for things to happen. If she starts acting on her own though, it often gets pretty cool and the power of the grimoires hidden within her mind is not to underestimate. The second main character is Kamijou Touma. He is your generic Light Novel Protagonist, being the guy that wants to save everything and holds epic speeches, why the antagonist is wrong. His catchphrase is the sentence “Fukou da” which in English means “Such misfortune”, as he sees himself as an incredibly unlucky person. There is not a lot more to him though, as he is pretty blant. It takes a lot of time, to really get used to him, since at the beginning he is really annoying and only gets really likeable in the second season. It’s not that he changes a lot, but the one thing that is different, is that he is a lot more badass later on and while not being a good character, he at least is really cool! In short, the longer the series goes on, the better the main characters get!
The character cast around those two characters is huge, introducing at least one new character every single arc (there are a lot of arcs…) and keeping most of them for use later on. Every single one of them though, especially those that are getting used more often, are really well fleshed out and are by far not as one dimensional as the two main character are. They are a lot more interesting than Index and Touma are and every new side character is a great addition to the already amazing cast of side characters. I am looking forward to getting more of those in the coming seasons.
The last problem in the character section that Index has, is the character interaction, which the comedy relief scenes are focused on. The problem is that while the interactions are funny when seeing Index biting Touma the first time, as she seems to be doing it second episode, it gets boring really quick. The two characters are way too boring to produce anything amazing outside of fights and most of the side characters can’t really safe that either. There were some points when I simply had to laugh out loud, but those were pretty rare. The comedy itself was just something that was overused to a point that I was not able to do anything but facepalm at times.
Index: 7.2/10
Index II: 7.6/10

Index Review Backgrounds

The Backgrounds are pretty detailed, but often use CGI

Index for the most part doesn’t look too amazing. The Slice of Life comedy scenes look pretty generic and there is nothing standing out at all. When it gets serious though and they start to animate fights, they do a pretty good job at it! There are not too many stills and the animation itself is pretty fluent and while it still is not too amazing it certainly is above average! The Animation quality gets better in the second season, but still is in comparison to other Anime of that time nothing to noteworthy. The backgrounds often look pretty good though, especially when being the Academic City itself, surprising with a good amount of details. At some points the lighting is something that pleased me as well, even though that was rather rare in the show itself and happened more in the movie. The CGI though, looks pretty bad and that doesn’t get better in the second season either. Unfortunately they use exactly that CGI for the backgrounds as well. It’s not as clearly noticeable then though.
Index: 7.5/10
Index II: 7.5/10

Index Review Lighting

The Lighting in some partsof the show (especially the movie) looks gorgeous!

The Soundtrack of Index was composed by I’ve, a Japanese techno sound production group. The Soundtrack itself is what I consider to be rather average. There are some tracks that are pretty cool and those are the ones that either show up as soon as some kind of mystery accures or as soon as people start fighting. In the more quite parts of the show though, the soundtrack was pretty generic and couldn’t quite match up to the ones of others. The Openings on the other hand were all pretty much amazing! Every single one of them had more of a techno vibe to them. Every single one was sung by Kawada Mami, which did a really good job at it! They did a good job at preparing you for what was to come in the Anime itself, while getting you hyped if the last episode ended on a cliffhanger. In total the RailDex Franchise has amazing Openings. The endings were all quite good, but definitely skippable. They were nice to hear once or twice but after that, there was no real need to listen to them any more. The Voice Acting was splendid and leaves nothing to be desired as far as the emotions go. As my Japanese is not that good, I will refrain from saying more than that!
Index: 8.1/10
Index II: 8.1/10

In total To Aru Majutsu no Index is really good show, that has it’s only big fault in it’s main characters, but even that is something to get used to after a while. It convinces with a good story, a huge but likeable character cast and simply the amount of fun you have watching Touma punch someone in his face. It has amazing pacing and a skill to climax it amazingly well, making every arc somewhat epic!
Now as I calculated the scores I gave To Aru Majutsu no Index and it’s second season (Story, Characters, Art, Sound and my personal Enjoyment), I came to a score of 7.94/10 for the first season and a score of 8,14/10 for the second season. Both are amazing even though they are flawed. The pure fun watching them turns around a lot! As it stands now the first season of Index has been licensed by FUNimation, but the second has not been picked up yet. The first season is also available on the FUNimation Website for legal streaming.
And with that, I hope you enjoyed this Review of Index and I see you next post!

