Anime Review: Attack on Titan

Every few seasons, an Anime comes around, that every one seems to be talking about before it even started airing and once it actually starts and seems to be decent, the fanbase around it grows bigger and bigger with every episode until it seems to have consumed every other fanbase around it. It gets so popular that even people that usually don’t watch Anime get aware of it and start trying it out. This year’s spring season Anime “Attack on Titan” is nothing but a summary of exactly this phenomenon, as it started off strong and kept growing, until it was almost as big as the big 3 themselves. Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s topic shall be the immensely popular Anime from the spring season of 2013: Attack on Titan, or as others might say Shingeki no Kyojin!

Shingeki no Kyojin Review WallsThe story of Shingeki no Kyojin is set in a medieval alternative universe, in which the titans, giant naked humanoids that seem to not have any intelligence at all have suddenly started appearing and devouring humans. As it stands, they don’t eat humans out of hunger or any other reason that might kill them, but just for the pure pleasure. As it gets clear that humankind at this point is not able to go up against the titans, the surviving people build three gigantic walls, even higher than any titan that has been sighted so far and hide behind them. Flashing forward 100 years, we get to know our three main characters Eren, Mikasa and Armin. Eren’s and Armin’s plan is to one day leave the city of humans and wander through the huge world outside that they so far have only read and heard about. One day though, suddenly a gigantic titan, even taller than the walls built around the human city appears and destroys the wall built around the district our three main characters live in. A second abnormal titan called the “Armored Titan” then runs right into the second wall and destroys it as well. With all the Titans now coming into the human territory, panic goes around, since not even the military knows what to do at this point. Going back to our main characters, they get separated since Eren runs back to his house only to witness his mother to get eaten by a titan and then gets brought away by a military helper. In contrary to a lot of other people Eren, Mikasa and Armin get a space on the boat with fleeing people. Here it is that we get to hear Eren talking about the plan that will dominate the entire show for the first time! “I’m gonna kill all of the Titans!”

Shingeki no Kyojin Review cruelty

When it is to the deaths, Attack on Titan really is damn cruel…

Let me say one thing, before we get into the evaluation of the story: This show is cruel! Attack on Titan has no fear of killing of characters that either are really important or that you really get attached to and not a single character is safe only because he looks important, which is a major plus for the show, as it is really unpredictable and the plot twists and deaths come really surprising again and again, which is something that compliment the show itself amazingly well, since the story is a main selling point of the show as a whole. This already shows in the beginning as the show has one of the strongest starts that I have seen so far! What Attack on Titan does really well in it’s first episode is show the chaos that is brought to the city by the colossal Titan kicking the gate, as we see people getting devoured and panic overcoming others. Another fact that makes this show’s start amazing is it’s pacing. After episode 3, the show suddenly starts to speed up a whole lot, with an uncountable amount of Plot Twists in only a few episodes. It is so fast, that you feel like you almost can’t keep up with what the show has to offer you, leaving you sitting on the edge of the seat for the entire time! Unfortunately though, the show’s strongest point at the same time is one of it’s weakest. Later on, when it gets to the second part of the show, the pacing slows down, first to normal Shounen speed and after that even slower, which kind of bugged me personally because in comparison it just felt as if the show suddenly froze, even when it was moving at normal Shounen pacing. It eventually did speed up again, but not before leaving me a little disappointed several weeks in a row. That probably was a problem with me watching it weekly though, as the archs in Attack on Titan were with the exception of the first and last one always at least eight episodes long and it might have turned out to be a lot better if I would have marathoned it.


Shingeki no Kyojin Review Eren goal

Eren is really obsessed with his one goal of killing all the titans!

The characters in Shingeki no Kyojin are nothing that we haven’t seen before to be honest. We have our normal cliched Shounen protagonist, that swears vengeance for his mother, who was killed by the titans. As such Eren is nothing really outstanding and pretty much remains what he was from episode 2 on. He only starts to change in the last few episodes, which in total is way too late, as it is quite easy to get annoyed of him at times. His stepsister Mikasa though, is even worse. While being a really interesting character at first, since she finally is a female character that really is strong, the only thing that stands out about her later, are her awesome fighting skills against the titans and her incredibly exaggerated affection for Eren since she doesn’t seem to care about anything but him, which in the end makes for a character that gets annoying as hell at times. The last main character is Armin, who is by far the most interesting of the trio. At first being stamped as the “Pussy” by many, Armin is the only one to really develop in the course of the show, realizing that he is not as insignificant as he thinks he is and in the end becomes a tactical badass, always being the one that has the right plan to go with. The supporting cast on the other hand for the most part is really well done. Almost none of the characters really feel one dimensional and they do get a lot more development as some of the main characters. Of course some aren’t as good as others, but many are a lot more two-dimensional than for example Mikasa or Eren.
In total the characters for Shingeki no Kyojin are by far the weakest part of it, since they feel way too static for the most part and only some of the Supporting Cast are able to save that a little, but that is not enough to balance it out in total. That does not mean, that the characters aren’t fun to watch at all, but later on, it became more and more obvious that character development was almost non-existent

Shingeki no Kyojin Review Moe Titan

Some of the Titans really do look weird…MOE TITAN FTW!

