Anime Blog #4: Of Psychos, Spririts and little Girls

I do know, that it has been ages since I did this the last time,  but I just didn’t have the time and didn’t really feel like writing another one of these updates, so after 2 months or being too fucking lazy to write any of these, the BLOG IS BACK and I hope that lasts longer this time…

So as you might have seen in my tweets, which you can follow @korigaming on twitter (shameless self-advertisement ftw), I have of course not only been watching the seasonals for this and last summer and even though I admit that I have been pretty busy doing so, I also have been watching and of course reading some more stuff! Ladies and Gentlemen….screw it this is not a Review! Let’s go on!

Blog 3 Toaru Majutsu no IndexThe first show that I wanted to talk about is something that I’ve actually been talking about last time already (even though I don’t think anyone remembers that…). Last time already, it got away quite good and as I finally finished both seasons of Toaru Majutsu no Index, plus the movie “Endymion no Kiseki“, I can safely say, that I really did enjoy the Anime! Of course I had quite some problems with it and of course talking about these pretty much is my job on this Blog! The only really big problem that I had with the show were the two main characters, being Index and Kamijou Touma. It certainly was fun watching Touma punch people in the face and I have to admit that his epic inspiring speeches were kinda cool at times, but for a main duo, the two just felt way too generic. They were really boring to watch and their interactions were really predictable. Even standing on their own, they had some standout scenes, but just were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of side-characters. These side-characters often were what made this show really enjoyable, since every single one of them was really well fleshed out and almost none felt one-dimensional, making for a supporting cast that was a lot more interesting than the main cast itself. That said, it got a lot better to the end of each season and I did get attached to them eventually, just not as much as to some supporting characters. Another reason I really liked this Anime was the pacing of the different archs. You can say a lot about the characters and how blant they feel at times, what you can’t deny is the really good climaxing that the author and the script writers had in every given arch, making for a really enjoyable experience in total. I am now waiting for a third season to be announced and if J.C. Staff isn’t gonna hurry up soon, I’ll probably gonna go and start reading the Light Novels, as I got into reading them a lot recently (more about that later though)

Blog 3 Corpse Party: Tortured SoulsAs a huge fan of Psychological Anime and shows that have Horror elements in it, I was really looking forward to the first OVA of Corpse Party. I watched the first OVA, being Missing Footage, around a few months and didn’t really know whether or not, this was supposed to be an advertisement for the game or the trailer for an actual Anime. A few weeks later, I found out, that a second OVA for Corpse Party was going to be animated and now that it finally got released and subbed, I have to say, that Tortured Souls, is a lot better than it’s predecessor and kept me entertained for the whole time. IT was really creepy at times and the eerie atmosphere was really well done. There were only few problems that I had with it, for one being the character development, which I wasn’t always able to follow. There were some parts, when I was rather confused why characters were acting the way they did. Also due to the short runtime, I wasn’t really able to get attached to the characters and as the death rate in this Anime is damn high (which you probably already figured out due to the Anime’s name), it didn’t have any impact on me. The surprise factor of the deaths was quite good though, since there were many scenes where you couldn’t really be sure whether or not the character was really dead or not. It was nothing to amazing, but something I’d definitely recommend checking out, if you are a fan of Horror and Psychological Anime!

Blog #4 HigurashiI am a huge fan of 7th Expansion and the stuff that they have done, even though you might argue that some of the adaptions by Studio Deen haven’t been as good, but rather shit. Still it is an undeniable fact, that at least the Higurashi Anime is really damn amazing and now, finally I found the subs for a specific new part of the franchise, being Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kaku: Outbreak. Outbreak is a new entry to the franchise and as such my expectations for it were rather high, even though the last two OVAs either didn’t have anything to do with the actual franchise or were just good for half of it’s time. For this one, it’s less about how long it’s good and there is no such thing as fanservice in this OVA, but it actually is quite good. It just is not as good as I wanted it to be. Outbreak is something that doesn’t really pick up the Anime at all, but rather goes it’s own route without even referencing anything that happened in the Anime, meaning that while there are a few scenes that remind of the two original seasons, they are few and it only is the reasoning that remains similar. That itself is not a real problem, as I am completely open for something new to the Higurashi franchise, but the problem I had, was that it just didn’t feel like Higurashi anymore. The characters where a little flat and didn’t show anything of th amazingness they had in the original Anime. The Voice Acting sounded as if the VAs themselves had either forgotten what to do with these characters, as the old trademarks of them (looking at Nippah and the word repition of Rena) are still there, but they just sound empty and don’t have any of the appeal that they used to have, making this feel as if it was something different than the actual show. Not a Horror Mystery that has Psychological Elements to it, but more like a gory shounen. I had fun watching it, but it just didn’t convince me to give it a high score!

