Well I guess that was more time-consuming than I thought it was gonna be. Of course I didn’t write every one of these posts the day I published them and had most of them prepared somewhere but I was actually expecting to spend 5 minutes everyday writing something random, but for some of them thinking about what I wanted to write was actually quite hard. Add to that, that I don’t actually remember a whole lot about some of the shows I wrote about these past few days….

That said I’m almost kind of sad that I wrote about so many shows over the past few weeks and none of them really got the treatment that I wanted them to get. I would’ve loved to write a 4 page essay on why I love Euphonium so much, but I guess that’s not really gonna be possible in this format. There will most likely be more coverage for some of the shows that I talked about on the 12 days of Anime though!

Anyway, so now that after 3 years of trying, I finally managed to complete the 12 days of anime, though this time not in video form. I have to admit just writing blogs about this really is much easier than making an entire video surrounding it, since making a video really does take a lot more work than just writing something. I did have quite a bit of fun doing these though and I guess it was pretty good for my blog as well considering I’ve had a lot more readers thanks to these haha

One more thing: Someone a few days ago told me how they were surprised I ranked one thing higher than the others so I want to be sure that everyone understands this really quick: This is not a top-list or anything, this is merely a list of things I enjoyed from the past year of Anime in no particular order. (though I did try to do my favorites (Gatchaman, Euphonium and Shirobako) towards the end of the list)

Oh well, that’s all I really wanted to say so I hope that you enjoyed this little project and let me know what I could improve and what else you’d like to read about in the comments! Thanks for sticking with me over the last 12 days and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!


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