Winter 2014: Top 20 First Impressions (part 2)

Sorry for the long wait, but here it finally is! The second part of this list might be a little more update as I by now have seen episode 3 for most Anime instead of just eps 1 and two. Well anyway, let’s move on to the actual list!

10: Wake up, Girls!
I guess one must know one of my fellow Podcast friends Tom to understand my situation with this show! The reason I am watching this, basically is just that he is a huge fan of Idol Anime and that he talked some of into watching them and they started loving it just as much and I guess I am the next victim… Wake up, girls so far is nothing too out of the ordinary, but reminds me a bit of a Slice of Life Sports Anime. I am quite surprised by how much I am liking this and I do think that it has quite some potential to get even higher up this list! Especially the second episode was really well executed, as it made me feel exactly the emotions they wanted me to feel. Which in this case is nothing too easy, as they didn’t want me to just get emotionally attached to the girls, but feel bad for what they have to do, which is something I recently have experienced in other shows like Watamote and NouCome. It was really well executed and I hope it keeps being as good as it has been so far! If you want to watch this show though, I recommend you to watch the Movie first since otherwise you won’t understand anything!

9: Mahou Sensou
Top Mahou Sensou
What first caught my eye about this one was the Studio attached to it! Madhouse has been known for a lot of high quality Animation, which they have proven this year in some of their works, such as Sunday Without God. Magical Warfare so far looks really interesting to me and it gripped from it’s first episode on (not that I have seen more than that though). I really like the concept and it seems to be pretty well written. I heard that the story got changed from the original Light Novel, but as long as Madhouse doesn’t fuck up the writing for that, I don’t really care, since so far it has been pretty good! It is a fun show with likeable characters and a story that might hold a lot of potential. I currently have it put on Hold though and I will watch it as soon as it finished airing.

8: Nobunagun
Nobunagun Top
Nobunagun, I admit, really doesn’t have a strong character cast and doesn’t have a promising story either. However it has one more factor that just makes it one of my favorites so far! It is fun! The show doesn’t try hard to hide what it is. While sometimes trying to sneak some emotional moments in there, the story so far was basically giving the viewer what they want: Action. It’s basically what I expected of this show just in a much better way! It has well executed fight scenes, a main character that is fun to watch and doesn’t need anything but that. It is fine the way it is and I honestly don’t know if I’d actuall appreciate a switch from the light heartedness of the shwo to it being a bit darker. However the show has one thing that I really don’t like about it and that is the Animation! So far the animation for this show looked really bad and while I normally don’t really care too much, it was kinda annoying at times, since I think if someone like Trigger would have picked this up, it would probably have been even better!

7: Gin no Saji: 2nd Season
Gin no Saji 2 Top
I really don’t like watching Sequels weekly. Especially if it’s a sequel to a first season that I really like and that’s exactly the case for Silver Spoon! With a first season that I really liked, I only watched the first episode of the second season for the sake of writing this and I did quite enjoy it. It is definitely not going on the same way the first season left off, but is starting with a more emotional part instead of the full comedy that I am so used to from this show. The first season did show a lot of Drama parts, but none were as intense as this one. Of course the comedy is still here and it is still really good, but to be honest judging after the first episode I liked the first season better. I can’t judge it properly though, since I have only seen the first episode. I hope it does get better, but even if it does not, it still is a fantastic show!

6: Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda
Top Sekai Seifuku
This show…is by far the weirdest experience I’ve had in a while…a loli girl that tries to take over the world. She has some weird magical powers, the most hillarious magical girl transformation scene I have see thus far and underlings that are simply hillarious. This anime is so over the top, it’s funny! The show has some of the best executed over the top humor I have seen so far and I do really enjoy it! The characters and more than that, the character designs are quirky and the show itself has something that just makes me unable to stop laughing. The fact of just how serious Kate is about the World Conquest and just how serious she takes everything she says no matter how contradictory, it’s amazing. She has the moe traits of a little girl and at the same time the insanity of someone that wants to take over the world. It’s hard to describe since it’s such an eccentric show and I absolutely love how different it is to other shows. Definitely something not everyone might like but something you definitely should checkt out!

5. Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
Top Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
I did expect this show to be full on conedy and was a little afraid of actually watching it, due to my fear of it being really damn boring since I did already see many shows that went for a comedy style and were just plain boring. There are just people that are horrible at writing jokes and they’re definitely writing Anime comedies waaaaaay too often! For this show though it is a little different. While I have to admit that the comedy is not that hillarious, that it alone would have secured this spot alone, but it is also clearly not the thing the show wants to deliver. The Comedy is present, but it’s not the main focus. Instead the show goes for a lot of Drama and that is damn well executed! The characters are really likeable and already after the first few episodes there are hints of developments. The characters don’t feel flat at all, but especially Inari already did get a really good characterisation and quite some depth. The pacing is really well done as well. It might not be the fastest of shows, but it certainly doesn’t feel slow at all! Definitely a show everyone should at least try!

4: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai: Ren
Top chuunibyou 2This one was the Anime that I was most exited for out of all, with it’s first season being the show that got me into the Kyoto Animation Hype that I am still in up to this date! Chuunibyou’s first season was one of my favorite Slice of Life Anime that I have seen thus far and the second season being this low on the list, is due to me not having seen any more than one episode! And even though I did enjoy that one episode a whole lot, I don’t think it actually is doing quite well enough to get to the top of this list, even though that might be coming as soon as I actually go on watching the show! The humor for this one is the exact same kind of humor that I used to love in the first season and the Animation Quality of course looks amazing…I mean it’s KyoAni…that was to be expected. I still love this show and can’t wait for this to end so I can finally get around to watch it and just lean back and laugh out loud for 8 episodes, before sobbing throughout the last 4…oh it’ll be amazing!

3: Noragami
Top Noragami
Noragami is one of the Anime that I was looking forward to the most! Having heard quite a lot about it’s Manga, I thought it might be pretty good and I certainly wasn’t wrong…Noragami is a lot of fun so far and easily one of the best and most talked about shows this season! The show has really likeable characters, a plot line that may not be the most interesting, but that is a lot of fun to watch and a damn cool style foe the Demons that are shown, using huge contrasts, which is a method I do like a lot! The show is nothing that I would describe as the best thing ever, but it certainly does a lot things right and I do certainly enjoy it a lot! (THAT OPENING!)

2: Sakura Trick
Top Sakura TrickIf you recently followed my twitter, or know me personally, you should have known that this was going to come at some point in time…I am a huge fan of almost anything that is related to a cute pairing and lots of lots of Yuri! And well…Sakura Trick does all of this perfectly, while also mixing a heck lot of Moe in there, making it the perfect show…Sakura Trick is a damn amazing Anime, with cute and likeable characters and a romance that might not be realistic at all but definitely more rememorable than a lot of other romances that we got recently! The two of them are that cute, that everytime they kiss I just can’t stop from fanboying and even if you’re not into Yuri, if you can get over it, you should still be able to throughly enjoy the humor as it is really funny. It might just be me being a huge Yuri fanboy, but I definitely really enjoyed this show so far and think that you should definitely check it out!

Number 1:

Nisekoi:Top NisekoiNisekoi is another anime that I have only seen the first episode of, due to me wanting to marathon it as soon as it is done! Next to Kyoto Animation, Shaft has been established to be one of my all time favorite studios and they keep up with good work almost every season they have a show in! Nisekoi is just another example of how amazing Akiyuki Shinbou and Shaft are if you let them do whatever they want. The artstyle for the show looks beautiful and is filled with many little things that just make me love shaft shows! The direction is as expected amazing and the art style looks good as always. The actual story might not be the most interesting thing, but after seeing one episode, the characters completely won me over and I absolutely adore every one of them that got introduced already! After seeing the first episode this is my favorite Anime of this season and even though I heard that the Manga gets kinda boring later on, I hope that Shaft will be able to somehow fix that!

Overall thoughts:
Overall I have to disagree to many other people and actually say that this Season so far I did really enjoy! Many complain about there being so many crappy shows, but I have to object. I actually think that a lot of shows that others would say are crap, I would rather say they are really enjoyable, but more in the way of them being fun to watch instead of them being well written. It is not that the season is amazing in a certain point, but it is just that most of the stuff that came out is a lot of fun to watch! I agree that there is a lot of stuff that really is not good from a Reviewer stand point (which I actually am…) but from the perspective of someone that just watches Anime to get away from reality I think it is really good, and that is what Anime is supposed to be about! In the end it is not about how well written a show is and how well developed the characters are, but about just how much fun we had watching the show and that is ecactly the reason why I do like shows like Sword Art Online, that are crap from a Review standpoint, but are fun to watch.

