Midseason thoughts: Atelier

Being adapted from a game that only got published recently, I honestly had very low expectations for Atelier, seeing how previous game adaptations such as Devil Survivor 2 and Hyper Dimension Neptunia turned out to be rather bad and while there certainly are a few exceptions such as the highly acclaimed Persona series, most video game adaptaions follow exactly that kind of formular and end up being rather disappointing or at least generic! Atelier really doesnt change anything about that and only strengthens my thesis of most Video Game Adaptations being rather bad!

Atelier is about our two main characters Escha and Logy, who are alchemists and work for the government to make the living conditions of the small village they live in better and make the people around them happy. And that’s literally it!
The show works on a very episodic level that tends to have the same structure everytime. Escha and Logy are doing their work, a problem comes up, they try to solve it, are able to do so in the end by some miracle and everyone is happy. Unfortunately that kind of episodic system doesn’t have a lot of variety and gets repetitive very quickly! While there are a few hints towards something bigger coming up and Atelier tries to foreshadow something, it so far didnt break out of it’s original way of doing things and sticked to it every episode I saw so far! This leads to the show getting boring and predictable very quickly. Unfortunately though, this is not where the flaws ends just yet! The characters for Atelier are incredibly one-dimensional and dont have any real personality to them other than a single trait! They are likeable but not even nearly enough to compensate just how boring they can be at times and that is a huge problem considering they seem to be supposed to carry the whole show. That may work in the game as it is rather focused on the gameplay but as an anime it’s absolutely inexcusable! While some of the episodic stories are still quite interesting, they completely lose all of their impact due to the weak character cast! For the presentation, just as for everything else, Atelier isn’t too outstanding! While the animation is certainly not below average, it doesn’t stand out in any way shape or form! It’s really not too fluent or beautiful but it doesn’t necessarily need to be. The character designs though, are really well done and look extremely beautiful! Especially Escha’s design is very original and definitely did leave me quite impressed! For the Soundtrack so far, there has been nothing standing out at all! Both the Opening and Ending are very standard and nothing too abnormal. The Soundtrack, while fitting well isn’t too groundbreaking either. In total, Atelier hasn’t been all too interesting so far and overall seemed very generic in many aspects. There’s really not a lot that keeps it from being completely average and as such I can say you might want to check one episode and if you do not like it, feel free to drop.