If I was to describe the Animation of Attack on Titan in one word, it probably would be “inconsistent“! Attack on Titan has been produced by Wit Studios, a daughter studio of the highly acclaimed Production I.G. This is the first work that Wit Studios has ever done, which one can easily see at some points of this Anime. A problem that the Anime has a lot to fight with, is the distribution of the show’s budget. Whenever the show gets around to animate fast movement, most notably the usage of the 3D-Maneouver-Gear, a gear that is used to fight the titans by simply adding more mobility to the human body, the show looks bloody amazing, using 3D-camera movements to make every scene that it is used in a pure eyegasm. Huge credits for this go to Arawak Tetanus the director of this show, known for shows such as Death Note and High school of the dead, to invent this kind of style! Whenever the show slowed down a little though and fast movements wasn’t needed, Wit Studios never animated any more than they needed. There were many scenes that were either simple still screens or  just looked as if they were only halfway animated, which is a real shame, since they just could have taken a little budget out of the fast scenes and animated the slower scenes a lot better. Another thing that I realized about the art were the thick outlines that were surrounding every character. It was a little distracting while watching it for the first time, but the more often I saw it, the more used to it I got.

Look at the amazingness that is the Maneuver Gear!

The Soundtrack for Shingeki no Kyojin was scored by Sawano Hiroyuki. A man that did already have quite some attention before going into this one as he was composer for Guilty Crown, which is known to have an amazing OST, but now after writing the music for Attack on Titan, he is the composer that everyone keeps talking about. The Soundtrack for this show is easily one of, if not THE best that I have ever heard. It ranges from really slow paced solo vocal songs, to epic choirs singing together with a well arranged orchestra, to techno influenced parts of the show. It is a Soundtrack that obviously knows the show it is attached to and the way it fits into the show is just amazing and is really good at getting your heart race during the scenes it wants you to get excited as well as get really depressed when the show wants you to be. The only complaint that I personally have with the music itself is really minor and didn’t even bother me personally. The Soundtrack as a total is used really often, especially the track “Attack on Titan”, which might lead to some people not liking them, cause they heard them to often. I personally though, couldn’t get enough from the Soundtrack and loved what they did with it! I don’t think I even have to talk about the Openings and Endings for the show do I? The first Opening “Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon must by now be one of the most popular Openings out there and while the second Opening “Jiyuu no Tsubasa” sounds pretty cool as well, while being really good looking, it just didn’t get me as pumped for the show as much as the first one. The Endings on the other hand were the complete opposite, as the first ending was really nice to hear but the second one just blew everything out of the water.

Attack on Titan is without a doubt an amazing show and does a really good job at a lot of things, but at the same time there are many parts of it that just don’t seem to be completely right. While watching Shingeki no Kyojin I for the most of the time was really hooked and I was really enjoying a huge part of it, but there were episodes when it felt as if it was just dragged to have one more episode and maybe get even more money out of it. Episodes where almost nothing important happened but inner monologues, that didn’t change anything about the show itself at all. Fortunately these parts were rather rare.
So…Do I think that Attack on Titan deserves the hype that it gets, or is it just another overhyped show? To be honest, I think it deserves the hype for the most part, but as there are some points that just bored me, I can’t say that everything the show did was as amazing as the fanbase praises it to be. It is an amazing show and for the most part it does deserve it!
Now as I calculated all the scores that I gave Shingeki no Kyojin (Story, Characters, Art, Sound and my personal enjoyment), I give Attack on Titan a score of 8.84/10. It is an amazing show that has a few obvious flaws, but is really entertaining in total! As it stands now, Shingeki no Kyojin has been licensed by Funimation, but has no official release yet. It is available for legal streaming on both Crunchyroll and Funimation’s website.
With that I hope I could help you and I see you next time!


Anime Review: Danganronpa

Almost every single season, there is this one Anime, that gets you hooked, just due to it’s Synopsis. It gets you hyped about just how much potential this show has and just how awesome it is going to be, but as soon as you start it, the doubts within you start to grow and you get more and more disappointed by how the show turned out to be, might that just be a main character that annoys the hell out of you, or a story that seems to be nothing but a huge pile of bullshit. The show just doesn’t reach your expectations and the more of it you watch, the worse it gets. For this season an Anime called Danganronpa holds it’s position as exactly this Anime with tons of potential in it, but failing at using it.