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News: Fate/Zero Director to found a new Animation Studio

Troyca signA few hours ago, Fate/Zero’s director Aoki Ei announced on his twitter, that he and some friends of his, were about to launch a new Animation Studio and want to start working on their new project (which has yet to be announced). The Sudio’s Name is “Troyca”. Aoki Ei himself does have quite some experience in Directing, being the Directors of Hourou Musuko, as well as the highly acclaimed Fate/Zero and the first movie of the Kara no Kyoukai Series.

Aoki Ei PicOwn Opinion: I am not yet sure what to think of this move, as I personally am a huge fan of Aoki Ei, with him having directed three amazing works and a fourth that I have yet to see. As it stands, even though he has shown that he certainly has skill, I don’t know if that is enough to be able to stand on his own two legs! The move of Troyca is something huge and I don’t want to hype it too much, even though the director is the same as Fate/Zero. I am not going to say any more than this about it, as we should probably wait to judge it, until the first Anime is getting announced and as we see what this man has directed already it could practically be anything from Fantasy action adventure to pure Silice of Life!

So what do you guys think about this? Are you sceptical about Tryoca as well? Or do you completely disagree and say that is going to be amazing anyway? Tell me either down in comments below or tweet it to me @korigaming! With that I will see you next Post!



OH MY GOOOOOOOOD! I actually can’t belive that I am posting Blog entry number 100 already! Unfortunately I only just realized that I had 99 entries that this right now is my 100th one, otherwise it probably would have been a little better and bigger^^

First I want to thank every single one of you that is reading my Blog! I hope you have as much fun reading my entries as I have writing them I did finally reach 10 followers around a week ago and even though I know, that it really is not much compared to those that are really big (looking at Gigguk, Arkada etc.), that is not what I was aiming for and I still don’t, otherwise I would’ve moved to YouTube ages ago and even though I am still thinking about evantually doing so, for now this Blog definitely is enough. Back when I created this Blog I felt like I was going to be THE BEST (like everyone thinks the first time he does something productive on the internet), but well…I realized that it really is a lot harder on WordPress than I thought it would be, since the Anime Community is not as big as it is on YT or other pages. I do really respect those that got bigger on this website for getting this far!

I am really sorry as well, that there hasn’t been a lot that I posted recently, but that was less because of personal stuff but more because I can’t seem to find a topic that I want to talk about and now that I have one, my mind doesn’t seem to be wanting to help me and rather shuts down (stupid mind!). Also I’m in the mid of exams so while I will still be uploading stuff, it might be that I need a little more time than I would normally due to me having to studying.

Also make sure to check out the Podcast that I am participating in (it’s sooooo much fun!) and onwards to another 100 entries and follow me on Twitter (@korigaming). Another thing that I just wanted to leave here is that if you have anything that you disagree on with me, just let me know down in the comments and I while look into it as I am always open for a discussion (as long as you don’t go full retard mode…)! With that I will see you in my next Review (which I am going to write as soon as my mind feels like thinking of an intro…) and Kori out!

Anime Blog #4: Of Psychos, Spririts and little Girls

I do know, that it has been ages since I did this the last time,  but I just didn’t have the time and didn’t really feel like writing another one of these updates, so after 2 months or being too fucking lazy to write any of these, the BLOG IS BACK and I hope that lasts longer this time…

So as you might have seen in my tweets, which you can follow @korigaming on twitter (shameless self-advertisement ftw), I have of course not only been watching the seasonals for this and last summer and even though I admit that I have been pretty busy doing so, I also have been watching and of course reading some more stuff! Ladies and Gentlemen….screw it this is not a Review! Let’s go on!

Blog 3 Toaru Majutsu no IndexThe first show that I wanted to talk about is something that I’ve actually been talking about last time already (even though I don’t think anyone remembers that…). Last time already, it got away quite good and as I finally finished both seasons of Toaru Majutsu no Index, plus the movie “Endymion no Kiseki“, I can safely say, that I really did enjoy the Anime! Of course I had quite some problems with it and of course talking about these pretty much is my job on this Blog! The only really big problem that I had with the show were the two main characters, being Index and Kamijou Touma. It certainly was fun watching Touma punch people in the face and I have to admit that his epic inspiring speeches were kinda cool at times, but for a main duo, the two just felt way too generic. They were really boring to watch and their interactions were really predictable. Even standing on their own, they had some standout scenes, but just were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of side-characters. These side-characters often were what made this show really enjoyable, since every single one of them was really well fleshed out and almost none felt one-dimensional, making for a supporting cast that was a lot more interesting than the main cast itself. That said, it got a lot better to the end of each season and I did get attached to them eventually, just not as much as to some supporting characters. Another reason I really liked this Anime was the pacing of the different archs. You can say a lot about the characters and how blant they feel at times, what you can’t deny is the really good climaxing that the author and the script writers had in every given arch, making for a really enjoyable experience in total. I am now waiting for a third season to be announced and if J.C. Staff isn’t gonna hurry up soon, I’ll probably gonna go and start reading the Light Novels, as I got into reading them a lot recently (more about that later though)