With that I hope you did enjoy this little list and tell me down in the comments what you think of this season and the shows I mentioned! I’ll try to get a little more stuff out soon, but I just can’t seem to get myself to write more…

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Winter 2014: Top 20 First Impressions (part 1)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, even though I am way too late already…Now I am sitting here in 2014 and basically nothing has changed…I’m still sitting in front of my Computer trying to think of some stuff I can and WANT to write about (I’ve been too lazy to write seperate First Impressions on everything) and I still listen to the Kyoukai no Kanata Idol Song day and night…But well…the new season has arrived and hat means I probably have to present this to you at some point in time and now here we go: The Winter 2014 Top 20 First Impressions!

20: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Top Mikakunin de ShinkoukeiStarting of the List is Engaged to Unidentified. A show I honestly was expecting to be pure moe Blop, since it had cute character designs and was labeled Seinen which normally leads to the conclusion of it being a fun moe show. Considering it was also adapted from a 4-Panel I was preparing to see a fun Slice of Life Moe show. Well let’s say I wasn’t completely right in what I thought of it. It turned out to be something completely different from my expectations, unfortunately in a worse way! The show has weird characters, that are original but unlikeable or just plain generic for the most part. Something that I never thought would be as much of a problem as it was in this show is the dubcast for the Japanese audio…the main guy literally sounds as if he was 60 years old and he’s supposed to be 16 or something. It is kind of annoying to see someone as miscast as him and since I know that they won’t replace him, I hope that I can get used to him! Another Problem I have with this show is the comedy and character interactions since no matter how bad the characters for a show are, there is always the possibility for the show to itself by just using it’s character interactions to do good comedy or develope the characters themselves. However this doesn’t seem to be the case for this show as the character itneractions are horribly written and while there are points and gags that I thought they could not fuck up, they unfortunately did exactly that and only got me too laugh whenever the sister is on screen. A single Side character can’t save the show though and that’s why the show ends up this low for me and I am mostly going to drop it rather soon as for now it does stand as the weakest show for this season.

19: Z/X Ignition
Top Z/X Ignition
Other than for Engaged to Unidentified, I never expected anything for this show, but shamelessly ranked it at the bottom of my expectations and it didn’t do any better than I thought it would. Honestly, I have never seen a more generic main character than this and even Touma is a savior of originality compared to this one. The show’s concept is rather cool but the Anime does a horrible at explaining the world as we only know so far, that there are some gates, some demons and some cards and that’s basically  it! It just throws us in the middle of what’s happening and does not tell a about what is happening but rather shows us some characters that I personally forgot about again. It was one of the most generic trips I’ve had in a long time in Anime and I don’t really feel good about it! I’ll give it 3 episodes though and if it doesn’t get a looooot better by then, I will drop the show.

18: Nobunaga the Fool
Top Nobunaga the Fool
Nobunaga the fool has been one of the most anticipated Anime for this season. With a relatively known Director and a good mech-designer backing it up, this show could have been one of the best shows for this season and many thought the same way. I wasn’t too fond of the show itself, since it didn’t seem like it would be the most interesting thing storywise, but due to how much the Anime community was looking forward to this, I guessed I’d give it a go as well and to be honest, my expectations pretty much were what the show ended up being. Nobunaga the Fool has an interesting setup as it is, but a mediocre execution, as the writing for this show really was not good! The characters are one dimensional and don’t feel refreshing or original at all. The pacing seems to be all over the place and the way it is moving forward is rather boring. However that said the show is not impossible to enjoy and if Nobunaga the Fool is able to do one thing, it is ending an episode well! The first two episodes both ended really well leaving you wanting more, even though throughout the majority of the episode you were bored as hell.If it doesn’t get better in episode 3, I am probably going to drop it rather soon.

