Movie Review: Life of Pi

Ok…I know…this is NOT an Anime, and I am sorry that at this point there is no content that is related to Anime in any way, but I just thought I might try something different once in a while and after watching this movie I decided to write a Review on it…So here we go!

“Very few castaways can claim to have survived so long at sea as Mr. Patel, and none in the company of an adult Bengal tiger.”
-Life of Pi
Facing a Bengal Tiger is nothing that people would ever wish to do. But what would a person do if they really encountered one? They would flee. But what if there is no direction that that person can flee into, no way to get away from the tiger that sits almost next to him, starving from almost a month of eating nothing. What would this person do then? This movie is about a boy in exactly this situation!

Story: The story of the movie centers around Pi, a young boy that grew up in a zoo led by his father, he his a person that has many religious influences, ranging from Hinduism, Buddhism to Christanity and Islam. He pretty much lives a normal life, until one day his father has to sell every single animal he owns and they need to go together with those animals from their homeland India to the far away North America. But as soon as they reach the Mariana Trench, they get into a storm, the boat the family was on sinks and leaves Pi as the only survivor, living from now on on a little ship together with several animals including a monkey, a zebra, a hyena and a tiger. While most of the animals die relatively quick, the tiger manages to survive and Pi is now confronted with living on the same boat as a tiger and staying alive this way.
The story of Life of Pi is nothing too original and the story itself is nothing too amazing. The thing that I really like about it is that it is told through as a flashback and through the eyes of an older version of Pi and it actually shifts back to him telling the story to an author that is about to write his story. Those shifts manage to pull the one watching out and allow him to have a better view on what’s happening.

Characters: The only character that is worth mentioning in any way is our main character Pi, being the only survivor of a shipwreck, he has to be resourceful to be able to live on, having a tiger pretty much sitting next to him. That is exactly what he does. Finding new tricks and having new ideas about how to manage his situation, he is pretty much the typical survivor character, the only thing that makes him different from others of his that the movie manages to show his psyche a lot better than other survival movies do and the despair comes around a lot more logical.

Visuals: The visual aspect of Life of Pi for the most part looks amazing! Most animations look beautiful and I didn’t once have the feeling that any of the animals weren’t real and the special effects, even though there only being few and only few needed are pretty good as well. There were some points, when it was clearly visible that it was animated, but for the most part it was really good!
The only really important role in the movie was the role of Pi, played by Suraj Sharma who wasn’t in any other major roles and for the most part did a really good job as well. There were some points, where his face looked a little weird but that is easy to overlook and in total he played a good role!

Sound: The Soundtrack of Life of Pi was amazing. It fit the scenes showed in really well and always helped setting the mood for the show itself, featuring mostly classic songs and rarely some choirs.

In total: Life of Pi is a movie that doesn’t shine in it’s story but in it’s execution and characters, while looking and sounding amazing and I can only recommend checking this out to almost anyone.