First of all Happy Easter everyone and I hope you are all enjoying your day off 🙂

This is actually something I am writing completely spontaneously and I don’t really have a plan on what I even want to write so bare with my if I get sidetracked!
The reason why I am writing this (If you didn’t figure from the title of the post), is because today is the day, that I have my WordPress Blog for a whole year!
At this point, I just first of all wanna thank you for those who stuck with me for a long time and even though I don’t update often and if I do in a way too long manner, still read my posts! If you do: YOU ARE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU! I know I am not the biggest of all bloggers and to be honest, I don’t need to be! I started this, cause I admired people like Gigguk or Arkada doing Videos on Youtube and wanted to be just like them…it didn’t quite work immediatly, but I do think I did improve a lot within the last year!

Though I guess I can’t just leave it at that, but kind of have to say some more…goddamnit it ‘-.-

So well…let’s go with a throwback and just kinda look at what I did back in the days and how my Blog developed!

My first post: The first thing I ever posted on this WordPress Blog, was a Review, it was a Review of the Higurashi spiritual successor Umineko and oh god…rereading that thing, is not a good idea as it is part of my dark past when I still was an absolutely horrible reviewer…if you still want to read it though, here you go: https://korisanime.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/anime-review-umineko-no-naku-koro-ni/
It wasn’t the first thing I ever wrote, but one of the first and the only other ones that I actually wrote before that are not on this Blog for the most part! They are however still to be found on my MAL profile if you are interested. Just as a warning though, they are even worse than this! http://myanimelist.net/profile/korison/reviews
Moving on from that, my second post was my first entry in the tag, that I should be using the most! It was the Seasonal Preview for the Summer Season 2013 (https://korisanime.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/summer-season-2013/) and while my predictions weren’t completely of, they certainly weren’t really good either! It wasn’t really well explained and there was almost no information in it either, but I guess that’s to be expected from someone that only just got started with Blogging 😀 If I compare this with my seasonal outlook for the next season though, that one certainly had a lot more information in it and….actually was way too long…I still don’t think ANYONE actually ended up reading all of this… (https://korisanime.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/fall-season-2013-line-up-staff-and-thoughts/)
Directly after the Summer season started, I immediatly started bursting out First Impressions and there were tons of those…I think I wrote something for basically every sing show I watched back then, before summing it up in one post, where I told you guys, what show was the best so far and what show you should definitely stay away from! OH GOD DAMNIT WAS I WRONG! I actually told people that Danganronpa was the best Anime of the season and that Gatchaman Crowds was too weird to be any good…I can’t do but laugh at that by now…AHAHAHAHAHA! (https://korisanime.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/summer-2013-first-impression/) Comparing that to now, I really don’t put as much content out as I used to…I just am way too lazy to put out any First Impressions…Instead, I now do a ranking of how I liked the shows and tell you in there what exactly is good and what isn’t, though that may not be happening this season…depending on how I feel since I do have a lot of other stuff to do (SORRY!).
After doing all those First Impressions of course I had to continue doing the episodic Reviews and I got sick of that rather quick….I think it took me around 6 weeks, to stop with it as it was way too tiring and I just kept repeating what I said! By now I rarely do any and only, if there’s a big thing to talk about!
While still doing them, there was another thing I started, that I called the “Anime Blog”  (Most original name ever, I know https://korisanime.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/anime-blog-1-introduction-anime-and-manga/) where I just talked about what I have been watching or reading recently and how I liked it! Well for this one I wasn’t even too lazy to do it, but just kind of forgot…well that’s just how I am ‘^^ I was thinking about picking it up again, but since I am on 2 Podcasts by now, where I regularly talk about what I’ve been watching and also tell it to everyone on Twitter all the time, I figured I wouldn’t need to!
After that I have one of the most important posts in my Blog history and that would be my Steins;Gate Review! (https://korisanime.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/anime-review-steinsgate/) While it doesn’t seem to be anything special on first glance and really isn’t the best of my Reviews, but it is special in the way, that it was the first one for my new style of Reviewing! If you look at my first reviews and my current Reviews, it’s obvious that it has changed a lot and that change is what makes my Steins;Gate Review special to me! It was the first one that really took time for me to make and was the first Review, in which I really did go more into depth instead of just saying whether the show was good or bad! I am quite proud of it as the result of a change in style!

Other than that there really isn’t a lot to say…there were some minor changes, but there hasn’t been anything to special! Once again, I just want to thank anyone, that has read my posts and I hope you don’t mind me to continue posting my own biased opinion on the internet 🙂


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Rant: Is Anime going all Shafty?

Shaft rant Black FrameIn the Fall of 2004, a show started airing, known as “Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase”. Now the show itself was nothing too out of the ordinary and really was not too popular, but you could say it brought two parts together, that later on were inseperable! This show was the first one that Akiyuki Shinbo and Shaft worked together on. And it is the first one to look like Akiyuki Shinbo. The show was the first one to give us the weird camera angles that we are so used to from Shinbo by now and even though they are rather rare, they do exist! I was not into Anime back then at all, and I honestly don’t know what people thought about it back then, but I could see them being thrown off by what Shinbo did there. The Director and Studio then parted again, but ended up coming together a little later again, for a new show, this time without the little quirks that Shinbo likes to use this much. Negima was a fairly normal show as far as I know and directing wise, it didn’t stand out too much. However, the work of the two was not over yet and for the next show that Shaft was going to release, the studio again hired none other than Akiyuki Shinbo, this time asking him to do a Moe, Slice of Life show called “Hidamari Sketch” and this is where I would say that the triumph of the two started. Hidamari Sketch ended up being nothing groundbreaking, but an enjoyable show that, just as Tsukuyomi, had something new about it! The style for Hidamari Sketch combines some of the camera angles that Akiyuki shinbo loves and something that Shaft started to do: a new design style! That can be seen very well simply looking at the backgrounds that sometimes only consist of a color and white circles, or some scenes that look completely different before. The best example for this is the first minute of the show. After that Shaft’s and Akiyuki Shinbo’s reputation sky rocketed with shows such as Bakemonogatari and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika. They got more and more popular and people seem to enjoy their works a lot. So much actually, that other companies seem to try and copy it now.

