12 Days of Anime: Day 9

This is another show that I actually haven’t managed to finish yet, but Gatchaman Crowds is a show so good, there is no way around it for this segment. Not only is it the year that I finally own the first season on Blu-Ray, but also the year that we were finally blessed with a sequel and oh god did it live up to the hype everyone had built up for it. Gatchaman Crowds: Insight was one of the most thematically filled shows I have seen so far, ranging from Individuality, the importance of arguments and much much more and the best thing about it, it dealt with pretty much all of them incredibly well. None of them were forced, none of them felt out of place, it just fit with the story itself.

The character writing itself was amazing as always. The characters you were supposed to like, you loved. Characters you weren’t supposed to like you didn’t like, but you didn’t hate them either as the show always was considerate enough to explain everything about their point of view to you. Hajime herself is energetic as always and although most of the season just kind of feels like we are waiting for her to take action she was once again absolutely amazing and probably one of the very best characters of the entire year. This becomes even better when looking at her relationship to a particular returning character from the first season, which I found to be absolutely amazing.
In short: Gatchaman Crowds Insight was one of the very best shows of the year and of the past years as a whole and if you have not checked it and it’s first season out yet you are, like many others, seriously missing out!


12 Days of Anime: Day 8

A few days ago I was talking about a certain director I happened to very much enjoy during the year of 2015. Rie Matsumoto really has been rising to fame with this year’s Kekkai Sensen and with very much reason at that! She’s one of the absolute best directors in the industry and one of the greatest creative minds, but Kekkai Sensen wasn’t actually the show she first showed that in! Kyousogiga actually already aired about 2 years ago in the Fall Season of 2013, but only this year, I finally got around to watching it and I was absolutely blown away. The cinematography within the show, the atmosphere created through with the great Soundtrack and the Story itself! It all blended together to make one of the greatest memories I’ve made in Anime so far!

I have to admit here I don’t actually remember the exact details of Kyousougiga as I did watch it very early on in 2015 and it very much is time to rewatch the show soon, but I remember being stunned by it’s sheer beauty and the way it told it’s story and that by the end I was left with incredible satisfaction by a show that really is looking for it’s equals as one of the very best in recent years and one that definitely needs more recogniation!

Go watch Kyousougiga! (If you have already, go watch it again)

12 Days of Anime: Day 7

First of all I’ll have to admit that I have barely any experience in terms of cooking at all. All I’ve ever really done is cook with my parents once or twice and from time to time with some friends and while I surely did have fun with it I can’t say I have much expertise on it. That said, luckily much like with sports Anime, talking about cooking in Anime is actually possible without knowing anything about it and that’s probably one of the reasons why I loved Shokugeki no Soma as much as I did. The show was as a whole pretty much nothing different from your usual sports show. It’s intense, it’s exhilarating and it’s exactly what I wanted it to be. The first half may not be as good and I was actually relatively close to dropping the show, the the second half made more than up for it. At a certain point the show just clicked for me and all of a sudden I was incredibly invested in the characters and all it took was a character rivalry, a loss for our main character and some further introduction to side characters. By the end of the show I was so engrossed with everything the show had to offer it actually got me to cry several times within a single episode and of course that isn’t an absolute indicator of quality or anything, but it is an indicator of just how much I ended up investing in the show and I really did get a lot of fun out of it.

12 Days of Anime: Day 6

Before 2015, I never really was very interested in how the industry behind those weird cartoons and comics I was watching and reading worked. I had read a few articles before, knew the most obvious directors and writers and had most studio names roughly memorized, but it was not until a certain Manga, that goes by the name of Bakuman. Bakuman is very much a Manga that is about making Manga and getting it serialized and all the hard work behind it. It’s not an incredibly realistic work of course, being serialized in Shounen Jump and filling a lot of the tropes that are typical of the Demographic, but it’s most definitely one of the best of it’s kind. From the incredibly likable characters to the fantastic art and character expression to the exciting story, everything very much just worked and besides that, was also very informative! I know I said it’s not a very realistic Manga just a second ago, but that was more meant in a narrative sense, whereas Bakuman does actually reference a lot of things that do happen in the Manga industry and a lot of how Jump, writing Manga and for that case stories in general works and makes it incredibly exciting. Hell, I started following the Jump rankings ever since I finished the Manga some time in August and have not stopped since (hey, I actually have a pretty cool announcement related to that relatively soon). It’s one of the most exciting and at the same time lovable Manga I have read so far and if you haven’t started it yet, I definitely recommend you to do so!

12 Days of Anime: Day 5

Yeah, yeah I know what you are thinking. “Why the hell would he put that awful show on this list?”. Danmachi wasn’t exactly the best show this year and there was a lot of things terribly wrong with it, but I did actually end up quite enjoying several parts of it. I thought the show did a decent job at setting it’s world up and although the entire show went “tits up” in the most literal meaning of the word, there were some things I thought the show did very well. The main part of that of course being the Action and training sequences. There were a few parts, mostly gathering around episodes 5-8, that I found to be surprisingly captivating and at points even breathtaking. To mind come the training scene with Aiz and Episode 8’s final fight, both of which gripped me a surprising amount. Especially the latter! I found myself cheering for Bell and hoping he’d get out a lot more than I expected considering the show’s nature. Of course this has a lot to do with the fact that I love watching characters with strong passions strife towards their goals and of course with the fantastic animation (of which we unfortunately don’t know most animators that worked on it) and the great use of Soundtrack, but with those scenes Danmachi really did end up burning itself into my head through other things than boob strings and bad character writing.

12 Days of Anime 2015: Day 4

I can’t explain what exactly it is, but kids shows have a certain charme to them. A certain innocence even, that make them incredibly fun to watch no matter how old. 2015 marks the year, that I have gotten into watching currently airing children’s shows and I could not be happier with it so far. Of course I’ve only started 2 shows of the kind so far, those two being the current Precure series “Go! Princess Precure” and “Brave Beats”. While the latter has been more dumb fun than anything, GoPri surprisingly enough actually really impressed me. The show does a surprisingly good job fleshing out characters and presenting us the world they live in. There are only very few episodes, that genuinely feel like they don’t have much place despite the show being structured pretty much on an episodic basis for almost it’s entirety and the big finals of every arc respectively were fantastic. Add to all that the best Animation Team Toei has to offer (much love to one of my favorite animators Shingo Fuji) and you really do have a show that despite it’s for the most part childish nature will be able to enthrall you in entirely different stories every single week, with incredibly lovable characters and even villains and to top it all off, the occasional gorgeously animated fight scene!

And there someone tell me Children shows aren’t magical.


12 Days of Anime 2015: Day 3

Well, well…..more stuff that others hated, that I can talk about! Again, I don’t believe that Ranpo Kitan was a perfect show or even anything close to that (not that anything really is), but the show had some moments in it that absolutely blew me away. I genuinely thought it was one of the most interesting shows of the entire year, with it’s experimental take on the mystery genre, it’s theme of what’s just and what isn’t and of course fairness in trials. Even though it may have turned into an absolute mess towards the end of it’s run, it’s first half was some of my favorite parts in Anime this year. Specifically the episodes 4 and 5. I don’t really want to move too much into spoilers in this segment, as it’s supposed to be just a very short read on what I found to be fantastic this year, so all I will say is that the two episodes were to me some of the most powerful things of the entire year, not only in terms of how emotional it made me, but also in the way, that it made me think. I still believe that Ranpo Kitan, despite it’s many flaws is very much worth watching and if nothing else I ask you to at least go ahead and watch the first few episodes as they really are magical in their own way.