17: Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Top Hoozuki no Reitetsu
As most of you should be aware of, Attack on Titan has been the biggest hit last year and everyone’s been hyping it up. Now that it is over, I was wondering what the studio behind it was going to do next and as soon as I saw this show on the seasonal, I was wondering just how Studio Wit was going from Attack on Titan to a Slice of Life Comedy in hell. I decided to watch it only for the sake of how the Studio was going to go after they released one of the best known Anime of all time and so far I really am not too impressed by it. The Comedy in this show is not bad, but it’s weird in a way that I can’t laugh about. The characters that have been introduced so far, just as the interactions seem to be rather well written, but they still are not really funny. To be honest, I don’t even know what is going wrong for this Anime, but something clearly does and if it doesn’t sort it out soon, it will most likely end in a disaster.

16: D-Frag
Top D-Frag
D-Frag is a show that I didn’t know what to think of until I saw the first episode. I couldn’t really make out what kind of comedy this show was going for from the Synopsis alone, but the way it did it wasn’t all too bad. I originally had this one really low on my expectation  list (even lower than it is now), since it seemed really generic and I didn’t think I’d get any enjoyment out of it, but now that I have seen the first two episodes, it seems to be better than I thought! Of course it still is no masterpiece and by now way amazing, but it at least is not bad. There is some fun to have with this show and if you like humor that is over the top, with characters that for the most part are pretty likeable, you might really enjoy this one, for me though, the humor is not my style and I have seen similar things in a better way. The Drama that has been presented in the second episode is not that much yet, so I can’t really judge it, but for now it doesn’t seem too bad and I think it might possibly get a lot better if the show goes for a more serious style. I am going to follow D-Frag since I really want to see how it turns out to be and what route it is going to take!

15: Buddy Complex
Top Buddy Complex
Having been a huge fan of Sunrise’s last Mecha Anime, Kakumeiki Valvrave, I was pretty interested how they would be going into this one, that again has a fairly Gundam-ish setup. Buddy Complex is a weird one, even though definitely starting out way better than Valvrave, it did some things that I don’t know what to think about. The episode starts off really generic leaving me bored for almost half the episode, which is something a first episode really shouldn’t be doing and that is why it is this low on the list. As soon as the Mecha fights start though, the show did get better for me, as it definitely was more fun watching Mechas fight each other then seeing some generic highschool boys playing basketball with some other generic highschool boys (I’m still wondering where the swimming is supposed to be…). The story goes seems to be going for some good action and later on in the episode even gets rather dark, which I don’t want to spoil, but check it out yourself. However do to the first half dragging on this much and the second half being this fast, I feel like the pacing kind of failed at deliviering what it wanted to and it jumps way too quickly, catching the viewer off guard. Also I felt like the second half was a little rushed and could have been done in a better way if there was more screen time that actually explained the female character, but since it was only one episode and there is probably gonna be a lot more to come, I am interested in where this one is going and definitely will follow it.

14: Space Dandy
Top Space Damdy
So here we go with the by far most hyped Anime of the Season. Being Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, the same guy who did both Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy was supposed to be the next ultimately amazing Anime, but honestly…I don’t get that feeling. I never thought that Space Dandy was going to be really good and honestly, it even exceeded my expectations! The show definitely has some charm to it, mostly coming from the rather likeable characters, which always were Watanabe’s strength but this show instead of action, is supposed to focus on Comedy and to be honest, the majority of the Comedy in this show so far doesn’t really appeal to me and it’s only the characters that make me keep coming back. However even if the show is not too funny it has something about it that is just addiciting and I really like that. It is a fun show but I don’t think it’s anywhere near the amound of hype it did get before people watched it!

13: Nourin
Top Nourin
Nourin is an Anime that only few people have actually started to watch, the reason being that it sounds pretty damn generic and really not too interesting, however the show so far was surprisingly well executed and the comedy for the most part actually is funny. While not everything about it is good, I definitely do enjoy this show so far. The characters seem to be well written and if the interactions do get better the show actually does have a lot of potential overall! However I am not sure where this whole thing is going, since it is supposed to be a romantic Comedy and seeing how obsessed the main lead is, I am not sure where it is heading. Of course the Comedy is obvious where it will come from but I do hope they have more than this one source since it would be getting really annoying really quick. Also I am confused about the Romance part, since we have not had a single serious scene in the entire Anime yet and I wonder how they are going to pull it off, if the Character Development is going to be fine and if they are going to handle the Drama well. Otherwise, I do really enjoy this!
Edit: The second episode was a lot worse than the first one though, since the new character is pretty generic and the revolving around her doesn’t well. If she isn’t in the scene though, the show gets hillarious again. I would place it lower after episode 2!

