We’re slowly coming to an end with the 12 Days of Anime, with this being the second to last actual post about an Anime I watched and tomorrow’s post talking about my favorite memory of the entire year and the last one dealing with the year as a whole!

A few days ago I talked about how Bakuman was the Manga that first got me interested in the industry itself. If Bakuman was the thing that got me interested, Shirobako really sealed the deal in making me passionate about the production of japanese animnation to the point where I now want to be able to work in the industry myself in the future.

Shirobako itself is incredibly close to my heart for several reasons. For once of course, it’s incredibly endeering characters, the relationships it establishes between them, Miyamori’s struggle to find a reason to work, the storyline between getting a production done, it all just works and is insanely rewarding to watch. The one thing that really sold it to me was the passion behind every single one of it’s characters. Watching characters be passionate or finding a passion is one of my favorite things and Shirobako did it perfectly and for that reason and many many more, it has become one of my favorite shows.


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