Blog #4 Perfect BlueI am still rather new to the Anime community, only having started to watch Anime a little less than a year ago and as such, there are still many people that I don’t know about, that I’ve never heard of, or that I have not seen anything by. One of the latter part, was until really recently the immensly famous Satoshi Kon, who unfortunately already died at a young age. Now I finally did see something that he directed and the only thing I really have to say about it is “He certainly deserves his fame!” Perfect Blue for me was a hell of a ride, mindfucking me again and again, impressing me with an amazing story, one of the best paced character developments ever and direction that made everything even more confusing than it originally was. The movie in total blew my mind and I don|t have any huge complaints about it. It made for an amazing experience!

Blog #4 K-On!The next Anime that I want to talk about probably is the one that is both the most popular and the most impopular! K-On! is an Anime that did get a lot of attention both when it aired and a lot later. It is one of those Anime, that you either hate or love, but there is nothing between that! For me, it was a Love that I found, as I enjoyed the hell out of it! The interactions of the characters were amazingle well done, the dialogues well written, the characters themselves really damn cute and everything just fit for the genre that K-On! is. It’s the perfect example for a Slice of Life Comedy or Moe show done right and I do love it for that sooo much! Adding music that I really liked and endings that belong to my favorites. This show was the one that turned me into a Kyoto Animation fanboy and ever since I watched the first season, I have a huge liking for the style that Kyoto Animation uses in it’s endings, plus it actually went as far and made me SAD! I didn’t know this was possible for a show like this, but K-On actually did it…I thought it was amazing and I am now really looking forward to watching the Movie in a few days!

Blog #4 To Aru Kagaku no RailgunThe last Anime that I want to talk about for this post, is something that I only started watching yesterday and is strangely close related to one of the upper Anime that I listed. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is the Spin-Off of the Index Series and so far, I do really enjoy it. So far, it doesn’t have any overarching plot, but was for the most part only the four main characters either solving a crime or just having random fun. I have to say that the beginning of the Anime certainly is a lot slower than that of Index, but as I said earlier I do still really enjoy it, even though it might not be as much as I did Index in the end. But for the start it is perfectly fine and it has something that helps it out a lot more than the fast start that Index had, which is the main characters. The four characters that the show was focusing on for the most time so far do work a lot better than Touma and Index did, as their relationship always seemed somewhat generic. For Railgun this is not true at all. Actually rather opposite is what happens in Railgun, as it does have really good and likeable characters and they all do have their own little place in there heart (Yes even Kuroko!). I hope that they will start focusing on a plotline quick, since that is what I am currently missing for this show!

Blog #4 Limit
The first Manga for this post, is something that I planned on picking up for quite some time and now I finally had the money and time to actually buy and read it. Limit is a pretty unpopular Manga, that for some reason got published in Germany while stuff like Attack on Titan still didn’t get here…Anyway, I only read the first volume so far and it certainly does look quite interesting to me. The characters do seem a little illogical though and I am a little confused, just how much school kids can actually hate each other to end up the way they are at the end of Volume 1. It for the most part seems to be going into a Psychological Direction, diving into how cruel people can be, once they attain power and what kind of assholes power can bring birth to. I do quite like it though and I’m most likely gonna continue buying it.

