2015 Spring Season Round-up: Danmachi

I know I’m a tad bit late with and I would really love to be able to say, that that has reasons other than the simple fact that I’m a lazy prick but unfortunately……I am a lazy prick. Well anyway…Spring 2015 has ended a few weeks ago and I’ve ended up watching 12 shows until the end of the season. 10 of which are done by now and 2 of which are in their second cour. I will not include those shows that I dropped (Denpa Kyoushi, Show By Rock, Gunslinger Stratos, Vammpire Holmes) or put on hold (Arslan Senki, Baby Steps 2, Ghost in the Shell) Also please do realize, that this, other than my usual posts of these kinds, is not a Top 10 ranking, but rather a simple list of Anime I watched this season and my brief thoughts on them. So with that out of the way, let’s get to the actual list.


Hestia was without a doubt the mascot for this season

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa  Machigatteiru Darouka: This is by far the show this season, that got the most attention. Unsurprisingly so, as it shows a lot of similarities in terms of setting to the ever so popular Sword Art Online and is itself a decent Shounen experience. That said though, the show to me has been nowhere near as good as it was hyped up to me by a lot of fans. However that does not necessarily mean it was an awful show. I personally actually ended up enjoying it a lot at several different points, despite the fact that it brought absolutely nothing new to the table. While not being the deepest characters of all time, I actually ended up really enjoying their interactions and reactions whenever the show got serious and that is what the show boiled down to for me in general.
When DanMachi got serious, it got good! It got really good! There were some moments in the anime that I found to be almost breathtaking in the pure atmosphere of suspense it created. This is of course helped a lot by the great soundtrack and over the top soundeffects they decided to use at points. The biggest thing though, that helped me personally to enjoy it was the main character, Bell, himself. While I don’t think he was the greatest of leads in general and really was just the usual shounen main character, I find myself enjoying these a lot again and again and Danmachi really was not an exception for that.
Unfortunately the show wasn’t able to keep up these moments at a consistent pace, but instead often times throws in random Harem moments, that to me honestly ruined the show. While it is very much toned down at the beginning over the course of it’s 13 episodes it becomes more and more glaringly obvious what it’s trying to do and it really didn’t please me. This is mostly due to the fact, that the characters overall really weren’t all that great and most of them really didn’t get developed any further than one or two traits, which I found to be a shame considering how much I was interested in some of them. There were episodes that I found to be incredibly entertaining, as I said mostly due to my liking of Bell and his constant trying to get stronger, and then there were other episodes that I found to be absolutely dreadful thanks to the random Harem stuff that I really didn’t find to be very enjoyable and basically no plot progression. This is what ended up making me rate the show much lower than I would have wanted to and I am rather disappointed because of that. In the end though, I really can’t complain as I did get a lot more out of this show than I expected to and I did enjoy it a lot more than others around me. If you enjoy your typical Battle Shounen and/or are looking for a show that doesn’t require you to think all too much, you should find some enjoyment in Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darouka. If not however, I advise you to give it a pass for now as I doubt you will get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

Since this ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be, I actually ended up deciding in the middle of this post, that I would not make one big blog post in which I mention every single show this season, but instead will try to spread out and publish a blogpost on every show that I watched! I hope I will be able to go through with this plan and not get unmotivated in the middle of it but oh well! As always thank you for reading and I will see you next time, when I talk more about the Spring 2015 season (hopefully)