It’s finally the time to talk about a moment in Anime or an entire show in itself for one last time, before we reach the conclusion tomorrow where I’ll be talking about the year as a whole! The show I talk about today is one that’s been incredibly close to my heart ever since it first aired earlier this year and I’ve since then already rewatched and am still falling in love with it even more on a daily basis. Hibike! Euphonium has resonated with me more than any other show this past year and I’ve come to be incredibly passionate about almost everything it has to offer. Be that it’s characters, it’s animation and especially it’s themes. As I’ve stated numerously throughout this entire project, passionate characters as one of the main parts of a show is something I absolutely adore and Euphonium pulls this off perfectly. Hell, the story itself is for the most part about Kumiko trying to find a passion for herself and her relationship to the incredibly passionate Reina. I’m not going to go into too much detail on what else the series has to offer and why exactly I love it as much as I do and will hopefully leave that for another post in the future once I’ve rewatched the show another time.

Let it just be known for now, that Hibike! Euphonium is an absolutely incredible show in almost every facet and I would most definitely see it as my favorite show of the entire year.


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