Blog #4 DoubtThe second and last Manga this time is a more popular one that I did hear a lot about, but that I never actually started reading. Doubt is another Death Game scenario (which I love), that tries  to take a look inside a human mind and read what might be going on in there and how people could get as fucked up as possible. It does feature really good characters, has an amazing story for the most part, including many twists and turns and an ending that actually is quite satisfying while definitely leaving room for more (which is coming in the Manga Judge). The psychological aspect of it is well done, leaving you on the edge of the seat and never boring you. It definitely is an amazing Manga that I really did enjoy and I guess now I gotte borrow Judge…

Light Novel:
(With this little section I’ll probably lose all credibility that I did have (if I ever had any)…)

Blog #4 Date a LiveI have officially found my own Guilty Pleasure. In the Spring Season of 2013, there was an Anime airing called Date a Live. Back then I despised the Anime for the longest time, thinking of it as a bunch of crap, a fanservice centred show, that had really bad humor that I could not laugh about. Then two particular episodes came around, actually showing a Plot Twist (unbelievable, I know) and the biggest surprise, the plot twist actually was well done! I did enjoy these two episodes and you know what the show did then A FUCKING BEACH EPISODE! What Date a Live did really horrible was that it showed some surprisingly well written Drama and then suddenly went back to it’s original state of a damn fanservice show. Now, almost half a year after that show ended, I decided to pick up the Light Novels of Date a Live, only for the sole reason so that I had something to laugh about and for around the first half of the 5th Volume (That’s where the Anime ended and I started), but after that I suddenly seemed to have turned off my brain and I really started to enjoy reading the Light Novels, to the point, where I almost started hyping it! I admit that it is really bad and that the Drama, even though it actually starts out really well goes to shit in almost every single Volume. I have by now finished Miku Lily (Volume 6) and am patiently waiting for the translators over at BakaTsuki to translate the continuation of it!

Blog #4 Sword Art OnlineIn the Meantime of me waiting for the Miku Truth Light Novel (Date a Live Vol. 7), I needed something else to read and I found it in the pretty impopular but still quite hyped Sword Art Online, that I started to read only a few days ago! So far I have to say, that it actually is a lot better than I thought it would be, given I have only read around 120 pages of it, the characters so far still seem pretty interesting and I do enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would from what I heard from others. Maybe that is only the Light Novel though and the Anime really is as shit as people say it is, but for my part at least, I so far did quite enjoy the Novel and most of all the Setting, which is by far the shows strongest point! It is really cool to see all the Game Mechanics that I know from my old World of Warcraft days being implemented in a novel, making it a lot of fun for RPG-gamers! I am gonna read more of it and then inform you if it did turn to shit or if it stayed as good as I thought it would. Also I am probably going to start it’s Anime quite soon.

With that, I hoped you liked this article, if you did it would be cool if you would follow me and like this Post! If you want to stay updated you can also follow me on twitter (@korigaming that is)! Thank you for reading and until the next time!


Anime Blog #3: Of Horror, Magical Girls and Walking Bees!

It’s already been two weeks, since I did this little Blog thing here the last time, and I have to say, that I actually haven’t watched a lot. From the day after I released the Blog on, I had a Chinese exchange student that stayed at my house for around a week and at the same time school started again for me, which leads for a lot less time to actually Blog and watch Anime. Now let’s move on, to what I have been watching, since the last time that I have written something like this!

Blog 3 Corpse Party: Tortured SoulsThe first show I want to talk about, is not really a lot to talk, since I actually only saw the first episode of it. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls, is an OVA based off several games, that has been published just weeks ago and that I have started watching, but didn’t really get to finish it. I stopped after the first episode due to me having to and not because I was bored. The thing is, that the show actually was rather good and quite creepy which I really liked and so far I thought they did a really good job on it. I am going to finish at some point in time, but I am not yet sure, when that is going to be.

Blog 3 Cardcaptor SakuraThe second show is just as much to talk about, since I have only seen the first two episodes so far. This has another reason though, being that I am watching this show only over the internet with a friend of mine and I don’t think that I am going to touch this show without being in the same skype call as him. So far, Cardcaptor Sakura has been quite normal. It was one of the shows that set the standards for the magical Girl Genre and as such it seems to be one of those pretty normal shows. I still kinda like it, even though the characters sometimes act rather weird and some of the scenes are a little awkward to watch. In total it really is fun to watch and I am looking forward to seeing more of it!

