Originally today, the last day, was going to be just a quick look back on how I liked 2015 as a whole, but I watched a certain something recently that I do want to mention after all, so here’s my quick thoughts on 2015 in a nutshell: I didn’t think it was overwhelmingly amazing, but there were quite a lot of shows that I really did enjoy and I thought the year was definitely pretty good. Now on to the thing I wanted to talk about.

Just a few days back I finally got around to watching a show, I’ve been wanting to watch for quite a long time already. Yoru no Yatterman‘s first episode was absolutely fantastic. In fact, I’d say it was the best first episode I’ve seen this entire year, so much so that I almost wish it wasn’t connected to the series as a whole, as I’ve unfortunately heard quite a lot about how it continues and what I heard I am not quite pleased with. Anyway what exactly does make it’s first episode as good as it is? Well for once it’s very good at subtly characterizing the people’s we’re supposed to care about. Leopard herself is absolutely adorable and within just this episode where a lot of the time, she’s not even able to speak properly, she already becomes a better character than most I’ve seen in recent airing shows by the end of the series. Another thing about it is the way it builds it’s atmosphere. Over the course of the episode, the color pallet starts out very dark and gritty to present the rather sad atmosphere and brights up over the course of the episode, only to just get darker again. Add to that some fantastic animation and character acting to express what the character feels and a Soundtrack by Tatsuya Katou that’s more than capable to convey the emotions behind the show and you get an absolutely brilliant episode.

Of course that is not all that factors into this, but these are the major points and that’s all we have time for for now and I will (maybe) see you tomorrow for a little wrap-up on the 12 days of Anime!

Merry Christmas!


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