Danganronpa Review Mysteries

While going on Danganronpa gives a lot of pretty good Mysteries!

Danganronpa is a Death-Game Anime centered around the students of “Hope’s Peak Academy”. For those who don’t know, a Death-Game is an organized game that’s sole purpose is to kill everyone except one, who ends up being the winner. A really popular example for this one being the movie “Hunger Games”. The rules for Danganronpa itself is rather simple. There are 15 students trapped within Hope’s Peak Academy, forced to live with the other students until they are allowed to get out. This allowance though is only given to those who commit a murder and are able to get away with this. For the sake of finding out who committed the murder, the students get a little bit of time to investigate the place of death and the whole school, before all getting together in a Class Trial to solve the mystery of who committed the crime. If the students are right and get the murderer, the culprit is taken away and gets “punished”, meaning he gets executed in a really weird way! (I’d love to show you a video of it, but that would only result in spoilers and you hating at me so I guess I better not do that!) If they are wrong though, the culprit is going to be free and every single other student is going to die instead. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Danganronpa Review Classroom trials

The Classroomtrials were by far the best part of the show!

The story of Danganronpa goes on in many archs normally consisting of 2-3 episodes. The archs are generally built the same way as they start with them leading a little bit of a normal life, a murder occurring, a little bit of investigating going on and then them coming together in a Class trial to solve the crime. Danganronpa’s story is equally centered around the murders and getting out of the school theme. While the first part of the shows has more focus on the Class Trials and culprits, the second part is more about the getting out of the Death-Game. Unfortunately, that has a huge influence on the quality on the story itself, as the murders in the first half of the show seem to have a lot more thoughts behind it than the ones closed to the end. On the other hand though, the story behind the whole death game is getting unveiled within the second half, which is getting more and more interesting. As we all learned from Glass Reflection’s Arkada though, the ending is Paramount and the ending that Danganronpa brought to us is nothing that would really help the show in total. I normally don’t really like talking about endings in a Review as it is hard to talk about without spoiling half the show, but let this be said: The ending for Danganronpa doesn’t seem to be well thought through. While everything makes sense and is completely plausible the problem that I had with it was that there were quite some points that I would’ve loved to get a little more background about since as they were left in the Anime, they seemed a little bit Asspool-ish. The plot in total though is rather solid and gets a quite good

danganronpa Review Character Cast

The Cast for Danganronpa was pretty big, making Character Developement pretty hard to pull of!

The characters in Danganronpa are pretty much what ruined the show for me. With people dying everywhere around them it is to be expected that there is at least a slight bit of despair creeping into their minds and with many people actually talking about despair itself, one would expect the characters to act that way too. The characters in Danganronpa though seem to be immune against any kind of these feelings. We have our main character Makoto Naegi, a pretty normal boy that had a lot of “luck” to get to the privileged school that is Peak’s Hope Academy. Just that this school didn’t turn out to be what it was in the end. Naegi is a levelheaded boy that always thinks rational and never loses his hope. More than once he is the one that gets everyone on the right way instead of accusing the wrong one. The other character worth mentioning is Monobear, who is the leader of the game. He literally is a bear and probably is supposed to be threatening. His problem: He isn’t! While at first he seems to be a little creepy, it turns out he never really anything people have to fear and his only reason to exist is due to him observing the game and then and when changing the rules. I am going to avoid further character descriptions, due to it probably going into spoilers as it would get obvious who is going to be surviving and who is not. The whole cast of people stuck in the school is pretty cliched, which is not a huge problem, if there was anything like character development Unfortunately though, the show doesn’t really bother concentrating on the characters and rather focuses on getting the story forward. There are a few characters that do get a little depth but they are rare and most of the characters remain uninteresting and undeveloped. I can see why it is that way though, as it is hard to develop characters in an environment that is supposed to leave the viewer in a suspense about who is going to die next. Character Development would have only made it more obvious who was going to stay longer.

Danganronpa Review Celestia Character Design

I really liked some of the Characterdesigns…her’s probably was my personal fave


Another huge fault that the show has, is it’s atmosphere, which is mostly provoked through the characters. Even though many people within the school (mostly Monobear), do talk about despair and even the Japanese name does include the Japanese word for it, the characters never seem to be afraid of what happens. Of course there is quite some sadness and even a tiny bit of despair after each execution, but outside of those scenes, the students seem to live their ordinary live and really don’t seem to care about the death game surrounding them. That is the reason, this Anime doesn’t feel threatening. It does not feel like an actual life-or-death game, but more like pure mystery Anime that only focuses on solving the murders and the mysteries surrounding the school. There are moments when the Death-Game theme is done well, but those scenes are way too rare and those are the only scenes the characters actually shine in. Heck even at the end of the shows, there are characters surviving that don’t even seem to have any sense except for we needed someone else to survive! This is where the show fails and this is why it’s whole potential is lost!


danganronpa Review Classtrial style

The classtrials are partly done in a style that I thought to be pretty interesting!

