Hamatora the Animation: Episode 7

This reaction contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the show I am talking about! If you haven’t seen the episode yet, or plan to watch the Anime, I advice you to NOT READ THIS!

Hamatora Episode 7

You called at the wrong time Nice…

Hamatora so far was a rather decent show, that might not have had the best writing, but a really interesting premise and some quite fun to watch characters. Even though it occassionally got quite serious, the show itself mostly remained rather light hearted and even though I did suspect, that it was going for a serious story in the long run, I DID NOT EXPECT THIS! Hamatora Episode 7 makes a 180-turn and changes the atmosphere completely. Art’s death is something I did not expect in the least and as he was my favorite character of the series, it would probably have left me almost crying…If I didn’t get spoiled…But yeah… The execution for the scene itself was amazing. The ending worked perfectly with the depressing atmosphere of the scene and even the music before that was perfect at getting a suspenseful atmosphere. The Direction was really good as well and made the scene even more impactful than it should have been. The rest of the episode, while having a completely different episode was really well done as well, and serves as amazing build up to the scene itself. The character development for Art was really well paced and really cool to see. Him screaming at Nice was as painful as it was supposed to be and him getting up again felt just as good! I do really like the usage of the theme of equality as well, as it is something that goes really well with the Setting. In total it was a really good episode and if I wouldn’t have been spoiled, I probably would’ve been just as emotional as everyone else was!
In total this week’s episode of Hamatora the animation was really well executed. From direction, to pacing, to build up to the twist, everything was handled splendid! I hope the show goes on to be just as great as it was this, since if it does, it might develope to be one of my absolute favorites for this season!

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