News Bomb from Japan (Anime Japan 2014)

It is the 22. March of 2014 and the Anime community is going insane…Anime Japan, one of Japan’s biggest Anime conventions started around 24 hours ago! This usually is the time for people to go there and buy a lot of stuff, fangasm about amazing people going there! However it is also the time of tons of new shows and sequels to existing Anime to get announced and that is exactly what I want to talk about here! The amount of news that has been coming from that convention has been huge and I honestly have no idea how to deal with that kind of info-dump so I’ll just give it to you guys! This is what so far has been coming from Anime Japan. Now not all of these are news from Anime Japan, but some have been announced a little while ago and I still wanted to mention them!

New P.A. Works Anime in Summer:Once again, P.A. Works gets ready to produce another Anime! P.A. always has been a mixed bag for me, since I feel like half of their shows are really good and the other half are rather boring to watch. They have shows like Angel Beats, which may be a clusterfuck, but is still a lot of fun to watch but they also did shows like Red Data Girl, which bored me to death…Due to Nagi no Asukara being really well received though, I am definitely going to watch Glasslip though, even if only for the reason how P.A. Works will do after that massive success they had with NagiAsu! They already streamed a Promo-Video for their new show and in all honesty, it looks really good! The animation style is typical P.A. Works level and the story does sound quite intriguing! I am definitely watching this. (Source:

New Satelight Anime by the Sailor Moon and Anohana Staff members:
I am not the biggest fan of Satelight! After fucking up Nobunaga the Fool horribly and even though producing a good show with Log Horizon, still having really bad animation, I really would not look forward to this show at all, if it wasn’t for one thing: The staff! The Anime called “M3~Sono Kuroki Tetsu~” is being Directed, by the person that did both the Sailor Moon Anime, Aria The Origination and Princess Tutu, and the Series Composition is being done by the same person that did AnoHana, Wandering Son (OH MY GOD YES), Nagi no Asukara and ToraDora! Honestly, if it were for Satelight alone, I would not be watching this show but seeing how many amazing people are working on this, I can’t wait at all! It looks like it might end up being one of the best Anime next season and I am not even exaggurating! The story so far looks really interesting as well and I just can’t wait to see this show!(Source:

New Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno Collaboration:
Space Dandy has not even ended yet and as it seems, Watanabe has already announced his next work! After Space Dandy has not really flopped, but has been a bit of a disappointment to a lot of people nontheless, I am not sure exactly how much hype this show is going to get, but to be honest I personally think it will! This show looks brilliant so far! The trailer looks really good and with Watanabe directing it, it will most likely be a lot of fun! I may not be the biggest fan of Watanabe, as I did not quite enjoy them as much as others did, but I still think he is a really good director! With Yoko Kanno doing the Soundtrack this show will most likely sound amazing as well. The story for now looks really interesting and I would love to know more about it. It did get me intrigued after only 40 seconds of PV and I absolutely can’t wait for this to get released! (Souce:


New Durarara Season and new Studio funded for it:And there I thought the wave of new studios was over…well damn! With Studio Shuka, we get after the funding of Trigger and Tryoca yet another new studio whose members have gotten themselves quite some attention elsewhere already. This announcement really came out of nowhere and I wasn’t really prepared for it. I have not seen Durarara myself, but I do know that it is supposed to be really good! It is also done by the same people who did Baccano, which is supposed to be absolutely amazing. Starting our with this show, I personally think that Shuka will definitely have a good chance of staying alive in the industry at least for a while. I am still really interested in how they are going to do and will definitely watch Durarara’s first some time soon! (Source:

Ano Natsu de Matteru Sequel Announced:Done by the same director that also did To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and AnoHana, AnoNatsu has been quite a hit and was pretty popular! Now the show seems to be going into a second season. I haven’t seen season 1 myself to be honest, so I can’t really comment on that. I know that this show is supposed to be really good so I guess I will have to watch the first season some time soon so I can watch the second season when finally airing! (Source:

Inazuma Eleven Movie announced:
Inazuma Eleven has been ongoing for full five years now and ended up being quite popular! Now that it finally ended recently there has already been a new project announced! A Sequel movie is what it will be. This is another one that I can’t really comment on since I have not seen the show so I’ll just leave it at that and let you discuss if the show is any good by yourself! (Source:

Psycho Pass 2nd Season stated for Fall and Movie stated for Winter:
Psycho Pass has been one of the most popular Anime that has been airing last season! Being by Gen Urobuchi, it did get quite controversial as some people say it’s absolute garbage while many other people keep telling me that it is really really good! I myself have not seen it, but knowing Urobuchi, I am expecting a rather good show and hope for good entertainment from this show! I don’t really know if this second season will be necessary but as far as I know it is not. I will definitely watch Psycho Pass soon though, so I can see the second season once it airs. I do suspect though, that the second season will end with an open ending and it will only get closure after the movie, that is going to air exactly one year later. Until it gets over here though, it will probably take ages and I don’t know just how long we will have to wait to finally get the series done! (

Space Dandy 2nd Season for Summer Season confirmed:
And here we go again…Watanabe apparently didn’t have enough of his latest work Space Dandy yet and decided to make a new season for it only shortly after the first one finished. I myself have only seen 3 episodes of Space Dandy so far and I certainly did quite like it! The show is fun and as I stated earlier already I do think Watanabe is a good director. I will finish the show before saying anything about a second season though. Only one thing: As the show so far is really episodic and everything seems to reset after every episode, I am kind of confused about what exactly Watanabe is going to do in his second season. Either he will start with an actual plot or he will simply go on with what he did for this whole time. I’ll definitely watch at least! (Source:

Expelled from Paradise previewed:This is only worth a really short mention! The only reason that this is on here for, is it’s writer! Gen Urobuchi is the one that wrote this movie and that is exactly the reason why I want to see it! However so far it does not seem like anything Urobuchi would write. The PV does look good, but not at all like Urobuchi, but that said, Madoka didn’t do that either, so I guess we can’t do anything but wait for it to actually get released! (Source:

Hanamonogatari to start in 5 weeks!
YES! I AM SO HYPED! The Monogatari franchise has been one of my all time favorites for quite a while now and the second season made that even more obvious! With a new series of OVAs getting released over the course of 5 weeks, I absolutely can’t wait for this! Hanamonogatari is the next instance for the series and focuses on Araragi and Kanbaru after the ex-vampire graduated from highschool! There is only few franchises I can get this excited about and the Monogatari series definitely is one of them! With Kanbaru being one of my absolute favorite characters in the show, I definitely think that this season could be a huge success! I absolutely can’t wait! (Source:

Log Horizon 2nd Season to air in Fall:
With Log Horizon being one of my absolute favorite shows this season, I am really hyped about this news! The show only just ended and knowing that a second season is on the way already, I really can’t wait to have this show back! I don’t even have a lot to say about this, but I am just really hyped! (Source:


Spring 2014 Anime Season: Preview (part 1)

I know it kind of has been a while and I have been really lazy in keeping up with Anime and writing something on here, but yeah…I did upload a new video¬† recently, in which I talked about the upcoming Season! I hope you guys do enjoy it and there will be more parts of it coming up within the next week!