Fall 2015 First Impressions: Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa shitai ga Umatteiru

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa shitai ga Umatteiru was one of the main things I was looking forward to for this particular season. Having had a huge resurgence in interest for mystery Anime ever since last season’s Game of Laplace, I was particularly excited for the two mystery shows this season, of which the other one will be discussed a bit later on in this post. Quite honestly in a way Sakurako-san kind of disappointed me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is a bad show at all, in contrary I actually enjoy it quite a bit so far, especially episode 2, but it’s not what I was hoping it to be. Instead the other mystery show this season turned out to be much more that, but I will be talking about that more in depth in just a bit. My main problem with Sakurako-san is a problem that honestly should’ve been rather obvious from the start but I never really caught on for some reason. I very much wanted Sakurako-san to be different. I wanted it to be something else from the countless amount of Light Novel adaptations we get again and again and in the end it just feels the same as everything else. Honestly this isn’t really as much a flaw, as it is something that I personally was hoping it wouldn’t be, but well there’s nothing I can really do about that.
All of that said, the actual show is quite good so far. The mysteries are rather engaging, with conclusions that are quite surprising but well thought through. Episode 2 specifically had a very strong build-up towards it’s climax, as the mystery itself was given a lot more time and that certainly pays off, as I was a lot more emotionally invested in it as I was for the first episode. It does however take quite a bit of suspension of disbelieve to get over the fact that they keep “accidentally” running into these kinds of incidents, as it quite honestly is rather unlikely that these kind of things would really keep happening to one or two people. Again though: this as a whole is rather minor.
The main problem I have with the show is the two main characters. While Sakurako-san herself is actually quite the entertaining character and even already got some foreshadowing to a backstory very early on, MC-kun isn’t exactly the most original character of all time. In contrary, he feels like he barely has any personality so far and is overall quite boring. He’s not an absolutely awful character, but it makes it a little harder to like the show with a main character that doesn’t add anything to it at all.
As for the presentation, Sakurako-san’s soundtrack, composed by a group going by the wonderful name of “TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND” composed the score and it’s actually surprisingly good. It sets the mood of the scene very well with a few tracks standing out to me as something that does pique my interest enough to check out the full OST once it does get released. The visuals for Sakurako-san look quite nice as a whole. The lighting and animation are decent and there’s some visual metaphors within the show that I personally quite liked. It’s good, but it’s nothing to revolutionize the way we look at anime or anything.
All in all Sakurako-san has been pretty good so far and while it didn’t really blow me out of the water and wasn’t really what I wanted it to be, it’s so far still been a solid watch and I will most likely sit through it until the end of the season.


Fall 2015 First Episode Impressions

I went into Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou really not expecting much….having quite enjoyed the original show as a big bundle of fun and hype, that was however severely overhyped and did have it’s good amount of flaws, I was looking forward to seeing a show solely dedicated to making fun of it, but I didn’t expect to really get much enjoyment out of it. And well….I can’t really say it exceeded my expectations by too much. The first episode was an enjoyable ride as a whole with some of the jokes being genuinely funny, but most of it just kind of being…..there…For the most part the jokes got me to smile or chuckle at most and often enough I just found it boring. Of course this is a satirical comedy anime and that really is the most subjective you can get in terms of media so if you’ve seen the show and you enjoy random gag-anime, by all means go check this out, you might find a lot more enjoyment than I did.

I have never in my life seen anything related to Osomatsu-san neither do I really have any idea what the hell it’s about, but oh well I somehow ended up watching this thing on the recommendation of a friend and I actually really enjoyed it! This was by far the biggest surprise hit of the season for me and I actually found myself laughing out loud at several points. It’s so far been a very reference heavy comedy that isn’t afraid to make fun of itself, other shows (it’s funny how this show was better at making fun of Attack on Titan than a show solely dedicated to that) or anime as a whole. It’s certainly nothing new to the genre but the way it executes it and the way the entire first episode was set around an old anime trying to appeal to new fans was absolutely hilarious and I could not have wanted more from it!
Osomatsu-san is streamablefor free on Crunchyroll