Blog 3 Corpse Party: Tortured SoulsAs a huge fan of Psychological Anime and shows that have Horror elements in it, I was really looking forward to the first OVA of Corpse Party. I watched the first OVA, being Missing Footage, around a few months and didn’t really know whether or not, this was supposed to be an advertisement for the game or the trailer for an actual Anime. A few weeks later, I found out, that a second OVA for Corpse Party was going to be animated and now that it finally got released and subbed, I have to say, that Tortured Souls, is a lot better than it’s predecessor and kept me entertained for the whole time. IT was really creepy at times and the eerie atmosphere was really well done. There were only few problems that I had with it, for one being the character development, which I wasn’t always able to follow. There were some parts, when I was rather confused why characters were acting the way they did. Also due to the short runtime, I wasn’t really able to get attached to the characters and as the death rate in this Anime is damn high (which you probably already figured out due to the Anime’s name), it didn’t have any impact on me. The surprise factor of the deaths was quite good though, since there were many scenes where you couldn’t really be sure whether or not the character was really dead or not. It was nothing to amazing, but something I’d definitely recommend checking out, if you are a fan of Horror and Psychological Anime!

Blog #4 HigurashiI am a huge fan of 7th Expansion and the stuff that they have done, even though you might argue that some of the adaptions by Studio Deen haven’t been as good, but rather shit. Still it is an undeniable fact, that at least the Higurashi Anime is really damn amazing and now, finally I found the subs for a specific new part of the franchise, being Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kaku: Outbreak. Outbreak is a new entry to the franchise and as such my expectations for it were rather high, even though the last two OVAs either didn’t have anything to do with the actual franchise or were just good for half of it’s time. For this one, it’s less about how long it’s good and there is no such thing as fanservice in this OVA, but it actually is quite good. It just is not as good as I wanted it to be. Outbreak is something that doesn’t really pick up the Anime at all, but rather goes it’s own route without even referencing anything that happened in the Anime, meaning that while there are a few scenes that remind of the two original seasons, they are few and it only is the reasoning that remains similar. That itself is not a real problem, as I am completely open for something new to the Higurashi franchise, but the problem I had, was that it just didn’t feel like Higurashi anymore. The characters where a little flat and didn’t show anything of th amazingness they had in the original Anime. The Voice Acting sounded as if the VAs themselves had either forgotten what to do with these characters, as the old trademarks of them (looking at Nippah and the word repition of Rena) are still there, but they just sound empty and don’t have any of the appeal that they used to have, making this feel as if it was something different than the actual show. Not a Horror Mystery that has Psychological Elements to it, but more like a gory shounen. I had fun watching it, but it just didn’t convince me to give it a high score!

Blog #4 Perfect BlueI am still rather new to the Anime community, only having started to watch Anime a little less than a year ago and as such, there are still many people that I don’t know about, that I’ve never heard of, or that I have not seen anything by. One of the latter part, was until really recently the immensly famous Satoshi Kon, who unfortunately already died at a young age. Now I finally did see something that he directed and the only thing I really have to say about it is “He certainly deserves his fame!” Perfect Blue for me was a hell of a ride, mindfucking me again and again, impressing me with an amazing story, one of the best paced character developments ever and direction that made everything even more confusing than it originally was. The movie in total blew my mind and I don|t have any huge complaints about it. It made for an amazing experience!

Blog #4 K-On!The next Anime that I want to talk about probably is the one that is both the most popular and the most impopular! K-On! is an Anime that did get a lot of attention both when it aired and a lot later. It is one of those Anime, that you either hate or love, but there is nothing between that! For me, it was a Love that I found, as I enjoyed the hell out of it! The interactions of the characters were amazingle well done, the dialogues well written, the characters themselves really damn cute and everything just fit for the genre that K-On! is. It’s the perfect example for a Slice of Life Comedy or Moe show done right and I do love it for that sooo much! Adding music that I really liked and endings that belong to my favorites. This show was the one that turned me into a Kyoto Animation fanboy and ever since I watched the first season, I have a huge liking for the style that Kyoto Animation uses in it’s endings, plus it actually went as far and made me SAD! I didn’t know this was possible for a show like this, but K-On actually did it…I thought it was amazing and I am now really looking forward to watching the Movie in a few days!