Blog 3 Toaru Majutsu no IndexThe third show that I started watching is a show, that I am pretty much watching for the purpose of watching the Spin-Off! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Raildex-Franchise, mostly about the spin-off called To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. The original show, that I just recently started, called Toaru Majutsu no Index, certainly doesn’t get as much praise as Railgun and while I haven’t seen latter yet, I have to admit, that I am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. There are of course a few things that I have problems with, the biggest one being the main character. Kamyjo Touma is a character that only has one thing that really stands out, being just how generic he is. He gets better later on ( I am only in episode 14 so far, which means later on equals around episode 10), but that for me just hasn’t been enough to adjust just how much of an annoying character he was when the show started. I just feel like he has been overshadowed by most of the supporting characters. This of course doesn’t mean that it is bad at all! I like the plot of the story so far and the thing that actually might be best about the whole show, might be the sound. The Soundtrack is while being a little weird at times for the most part really well fitting and the Opening ranks pretty high on my Top Opening list! So far it has been far from perfect but still a very enjoyable Anime!

Blog 3 Tegami BachiThe next show is another Shounen that I started watching and actually is something that I went into almost knowing nothing about. I actually really like doing that, but more to this topic at some other point in time. Tegami Bachi or Letter Bee, is an Anime that so far still has to convince me. It has moments, when it gets quite good, but overall it just seems to be really generic. It fulfills many typical Shounen parts, such as the amount of fillers, the training and a lot more and shows it in one show. Some of the characters aren’t really likeable either and I just think that it hasn’t been amazing yet. I also only got to episode 6, so there’s still a long way to go for this and the main plot just started around an episode ago.

Blog 3 DieceThe last thing that I want to talk about, is not an Anime, but a Manga that I have finished around one week ago, which is called Di[e]ce. It actually took me quite a while to finish it, since I didn’t really want to spend too much money on Manga, so I bought them one after another and while it might be that it was due to me always having quite some time between every time reading the next Manga, it seemed really confusing to me. But that really wasn’t a bad thing to me, as I constantly was intrigued in the game they are playing in Diece. I hope that one day it is going to be adapted into an Anime, but that might still take some time before it happens.

Anime Blog #2: Of Crossdressers, Chuunibyous and disappointing movies!

Well….It’s been two weeks since I was writing such a Blog the last time and here, I am back with probably me having marathoned the most Anime in a long time. As you might have noticed, my seasonal reports became a little more rare last weeks and yes I know I am way too lazy. Well it wasn’t only due to me being lazy, but rather me watching too much Anime to actually have time to write my Blogs, since I have been marathoning quite some pretty damn good shows recently!

Blog 2 Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Fullmetal AlchemistThe first Anime that I finished was one of the two that I am going to mention that have been featured last time already, being Fullmetal Alchemist. After being at Episode 40 already before starting to write the last Blog, There of course isn’t a lot to talk about except the ending. I often heard that the ending of the original Fullmetal Alchemist was pretty much shit, I didn’t really see that myself and was quite satisfied with the ending, leaving a lot of space for a sequel (which we got with the movie that I am gonna talk about later) and still leaving me rather satisfied. The whole show in my opinion was really well done and it just was a really enjoyable ride. The only thing that I can actually complain about, are the few parts where it went into humor, since those often didn’t get me further than smirk a bit and I thought the serious parts were done a lot better. After waiting only a few days, I actually started watching the movie “Conqueror of Shamballa” and while I was happy to have FMA back, the movie itself was rather disappointing, leaving me a lot more unfullfilled with the ending than the actual show did and except the action it was rather bad. Also Gluttony was quite weird to me…

Blog 1 Casshern SinsThe second one that I finished, that I mentioned back then already was Casshern Sins and about this I really don’t have a lot to say right now, having written an entire Review about it. I am just gonna revise what I said in there really quick. The thing about this show is that while I really liked it, it was kind of flawed, bearing a lot of flaws especially in the case of the main characters which seemed to be kind of dull to me and at times they were kind of annoying. The strength of the show really was the supporting cast, which really was amazingly well written and made the Setting stand out really well. I was quite satisfied with the ending as well and I thought it was quite good, even though it actually had a lot of flaws.

