12 days of Anime 2015: Introduction

It’s that time of the year again! The bells are ringing all around the town, snow is falling entangling the entire city with in a white coat, beautiful lights are being set up everywhere! Except that we’re still waiting for the continuation of the snow party that started some time about a month ago here in Germany and we actually completely forgot to decorate anything around the house, but that’s irrelevant for now! Christmas is coming very soon and to commemorate that, the Anime community has once again come together to celebrate what we know as the 12 days of Anime!

So what exactly does this mean? What the hell are the 12 days of Anime and why should you care about it?
The 12 days of Anime is a project started by the Youtuber DoctorDazza four years ago. It’s goal is mostly just to bring together the Anime Youtuber/Blogger and general content creating community, with everyone making 12 videos, or in this case blog posts, that are released on a daily basis between the 13th and 25th of December! These posts will basically be me talking about my favorite moments in Anime, Manga or anything alike over the entire last year, so basically a look back on what I loved since 2015 began and honestly I already have quite a bit I really want to talk about!

If you want to participate in the 12 days of Anime yourself, check out Dazza’s introduction video as he probably explains the entire process behind the project much better than me!

Also this is the link to the database of people that will be participating in this year’s 12 days of Anime!

I’ve tried doing this in a video format before and it didn’t work out too well (I’m not very proud of the result), so let’s hope that this time around it will work out better! Well then…see you on December 13th (or maybe even earlier than that?)!


2 thoughts on “12 days of Anime 2015: Introduction

  1. Sweet! I’ll have to give ya a follow so I don’t forget to check out your blogs 🙂 (or are you doing videos for them?)

    either way, I’ll follow ya ;p

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