There are three shows in this season, that I want to look at for this little entry and that I want to talk about what makes them rather unique in terms of directing and looks. They did not necessarily copy all of what I want to say from Shaft, but they are doing something different from normally and that is what this article is about. Difference. They did nothing but change up their styles a little and I am actually pretty pleased with the result for the most part!

Sakura Trick:
shaft rant sakura trickYes I know I have been fanboying about this show way too much and yes I know it is a weird show but I love it nontheless. But that shall not be the topic for today! Sakura Trick is one of the shows this season, that remind me of something Shaft likes to do a lot. Studio Deen has never been one of my favorite Studios and it probably will never be! While they sometimes do some pretty good shows, they often like to fuck things up and get some stuff in their way, making some of the shows they’ve adapted end up being pretty bad even though the source material being pretty good (looking at Umineko and Fate/Stay Night). With Sakura Trick so far though, they did a really good job and I won’t deny that and one of the best things about it, is the use of it’s backgrounds! The show takes exactly the style that Shaft likes to use it and implements it into it’s latest show. Sakura Trick uses a lot of the one colored backgrounds that I was talking about earlier and the empty class rooms shown in Sakura Trick often remind me of the reaccuring Class Rooms from Bakemonogatari, as they do have a similar look in style (even though I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was they were using…I’m not an Animation expert)

Hamatora The Animation:
I think it was rather obvious that I was going to mentioning this one to those that have actually seen it! This show has done something that Akiyuki Shinbo has been doing a lot in the Monogatari Franchise, that being the flashing of random text on the screen, that is hard to read. The text is often unnecessary information and almost never is vital to what the is going on. At best it shows the characters feelings and it sometimes even simply says “Black” or “White”, which often has absolutely nothing to do with the actual story. While those screens are not used as often in Hamatora as they are in the Monogatari Franchise, the show does make use of them, giving the directing a more interesting vibe and definitely catching the eye of the viewer. They don’t have the same variety of colors as in Monogatari either and I don’t feel like they fit into the show too well as well! With that I don’t mean, that they are misplaced, it just doesn’t always feel like the show is a kind of show that this should be used in. That might be me nitpicking, but I just have the feeling that Hamatora is too straight forward for those “Shinbo-Word-Screens” , which is how I am going to name them, to work properly. Hamatora is an example for this shaftyness to be done in a way that while not effecting the show in total, doesn’t seem to fit in on second thought. However at the beginning of the first episode, Hamatora uses not only the Shinbo-Word-Screens, but some directing that seems really similar to what Monogatari did and at that point it actually fits perfectly and I would say it’s one of the best used Shaft styles I’ve seen so far. Unfortunately they don’t use it a lot after that, but rather go for the word-screens instead.

Noragami First Impression ColoringNoragami has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest Anime this season and many of you might be wondering why exactly I put this on here. Well to be exact, as I said earlier it’s not only about shows pretending to be shaft and doing the same thing, but especially for Noragami, it is more something itself does that makes it a little more unique! The show uses contrasting colors and almost neon to show the demons of it’s world and the way it does that is something I haven’t seen before. Of course I might have missed a vital show that did this before Bones did it, but that is beside the point anyway, since the large majority of studios has never done this before. It does look really good and it makes it easy to distinguish the demons from other stuff.

Thinking about all of it now, Shaft has definitely had a huge influence on the Anime Industry. With really popular shows like the Monogatari Franchise and Madoka Magika and even the currently airing Nisekoi, they showed that using something unconventional can be really effective! They love to bring try out new styles and show them to the world. The duo of them and Akiyuki Shinbo has yet to let me down, as I’ve enjoyed every show they did up to this point in at least one aspect and may that only be the aesthetics. I think it is a pleasent development that other Studios are trying to “copy” them, since them being experimental is something I really like and I myself only started off doing all this Blogging and Reviewing thing, because I wanted to copy people like Arkada and Gigguk and I guess a lot of bigger Anime Reviewers and Youtubers should be able to say so as well. There is a saying here in Germany, which roughly translates to “Better well copied than badly done yourself” and I think that is true! Even though the companies doing all this might be copying Shaft, I am happy that they actually took the intiative and tried something new. I am a rather big Podtaku fan and in one episode, they were talking about Animation and how it developed from being really bad in the 70s and 80s, to how much better it is now! They were saying that at some point in time all animation will be on the same level and that at that point in time the thing that matters the most is the Studio’s Style and with them already trying out new things and getting safer on new ground, I am really looking forward mto seeing other Studios than Shaft developing their own distinct animation style that might not be the most orthodox of all things. I don’t want everyone to suddenly do the same things shaft does, but I want them to try out their own style.

I hope you enjoyed that little rant and if you disagree to all this please tell me down in the comments! I am really looking forward to hearing other opinions on this topic cause I actually still am not 100% sure whether or not all my arguments are valid. So tell me everything you think! Critizise me all you want, but please make sure that is is constructive and not just pure hate. With that I will see you next post.

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