12: To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta
Top To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta
A Certain Pilot’s Lovesong probably is the weirdest Anime of all so far…It does have potential in total, but it doesn’t feel like it is going to use it properly. The show in the first episode already builds rather interesting character Interactions that already were a lot of fun to watch and a world that might be interesting. However the show for now looks really nice for something that is a Slice of Life, looking at the premise and the foreshadowing though, it really does not look like it is going to be a Slice of Life show, but an Action show and for that I am wondering about how they are going to pull it off! The World does look interesting but judging from how the character interactions work, it does look more like a Slice of Life than a Shounen and I would absolutely love to see more of what it has to offer as long as it is in slice of Life mode. What makes it this low on the list only is how it is going to go on since I am really worried about that!

11: Hamatora the Animation
Top Hamatora The Animation
Hamatora was one of the Anime that I was most excited for, only for the character designs already! Even when I didn’t really know what the show was going to be about, just looking at the character designs, it did certainly look like a show that could be a lot of fun and after receiving the actual Synopsis I got even more hyped. After the first two episodes now, the show basically is exactly what I expected it to be. It has fun to watch characters, rather well written, even if not perfect character interactions and a lot of potential in it’s currently non existant storyline. The show is very episodic after the first two episodes but with all the foreshadowing going on, the show probably is going to start a rather big plot pretty soon. While the Animation itself doesn’t look too good, I really like the style that it is using as it does go for the Akiyuki Shinbou style of directing and throws in random lines on the screen, which is fun to look at and I do like it a lot! I am definitely having a lot of fun watching this and I hope that it is going to go on being as great as it has been so far!

Rant: Is Anime going all Shafty?

Shaft rant Black FrameIn the Fall of 2004, a show started airing, known as “Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase”. Now the show itself was nothing too out of the ordinary and really was not too popular, but you could say it brought two parts together, that later on were inseperable! This show was the first one that Akiyuki Shinbo and Shaft worked together on. And it is the first one to look like Akiyuki Shinbo. The show was the first one to give us the weird camera angles that we are so used to from Shinbo by now and even though they are rather rare, they do exist! I was not into Anime back then at all, and I honestly don’t know what people thought about it back then, but I could see them being thrown off by what Shinbo did there. The Director and Studio then parted again, but ended up coming together a little later again, for a new show, this time without the little quirks that Shinbo likes to use this much. Negima was a fairly normal show as far as I know and directing wise, it didn’t stand out too much. However, the work of the two was not over yet and for the next show that Shaft was going to release, the studio again hired none other than Akiyuki Shinbo, this time asking him to do a Moe, Slice of Life show called “Hidamari Sketch” and this is where I would say that the triumph of the two started. Hidamari Sketch ended up being nothing groundbreaking, but an enjoyable show that, just as Tsukuyomi, had something new about it! The style for Hidamari Sketch combines some of the camera angles that Akiyuki shinbo loves and something that Shaft started to do: a new design style! That can be seen very well simply looking at the backgrounds that sometimes only consist of a color and white circles, or some scenes that look completely different before. The best example for this is the first minute of the show. After that Shaft’s and Akiyuki Shinbo’s reputation sky rocketed with shows such as Bakemonogatari and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika. They got more and more popular and people seem to enjoy their works a lot. So much actually, that other companies seem to try and copy it now.

There are three shows in this season, that I want to look at for this little entry and that I want to talk about what makes them rather unique in terms of directing and looks. They did not necessarily copy all of what I want to say from Shaft, but they are doing something different from normally and that is what this article is about. Difference. They did nothing but change up their styles a little and I am actually pretty pleased with the result for the most part!