Blog #4 To Aru Kagaku no RailgunThe last Anime that I want to talk about for this post, is something that I only started watching yesterday and is strangely close related to one of the upper Anime that I listed. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is the Spin-Off of the Index Series and so far, I do really enjoy it. So far, it doesn’t have any overarching plot, but was for the most part only the four main characters either solving a crime or just having random fun. I have to say that the beginning of the Anime certainly is a lot slower than that of Index, but as I said earlier I do still really enjoy it, even though it might not be as much as I did Index in the end. But for the start it is perfectly fine and it has something that helps it out a lot more than the fast start that Index had, which is the main characters. The four characters that the show was focusing on for the most time so far do work a lot better than Touma and Index did, as their relationship always seemed somewhat generic. For Railgun this is not true at all. Actually rather opposite is what happens in Railgun, as it does have really good and likeable characters and they all do have their own little place in there heart (Yes even Kuroko!). I hope that they will start focusing on a plotline quick, since that is what I am currently missing for this show!

Blog #4 Limit
The first Manga for this post, is something that I planned on picking up for quite some time and now I finally had the money and time to actually buy and read it. Limit is a pretty unpopular Manga, that for some reason got published in Germany while stuff like Attack on Titan still didn’t get here…Anyway, I only read the first volume so far and it certainly does look quite interesting to me. The characters do seem a little illogical though and I am a little confused, just how much school kids can actually hate each other to end up the way they are at the end of Volume 1. It for the most part seems to be going into a Psychological Direction, diving into how cruel people can be, once they attain power and what kind of assholes power can bring birth to. I do quite like it though and I’m most likely gonna continue buying it.

Blog #4 DoubtThe second and last Manga this time is a more popular one that I did hear a lot about, but that I never actually started reading. Doubt is another Death Game scenario (which I love), that tries  to take a look inside a human mind and read what might be going on in there and how people could get as fucked up as possible. It does feature really good characters, has an amazing story for the most part, including many twists and turns and an ending that actually is quite satisfying while definitely leaving room for more (which is coming in the Manga Judge). The psychological aspect of it is well done, leaving you on the edge of the seat and never boring you. It definitely is an amazing Manga that I really did enjoy and I guess now I gotte borrow Judge…

Light Novel:
(With this little section I’ll probably lose all credibility that I did have (if I ever had any)…)

Blog #4 Date a LiveI have officially found my own Guilty Pleasure. In the Spring Season of 2013, there was an Anime airing called Date a Live. Back then I despised the Anime for the longest time, thinking of it as a bunch of crap, a fanservice centred show, that had really bad humor that I could not laugh about. Then two particular episodes came around, actually showing a Plot Twist (unbelievable, I know) and the biggest surprise, the plot twist actually was well done! I did enjoy these two episodes and you know what the show did then A FUCKING BEACH EPISODE! What Date a Live did really horrible was that it showed some surprisingly well written Drama and then suddenly went back to it’s original state of a damn fanservice show. Now, almost half a year after that show ended, I decided to pick up the Light Novels of Date a Live, only for the sole reason so that I had something to laugh about and for around the first half of the 5th Volume (That’s where the Anime ended and I started), but after that I suddenly seemed to have turned off my brain and I really started to enjoy reading the Light Novels, to the point, where I almost started hyping it! I admit that it is really bad and that the Drama, even though it actually starts out really well goes to shit in almost every single Volume. I have by now finished Miku Lily (Volume 6) and am patiently waiting for the translators over at BakaTsuki to translate the continuation of it!

Blog #4 Sword Art OnlineIn the Meantime of me waiting for the Miku Truth Light Novel (Date a Live Vol. 7), I needed something else to read and I found it in the pretty impopular but still quite hyped Sword Art Online, that I started to read only a few days ago! So far I have to say, that it actually is a lot better than I thought it would be, given I have only read around 120 pages of it, the characters so far still seem pretty interesting and I do enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would from what I heard from others. Maybe that is only the Light Novel though and the Anime really is as shit as people say it is, but for my part at least, I so far did quite enjoy the Novel and most of all the Setting, which is by far the shows strongest point! It is really cool to see all the Game Mechanics that I know from my old World of Warcraft days being implemented in a novel, making it a lot of fun for RPG-gamers! I am gonna read more of it and then inform you if it did turn to shit or if it stayed as good as I thought it would. Also I am probably going to start it’s Anime quite soon.

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