Pepper Anime Festival 2016

Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Pepper Anime Festival 2016 here in Germany. So first off, what exactly is the Pepper Anime Festival? Once a year the german Anime licensor Peppermint Anime organizes a festival in around 7 cities and shows a lot of Anime movies there. Although I wasn’t able to attend last year, I was able to this year and thanks to this blog right here, even managed to get a press ticket. So this post here will be about my experience made at said festival and what I thought of everything!

So first of all I think it’s necessary to say that watching movies in theaters greatly enhances the experience of almost any movie you could be watching. Having 200 or so people sitting around you all watching the same movie with you is a completely different atmosphere than it is to sit at home in front of your TV. Constantly having share the exact same emotions you are feeling and hearing other people around you react to it is an amazing experience and if you’ve never experienced Anime in theaters, I highly recommend you to do so some time!

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