Sakura Trick:
shaft rant sakura trickYes I know I have been fanboying about this show way too much and yes I know it is a weird show but I love it nontheless. But that shall not be the topic for today! Sakura Trick is one of the shows this season, that remind me of something Shaft likes to do a lot. Studio Deen has never been one of my favorite Studios and it probably will never be! While they sometimes do some pretty good shows, they often like to fuck things up and get some stuff in their way, making some of the shows they’ve adapted end up being pretty bad even though the source material being pretty good (looking at Umineko and Fate/Stay Night). With Sakura Trick so far though, they did a really good job and I won’t deny that and one of the best things about it, is the use of it’s backgrounds! The show takes exactly the style that Shaft likes to use it and implements it into it’s latest show. Sakura Trick uses a lot of the one colored backgrounds that I was talking about earlier and the empty class rooms shown in Sakura Trick often remind me of the reaccuring Class Rooms from Bakemonogatari, as they do have a similar look in style (even though I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was they were using…I’m not an Animation expert)

Hamatora The Animation:
I think it was rather obvious that I was going to mentioning this one to those that have actually seen it! This show has done something that Akiyuki Shinbo has been doing a lot in the Monogatari Franchise, that being the flashing of random text on the screen, that is hard to read. The text is often unnecessary information and almost never is vital to what the is going on. At best it shows the characters feelings and it sometimes even simply says “Black” or “White”, which often has absolutely nothing to do with the actual story. While those screens are not used as often in Hamatora as they are in the Monogatari Franchise, the show does make use of them, giving the directing a more interesting vibe and definitely catching the eye of the viewer. They don’t have the same variety of colors as in Monogatari either and I don’t feel like they fit into the show too well as well! With that I don’t mean, that they are misplaced, it just doesn’t always feel like the show is a kind of show that this should be used in. That might be me nitpicking, but I just have the feeling that Hamatora is too straight forward for those “Shinbo-Word-Screens” , which is how I am going to name them, to work properly. Hamatora is an example for this shaftyness to be done in a way that while not effecting the show in total, doesn’t seem to fit in on second thought. However at the beginning of the first episode, Hamatora uses not only the Shinbo-Word-Screens, but some directing that seems really similar to what Monogatari did and at that point it actually fits perfectly and I would say it’s one of the best used Shaft styles I’ve seen so far. Unfortunately they don’t use it a lot after that, but rather go for the word-screens instead.

Noragami First Impression ColoringNoragami has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest Anime this season and many of you might be wondering why exactly I put this on here. Well to be exact, as I said earlier it’s not only about shows pretending to be shaft and doing the same thing, but especially for Noragami, it is more something itself does that makes it a little more unique! The show uses contrasting colors and almost neon to show the demons of it’s world and the way it does that is something I haven’t seen before. Of course I might have missed a vital show that did this before Bones did it, but that is beside the point anyway, since the large majority of studios has never done this before. It does look really good and it makes it easy to distinguish the demons from other stuff.

Thinking about all of it now, Shaft has definitely had a huge influence on the Anime Industry. With really popular shows like the Monogatari Franchise and Madoka Magika and even the currently airing Nisekoi, they showed that using something unconventional can be really effective! They love to bring try out new styles and show them to the world. The duo of them and Akiyuki Shinbo has yet to let me down, as I’ve enjoyed every show they did up to this point in at least one aspect and may that only be the aesthetics. I think it is a pleasent development that other Studios are trying to “copy” them, since them being experimental is something I really like and I myself only started off doing all this Blogging and Reviewing thing, because I wanted to copy people like Arkada and Gigguk and I guess a lot of bigger Anime Reviewers and Youtubers should be able to say so as well. There is a saying here in Germany, which roughly translates to “Better well copied than badly done yourself” and I think that is true! Even though the companies doing all this might be copying Shaft, I am happy that they actually took the intiative and tried something new. I am a rather big Podtaku fan and in one episode, they were talking about Animation and how it developed from being really bad in the 70s and 80s, to how much better it is now! They were saying that at some point in time all animation will be on the same level and that at that point in time the thing that matters the most is the Studio’s Style and with them already trying out new things and getting safer on new ground, I am really looking forward mto seeing other Studios than Shaft developing their own distinct animation style that might not be the most orthodox of all things. I don’t want everyone to suddenly do the same things shaft does, but I want them to try out their own style.

I hope you enjoyed that little rant and if you disagree to all this please tell me down in the comments! I am really looking forward to hearing other opinions on this topic cause I actually still am not 100% sure whether or not all my arguments are valid. So tell me everything you think! Critizise me all you want, but please make sure that is is constructive and not just pure hate. With that I will see you next post.

