The Anistorm Anime Awards 2013

Hey guys Kori here!

and today I have some really special news for you! As you probably know from one of my last updates, I am part of a Podcast that is called “The Anistorm Podcast”. We, the Anistorm Crew, have been planning something pretty cool, that as you might have guessed is calleed: “The Anistorm Anime Awards”.
Basically, it is some kind of ceremony that we are going to record in a video and that we are gonna put on Youtube. In this ceremony, we will present the ones that will win the Awards. These awards though, are not going to be voted by us, but by the fans, meaning: YOU! Everybody is allowed to vote once per category (of course you don’t have to vote for every category though.)! You can vote over 2 ways, either you can write all your votes in the comments of the video I linked to you above or you can send a tweet saying #Anistorm and #The Category you want to vote for, plus the one that you want to win! We will be counting all those votes and present them in the video that we plan to upload on new year’s eve.

Anime that were going over 2 seasons, are not going to count into the “Anime of the Season”-Categories, but will go to the “Anime of the Year” directly. Also shows that started in Fall and will end with a future season, will count, but only the first half of them!

Also we are planning to get Youtubers and Reviewers on other platforms to join us and present some of the Winners, so if you have “connections”, please try to convince to tell us @AnistormPodcast 😉


OH MY GOOOOOOOOD! I actually can’t belive that I am posting Blog entry number 100 already! Unfortunately I only just realized that I had 99 entries that this right now is my 100th one, otherwise it probably would have been a little better and bigger^^

First I want to thank every single one of you that is reading my Blog! I hope you have as much fun reading my entries as I have writing them I did finally reach 10 followers around a week ago and even though I know, that it really is not much compared to those that are really big (looking at Gigguk, Arkada etc.), that is not what I was aiming for and I still don’t, otherwise I would’ve moved to YouTube ages ago and even though I am still thinking about evantually doing so, for now this Blog definitely is enough. Back when I created this Blog I felt like I was going to be THE BEST (like everyone thinks the first time he does something productive on the internet), but well…I realized that it really is a lot harder on WordPress than I thought it would be, since the Anime Community is not as big as it is on YT or other pages. I do really respect those that got bigger on this website for getting this far!

I am really sorry as well, that there hasn’t been a lot that I posted recently, but that was less because of personal stuff but more because I can’t seem to find a topic that I want to talk about and now that I have one, my mind doesn’t seem to be wanting to help me and rather shuts down (stupid mind!). Also I’m in the mid of exams so while I will still be uploading stuff, it might be that I need a little more time than I would normally due to me having to studying.

Also make sure to check out the Podcast that I am participating in (it’s sooooo much fun!) and onwards to another 100 entries and follow me on Twitter (@korigaming). Another thing that I just wanted to leave here is that if you have anything that you disagree on with me, just let me know down in the comments and I while look into it as I am always open for a discussion (as long as you don’t go full retard mode…)! With that I will see you in my next Review (which I am going to write as soon as my mind feels like thinking of an intro…) and Kori out!

The AniStorm Podcast

So I have a little Announcement to make. As you might have guessed from the name of the post, I am now in a Podcast called “The AniStorm Podcast”! To give you a quick summary of what the whole thing is about, it basically consists of me and a few other random that I know through Twitter. The others are Tom, who has a Blog on Blogspot (, Holden’s Asshole who pretty much is an idea from Podtaku and owns the Twitter @Holdens_Asshole , Mia who…apparently owns nothing (DAMNIT MIA!) and Dakota Broskie who has a Youtube Channel called “D-Bar Anime Reviews” (

We uploaded the first episode of the Podcast only a few hours ago, so if you want to, you can check it out on our Youtube Channel! (

With that I hope that you enjoy the Podcast itself and I am probably going to upload some seasonal Impression and some new Reviews soon, so look forward to that!
Greetings, kori!

Announcement: Seasonal Blogging Style

Hey guys, really quick announcement from me, I am going to change my Style of Blogging a bit, due to me not having enough time. I actually mentioned it in InuHasa Episode 6 already, that this might have been the last Reaction on the show, and I just wanted to generelize that.

My new “style” is just going to be a little less and that means, that I am going to say my opinion on an episode, only if I think that it is necessary, meaning that if a certain scene or something is really controversial or if I liked it a lot better or a lot worse than other episodes. That means, that I will also delete the Show-Score at the bottom due to me not having reviewed every single episode. I hope that goes okay with everyone, since that just saves time for me and I don’t have to make notes on everything. The first impressions are going to stay though and I am going to make final impressions as well, if not even a whole review. Another thing that I am going to do is a brief seasonal halftime, meaning that as soon as every show has reached half (or quarter for 24+ episode shows) of the episodes, I am going to write one big Blog about how I like this season so far and talk a little about every show. That really just saves a lot of time for me and I hope that that is ok.

Cya next time then!