The beginning of something new

And something new beginning, almost every single time means that something needs to end. In this case, I will stop updating this blog. Kori’s Anime will stop being updated and instead I will be moving over to a new website! The reasoning behind this, what I plan to do in the future and some more you can find right here!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and it’s finally come to it! I want to thank all of you readers for having stuck with me for the past 3 years and I hope you come and read my new Blog as well.


Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Grimgar feels personal. I’ve written about 4 or 5 introductions at this point explaining the background of this show, why Light Novels are assumed to be bad nowadays, how surprising this show was to everyone, but none of them really feel like they do this show as much justice as this sentence. No, “it feels personal” really doesn’t say much at all, but it’s the wording that fits my thoughts on the show the best and in a way, trying to put these odd feelings I can’t explain properly into words is the point of this blog anyway, so here’s my try to explain my love for Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. Continue reading

Pepper Anime Festival 2016

Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Pepper Anime Festival 2016 here in Germany. So first off, what exactly is the Pepper Anime Festival? Once a year the german Anime licensor Peppermint Anime organizes a festival in around 7 cities and shows a lot of Anime movies there. Although I wasn’t able to attend last year, I was able to this year and thanks to this blog right here, even managed to get a press ticket. So this post here will be about my experience made at said festival and what I thought of everything!

So first of all I think it’s necessary to say that watching movies in theaters greatly enhances the experience of almost any movie you could be watching. Having 200 or so people sitting around you all watching the same movie with you is a completely different atmosphere than it is to sit at home in front of your TV. Constantly having share the exact same emotions you are feeling and hearing other people around you react to it is an amazing experience and if you’ve never experienced Anime in theaters, I highly recommend you to do so some time!

Continue reading

12 Days of Anime: Wrap-up

Well I guess that was more time-consuming than I thought it was gonna be. Of course I didn’t write every one of these posts the day I published them and had most of them prepared somewhere but I was actually expecting to spend 5 minutes everyday writing something random, but for some of them thinking about what I wanted to write was actually quite hard. Add to that, that I don’t actually remember a whole lot about some of the shows I wrote about these past few days….

That said I’m almost kind of sad that I wrote about so many shows over the past few weeks and none of them really got the treatment that I wanted them to get. I would’ve loved to write a 4 page essay on why I love Euphonium so much, but I guess that’s not really gonna be possible in this format. There will most likely be more coverage for some of the shows that I talked about on the 12 days of Anime though!

Anyway, so now that after 3 years of trying, I finally managed to complete the 12 days of anime, though this time not in video form. I have to admit just writing blogs about this really is much easier than making an entire video surrounding it, since making a video really does take a lot more work than just writing something. I did have quite a bit of fun doing these though and I guess it was pretty good for my blog as well considering I’ve had a lot more readers thanks to these haha

One more thing: Someone a few days ago told me how they were surprised I ranked one thing higher than the others so I want to be sure that everyone understands this really quick: This is not a top-list or anything, this is merely a list of things I enjoyed from the past year of Anime in no particular order. (though I did try to do my favorites (Gatchaman, Euphonium and Shirobako) towards the end of the list)

Oh well, that’s all I really wanted to say so I hope that you enjoyed this little project and let me know what I could improve and what else you’d like to read about in the comments! Thanks for sticking with me over the last 12 days and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

12 Days of Anime: Day 12

Originally today, the last day, was going to be just a quick look back on how I liked 2015 as a whole, but I watched a certain something recently that I do want to mention after all, so here’s my quick thoughts on 2015 in a nutshell: I didn’t think it was overwhelmingly amazing, but there were quite a lot of shows that I really did enjoy and I thought the year was definitely pretty good. Now on to the thing I wanted to talk about.

Just a few days back I finally got around to watching a show, I’ve been wanting to watch for quite a long time already. Yoru no Yatterman‘s first episode was absolutely fantastic. In fact, I’d say it was the best first episode I’ve seen this entire year, so much so that I almost wish it wasn’t connected to the series as a whole, as I’ve unfortunately heard quite a lot about how it continues and what I heard I am not quite pleased with. Anyway what exactly does make it’s first episode as good as it is? Well for once it’s very good at subtly characterizing the people’s we’re supposed to care about. Leopard herself is absolutely adorable and within just this episode where a lot of the time, she’s not even able to speak properly, she already becomes a better character than most I’ve seen in recent airing shows by the end of the series. Another thing about it is the way it builds it’s atmosphere. Over the course of the episode, the color pallet starts out very dark and gritty to present the rather sad atmosphere and brights up over the course of the episode, only to just get darker again. Add to that some fantastic animation and character acting to express what the character feels and a Soundtrack by Tatsuya Katou that’s more than capable to convey the emotions behind the show and you get an absolutely brilliant episode.

Of course that is not all that factors into this, but these are the major points and that’s all we have time for for now and I will (maybe) see you tomorrow for a little wrap-up on the 12 days of Anime!

Merry Christmas!

12 Days of Anime: Day 11

It’s finally the time to talk about a moment in Anime or an entire show in itself for one last time, before we reach the conclusion tomorrow where I’ll be talking about the year as a whole! The show I talk about today is one that’s been incredibly close to my heart ever since it first aired earlier this year and I’ve since then already rewatched and am still falling in love with it even more on a daily basis. Hibike! Euphonium has resonated with me more than any other show this past year and I’ve come to be incredibly passionate about almost everything it has to offer. Be that it’s characters, it’s animation and especially it’s themes. As I’ve stated numerously throughout this entire project, passionate characters as one of the main parts of a show is something I absolutely adore and Euphonium pulls this off perfectly. Hell, the story itself is for the most part about Kumiko trying to find a passion for herself and her relationship to the incredibly passionate Reina. I’m not going to go into too much detail on what else the series has to offer and why exactly I love it as much as I do and will hopefully leave that for another post in the future once I’ve rewatched the show another time.

Let it just be known for now, that Hibike! Euphonium is an absolutely incredible show in almost every facet and I would most definitely see it as my favorite show of the entire year.

12 Days of Anime: Day 10

We’re slowly coming to an end with the 12 Days of Anime, with this being the second to last actual post about an Anime I watched and tomorrow’s post talking about my favorite memory of the entire year and the last one dealing with the year as a whole!

A few days ago I talked about how Bakuman was the Manga that first got me interested in the industry itself. If Bakuman was the thing that got me interested, Shirobako really sealed the deal in making me passionate about the production of japanese animnation to the point where I now want to be able to work in the industry myself in the future.

Shirobako itself is incredibly close to my heart for several reasons. For once of course, it’s incredibly endeering characters, the relationships it establishes between them, Miyamori’s struggle to find a reason to work, the storyline between getting a production done, it all just works and is insanely rewarding to watch. The one thing that really sold it to me was the passion behind every single one of it’s characters. Watching characters be passionate or finding a passion is one of my favorite things and Shirobako did it perfectly and for that reason and many many more, it has become one of my favorite shows.