Concrete Revolutio is rather hard to describe….I went into the show with very high expectations based on the most recent shows produced by Studio Bones and the staff behind this and honestly so far it’s very hard to tell what this show is going to be like. While the first episode was loads of fun (I mean it featured mechs, a car transforming into an iron unicorn and magical girls) it at the same time felt kind of hard to follow at times. It’s constant flash forwards and backwards in the timeline might be something that as the anime goes along might turn out to be something that becomes jarring and makes the story a lot harder to understand. At the same time though, the characters so far are interesting enough to definitely keep an eye on them and the first episode was already foreshadowing major character drama towards the later parts of the story and I am very much looking forward to that one! At the very least I am expecting this show to be as much of a fun ride as this first episode, if not even more than that!
I of course can’t really talk about the show without talking about it’s insanely unique designs. The characters look very colorful and unique and are kind of reminiscent of older character designs that you rarely get to see in anime nowadays, but the animation itself, this being a BONES production, was still solid as usual. It’s a mix you don’t see very often but I really think it makes for very fun visuals to follow.
Edit: Having finally gotten around to watching episode 2 of this show I’ve basically lost almost all of my doubts and am pretty convinced that this show will end up being one of the best of the season! The narrative style used in both episodes consecutively, portraying both what’s happenings at the time and it’s future consequences side to side is something I haven’t really seen before and helps both foreshadowing future events, while at the same time developing the show’s main cast! It’s a very nice writing technique that I haven’t seen done before and it gives the show a very nice mysterious touch. I am definitely looking forward to more of this!
Concrete Revolutio is streamable for free on Daisuki

Talking about good visuals, One-Punch Man should be the perfect show to follow this up with cause oh my god I do not believe I’ve ever seen a full length TV series that looked this good in episode 1. Fate/Stay Night was incredible of course but the amount of style that goes into this show far overshadows it in my opinion. Simply looking at the staff for the first episode alone should tell people everything with people such as Sei Joon Kim or Yoshimichi Kameda and a lot of other very high profile people working on a single episode it should come to absolutely noone as a surprise that this show is a dream for anyone that is even mildly interested in quality animation. As someone that has recently gotten more and more involved with Sakuga (the term for very high quality animation), this was an absolute dream for me to look at and I don’t think the sheer quality of the visuals of a show have ever impacted my enjoyment of the series as much as for One-Punch Man. The coreographies of the fighting cuts were incredible, the fluidity of the animation breathtaking and the amount of different styles that went into a single episode were an absolute pleasure to look at. If you want to know what scenes exactly I am reffering I advise you visit the show’s page on Sakugabooru. Add a Soundtrack to all of this, that consists of almost Sawano esque tracks combined with loud electric guitars and rock-ish tunes and you have possible one of the most hype things in a very long time, when it really wants to get you hyped.
What we’ve seen so far of the premise honestly is very interesting as well and could be taken in a variety of different directions overall. I really enjoy the fact that episode 1 kind of seemed to take things slowly and not introduce too many things right at the start. It gave the entire thing a lot of time to take up and let the premise itself sink in without being boring for even a second. And of course I have to talk about Saitama here and he is an absolutely lovable main character. From the very beginning on he is a character that is incredibly easy to get behind and his added background really only helps that. The comedy around him is absolutely fantastic as well, which is something I honestly wouldn’t have expected from this show at all. I was laughing out loud at several jokes and there was not a single one that I really felt missed the mark. I really have barely anything but pure praise for this thing for now and while I’m not sure if it will be able to hold up it’s high quality in future episodes, I will be happy to at the very least sit throug some more absolutely incredible animation for the next 12 weeks!
One-Punchman is streamable for free on Daisuki

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans is easily one of the biggest deals this season right next to the previously talked about One Punch Man and for a good reason! Gundam is one of the biggest franchises in the history of Anime and while I don’t have much experience with it personally, what I’ve seen of it I have absolutely loved and this show is so far no exception to that! The first episode of Tekketsu no Orphans was an absolute blast! It doesn’t waste much time at all with idle chit chat and exposition, but gets right to the meat of it immediately, but it still manages to introduce both the world and characters very nicely. The cast is honestly much smaller than I expected it to be from what I’ve seen in the PV with only a handful of characters really seeming to be very important and while I don’t think all of them are equally interesting so far, every one of them definitely has his or her quirks and I am rather happy with them as a whole! The world of Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans doesn’t necessarily feel very unique so far especially when comparing it to other Gundam shows or even the recently rather impopular Aldnoah.Zero, but so far it’s definitely working well enough for me to be more than engaged in it, as I, as previously stated, am still rather new to the franchise and the genre as a whole, meaning I am more likely to get something out of a setting that has been used a lot than people with a lot of experience behind them. That said though, I don’t believe that that in itself is something that will hinder anyone from enjoying it as much.
The visuals for Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans are absolutely outstanding! Sunrise has for a while already been the one studio to absolutely nail mech shows in it’s visuals and this is absolutely no exception. The animation is completely fluent with some outstanding fight scenes just within the first episode and of course mech design that I quite honestly have come to really like over the time! Top all of that off with a Soundtrack composed by rising talent Masaru Yokoyama who seems to be going completely all-out on this project and may just end up creating his best work thus far, something that means a lot considering the quality of his previous works!
This is the first time I am watching a Gundam weekly and I really couldn’t be more excited for it after that fantastic episode 1! Now to hope it continues as strong as it started!
Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans is available for streaming internationally on Daisuki!