Blog 2 Eden of the EastThe third show I watched was a show called Eden of the East and while I haven’t seen the movies yet, I am gonna do so and I only really have a single complaint about the whole show….the ending! The ending was the thing that set me off the most, being not really satisfying in itself, but as I said I hope that the movies are going to make everything a little clearer. As a show in total…Higashi no Eden was amazing. it had really cool characters, a Setting that was unique and really damn cool while revolving a story around it that was pretty well done! One thing that I really liked about it was the Opening (which I have to admit I watched in fansubs q__q) and the Ending as both had a really cool Style and fit pretty well to the actual show! Also the pairing for this Anime must belong to one of my favorites so far! I am really looking forward to watching the movies now and I hope they’ll be as good and have the same impact as the show had. Also…Production I.G….thank you for that Animation :3

Hourou Musuko Review Main charactersAbout the next Anime I actually wrote a Review too, being Hourou Musuko. I went into this Anime, because I actually wanted to watch something that was mediocre and when I looked at the synopsis and saw that it was dealing with something as Gender Identity and Transsexualism, I thought of it as a show that would have a lot of fanservice and bad humor, so I went to check it out (masochist I know…) and well…let’s say it was totally different from what I eexpected it to be. I loved how the show dealt with a topic this difficult and the thing that surprised me the most was how well I could feel for the character even though they are completely different from me. The characters were amazing and even though the story was a bit weak at points, I really thought the show was very well done! Another thing I really liked about the show was the Ending which was really fitting!

Blog 2 Chuunibyou demo Koi ga ShitaiThe last Anime I wanna talk about actually is something I just finished around half an hour ago and wouldn’t have started if I didn’t promise a friend to watch it, since she told me it was a really cute Anime…so I went along and started watching Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! and you know what? I freaking loved it! Kyoto Animation stands as one of my favorite Anime Studios, having brought to us shows like Clannad, Kanon (2006), Lucky Star or this particular one. Their Production Value has proven to be really high every time and even though they make Slice of Life for the most part, most of their shows are extremely well executed. As for Chuunibyou itself, I have to be honest and enjoyed the first half a little more than the second half, since the humor is something that pleases me a little more than the Drama but still, that doesn’t mean that the second half was not good. In contrary, I really loved it. The movie is going to come out this fall and I am really looking forward to it! With another Season on the way too, I can only say that KyoAni is pure win right now (don’t watch free so I can’t say anything about that one though except that it looks really good!)

Last Blog:

Anime Blog #1: Introduction, Anime and Manga

This is something that I actually wanted to start quite a time ago already, but never got to really do it, so this is the first Update Blog I am doing. Here I just want to tell you, what I have been watching recently and what my thoughts on it are. I also haven’t decided if I should do this weekly or monthly, but I guess you’ll see by the end of next week, how long I will continue this!