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First Impression: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

To be honest I was kinda looking forward to this show as it was something that might make for a really good romantic Comedy…but now that the first episode is out I am pretty disappointed! Mikakunin de Shinkoukei really does not look too good after the first episode and even though it had some parts where it might actually get a lot better, for the most part I was just plain bored. The characters themselves actually are not that uninteresting as they are rather unique making it even worse that the show completely fails at another point. As I see this, I would say it is a romantic Comedy and the ones of that kind are basically built around one thing that the author has to be good at and that is writing the interactions. For this show though, the interactions are written horribly. I got bored within the first minutes and was already able to tell, that this was most likely going to be painful to watch just by judging the character interactions. Good Comedy must have good character interactions or it won’t work. Another problem I have is one that might seem minor at first sight, but irritated me a lot during the show: Hakuya’s voice. The main male protagonist is the same age as the girl he is supposed to marry and yet he sounds as if he was a 50 year old smoker…The Voice Actor for this one seems terribly miscast and as long as they don’t reveal that he actually played a prank and is really old, I probably won’t get used to it, considering he is the main love interest so far. He does not speak a lot though and as such, it is even harder to get used to. In total, if Mikakunin de Shinkoukei doesn’t get a lot better within the next episodes, I am definitely going to drop it.


First Impression: Noragami

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

Noragami First Impression Coloring

The colours :3

Noragami was something I only heard about from others. While never even having touched the Manga due to fear of it being really mediocre, I heard that it was quite good and now that the Anime is coming out, I was sure to give it a shot. It really didn’t get too much attention overall, but now that the first episode has aired, it quickly became one of the most popular shows of the season next to Chuuniboyu and Space Dandy. I came a little late to the party as I only just now finished the episode and I have to say, hell this does look intriguing! The story might get really good at some point with a concept that looks like a mixture of Blood Lad and Monogatari and works amazingly well! The characters are interesting enough for me to really like them and the music does sound good! As expected from Studio Bones, the Animation looks fantastic and I actually do really enjoy the directing that was used during this episode! Especially the way the creatures from the Far World are colored to make them stand out from everything else! In total Noragami looks like the most promising show for the entire season and I really am quite hyped for more of this!

First Impression: To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta First Impression

What’s up with that ‘subtle’ foreshadowing??

I was pretty worried for this show as from the Synopsis it looked like a really generic show in itself but I decided to try it out anyway and even though I heard of some people not liking it as much, I did quite enjoy this first episode overall! There are a few things about the show that worry me but first off the good things. Even though the show has pretty stereotypical characters overall, the interactions seem to be fun and at least I did get a lot more than I was expecting (not that I was expecting a lot…) but as I said there are things that worry me. First off is the main character that looks a bit like every other Light Novel character ever and seems to go for the “I WILL PROTECT EVERYTHING!” type of character which I absolutely hate. He has one moment in the show though when he suddenly seems to be going berserk, which confused the hell out of me…Foreshadowing? Most likely I guess. Also I would love this show to stay at the point where it is now and go for a nice Slice of Life story as it certainly would be nice to see a setting of this sort in a Slice of Life show. I am a little worried about it going full action since for one, the show’s animation doesn’t look all to good and second that the character might as I mentioned already go full retard mode and start screaming “I’LL NEVER LET ANYONE DIE” like a second Touma…oh wait…he did that already. The last thing that annoyed me about the show was the romance and OH MY GOD…this must be the most forced Romance that I have seen so far…Yes it actually is worse than SAO!  All in all this first episode definitely was a nice one and I certainly enjoyed it but to be honest I still don’t have too much hope for the show in total and even though it might turn out to be really good, I won’t be expecting any of that!


First Impression: Nobunagun

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

Nobunagun First Impression madness

I’m actually wondering if anyone in this show is sane…

Going from one Nobunaga Anime to the next one! Nobunagun is another Anime that goes back and references some historical happenings and heroes and uses them as a reference but this time…in a little different setting! While most people (including me) were expecting Nobunaga the Fool to be superior to Nobunagun, the first episodes of both convinced of exactly the opposite! While Nobunaga the Fool seems to be a little more focused on the story, Nobunagun just goes “Fuck all, we wanna have fun!” and that’s what I like about it so far. The show doesn’t really tell itself serious and while there are some moments in there that are rather dark, I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this as much if I wouldn’t have received warning to shut off my brain while watching it. The first episode really was nothing too exceptional in itself, but it did a good job at introducing us to the world that is presented and basically was mindless fun!