Blog #1 Steins;GateThere are four shows that I want to talk about in this short Blog, due to me either having finished, or started or just getting to continue watching them.
The first show is nothing that I should be too busy talking about, due to me having already written a Review on it, being the pretty famous Anime Steins;Gate. I went into Steins;Gate expecting an amazing show with a shit start, due to people telling me that the pacing for the beginning wasn’t really good. So I went into it, thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy this show at all and kept my expectations for the beginning really low, while not being able to do the same thing for the later part, and that worked surprisingly well. I must count as one of the few that actually really enjoyed the beginning of Steins;Gate just as much as the later parts, which were incredibly well done. Right now this Anime ranks as one of my personal favourites and I am happy that I was able to watch it! I am planning on downloading the Visual Novel, since I can’t get it here in Germany and play it, just to see if it is as good as the Anime!
Blog 1 Neon Genesis EvangelionThe Second Anime is even more popular than Steins;Gate. Neon Genesis Evangelion is known to be the deconstruction of the Mecha Genre. During the first episodes of the show, I really was amazed by how well the psyche of the characters was portraied and how good the Animation was for it’s time (I mean…this was published in 1995..that is amazing!), but it soon got a lot slower, becoming more of a monster of the week show, which is no problem itself, but I was a little bit let down. Of course this did not bore me to death but I expected more at that point in time, but as soon as the show started to pick up it’s pace again, it started to be amazing, giving me the same feeling that I had watching one of my alltime favorites Madoka Magica. The only thing that destroyed Eva for me though, is just the thing that destroyed it for most peole! The Ending of the Original Neon Genesis Evangelion really is shit! I did watch the End of Evangelion right after I finished the original and really liked it a lot more than the actual ending, even though the end of this was just as much mindfuck, I really did enjoy it. I also plan on getting the DVDs for the Eva Rebuilt movies soon!
 Blog 1 Hagane No Renkinjutsushi Fullmetal AlchemistThe third Anime is an Anime that I am still watching and that I really like! People often recommended “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and since I heard often enough, that it is a lot better than the original FMA, I thought that I would watch the original first, since I would just be disappointed, if I watched Brotherhood as the introduction to the franchise. I actually started this long ago, but put in hold after only 5 episodes and started to watch something else. I recently got back to watching it and really did enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. While the fillers at the start of the show kind of annoyed me, I got used to this pacing really quick and as soon as this show becomes serious and quite dark, I really do enjoy this! Another thing that I noticed especially in some of the fighting scenes, is the Animation, which is for the year of 2003 and 2004 really good. While it does not have the same production value that Ghost in the Shell had at that point in time, it still looks really good and I look forward to seeing even better Animation in Brotherhood. By now I have finished the show up to episode 40 and it’s about to get to the last part of the show. I am really looking forward to the end of the series and am curious about how this is going to turn out!
Blog 1 Casshern SinsThe last Anime that I wanted to mention is something that I have only started two days ago and due to me pretty much marathoning FMA at the moment, I didn’t really watch a lot of this, but only five episodes. Casshern Sins is an Anime that I went into knowing nothing about it. I picked up the name at some point in time and just added it to my Plan to Watch list and now that I am watching it, there are two things that really stand out! The first thing is the point that this Anime is showing a really dark postapocalyptic world, which I really like! While I do not know a lot about the story yet, to me it seems as if the strength of this show is not the story itself, but the weekly characters that show up. Casshern, which obviously is the main character, doesn’t strike me as a character that is really likeable, but all the characters that got introduced so far in everey episode are a lot better written in my opinion. In this episodic style, the show manages to slowly build a world that gets darker from episdoe to episode and while I still know nothing about it I really like it. The Animation, which was done by Studio Madhouse is another thing, that I have to give major praise to, due to how well the fight scenes are done, how detailed the Background is and how well the Background fits the shows dark themes. So far I really enjoy it, even though the fighting suit of Casshern looks really weird.

Blog 1 Mahou Shoujo Madok Magica: The different StoryOf course, watching Anime wasn’t the only thing that I have done, but I have also read a little bit of Manga, but actually I want to talk about only one series, that really surprised me in how good it was! The Manga is a spin-off for the pretty popular show Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and is called Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story. It is an alternate universe to the original show, and gives a lot of background on characters making them even more likeable than they actually were. One of the major complaints that some people have (me personally not) about the Madoka series, were that some of the characters didn’t have enough sreen time and didn’t get enough Character developement. While I personally loved almost every character in Madoka, we have extra depht given each of them in this 4 volume Manga series, mostly focusing on Mami and Kyouko, but also giving a little bit more depht to Madoka (only a tiny little bit though), Homura and Sayaka. I read it on the internet, since it is not available in Germany, but as soon as it gets brought over, I will buy it due to how good it was. Mahou Shoujo Oriko Magica is also going to get published here in winter, so I will buy that one too and read it. I really am looking forward to that one!

About the Visual Novels, I don’t think that I will talk about it a lot in the future, since I am not a really fast Visual Novel player. I have already played around 16 hours in Fate/Stay Night and really like it so far, being a lot better than the Anime, even though Shirou is still pretty damn annoying!

I hope you liked this little Blog here and I do plan on doing this more often. There are going to be more Seasonal Blogs and new Reviews of course! Hope I will see you next time again and until then have a nice time!