Danganronpa has been done by the fairly new production Studio “Lerche”, who don’t really have any other works except Carnival Phantasm and has been directed by Seiji Kishi, the man responsible for shows like Angel Beats and Persona 4: The Animation. The Animation in Danganronpa really is for the most part nothing special, as it is quite decent but nothing outstanding. The only part where it really does something different are the classroomtrials, where it often keeps a bit of the style the game has and uses things that I didn’t expect to come and the execution as it only uses the censored cutscenes from the game. Everything else stays fairly standard and doesn’t really stand out from the masses of shows that are coming out every season. The character Designs that the show has, sometimes are really weird but to be honest, I rather liked those and am happy they kept them the way they were.

The Soundtrack for Danganronpa is rather generic on it’s own and even in the Anime it didn’t seem to make a huge difference within the Anime either. I barely noticed it while watching the Anime, which is not really a good thing. It was composed by Masafumi Takada, who does not have any other works he has composed. The Opening was quite okay, but something you can easily skip, if you don’t want to see Monobear’s sexy dancing. The Animation for it is done in a visual Novel Style with every character getting introduced and a little bit of extra animation that isn’t to interesting (except Monobear’s dancing of course). The ending on the hand has some quite cool music and even though there is no animation at all and instead only shows the characters that already died, I couldn’t bring myself to skip it due to the cool song.

In total, Danganronpa is an original and pretty cool concept that fails in it’s execution. Nonetheless it was quite entertaining to me, not for what it tried to be, but for what it was and the Classroom trials were a lot of fun to watch while they were going on. Otherwise it failed at delivering the decent story it had and had the wrong feeling to it, due to the illogical actions of the characters.
Now as I calculated the scores I gave Danganronpa (Story, Characters, Animation, Sound and my personal enjoyment), I came to an average score of 6.16/10. It fails to deliver what it wants to be, but still is at least entertaining for what it is. As it stands now, Danganronpa has been licensed by FUNimation, but has not been published yet, as it is rather new! It is available for streaming on both Crunchyroll and FUNimation’s webpage though.
With that, I hope I was able to help you out and see you next time!

Anime Review: Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou

If there is one thing that many people (for the most part even those watching Anime) in the west agree on, it is that Anime is weird! Anime has some parts to it that just seem to exist for no obvious reason but for the lulz (I’m looking at you Boku no Pico!) and as a medium coming from a country that is known for producing stuff that doesn’t really fit the standards we have here, that should not be really surprising. The western, just as the Japanese audience though, loves to point out just how hilarious this is! This probably also is the reason Animes like the one that I am about to Review just keep happening and seem to never die out. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou is an excellent example of just what weird shit Japan is able to bring to us!


Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Review U don't say


The story of Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou, or InuHasa for short, revolves around the book-fanatic Kazuhito Harumi, a boy that is obsessed with books, as they fill his entire life and they are the only thing he actually thinks about. One author in particular really stands out from the rest. Akiyama Shinobu is one of the three most popular writers and she rose to fame by writing a series of books, that seemed to draw in every person that read the book. Especially Kazuhito has been fascinated by Akiyama’s works and loves everything about her. One day, as he sits in a cafe reading, when suddenly a robber comes inside, carrying a gun and threatens the few people in there. While one woman doesn’t even seem to notice this and just goes on doing whatever she was doing before, the shopkeeper tries to calm the robber down. The robber gets angry at the disinterested woman though and starts pointing his gun at her. As he shoots, Kazuhito jumps in front of him and intercepts the bullet. Obviously, the boy dies. Now…as he is the main character he obviously wouldn’t be killed off in the first episode and the book-fanatic gets resurrected through the power of the bookworms (yes…you read that right…). His body is a little from his original one though, with him now being a dog instead of a normal human being. With this body, he now is not able to communicate with anyone anymore, except the one woman that he saved during the bank robbery and as it turns out, this woman is the sadistic author Akiyama Shinobu.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Review Summary

This should pretty much sum up the whole show…

The story of InuHasa is as you might have figured from the Synopsis rather weird, which is something that already was made public even before the first episode aired, as the seasonal chart already mentioned that this was supposed to be a nonsense comedy show. Now we all know that humor is completely subjective, but in a comedy of this kind, the funny parts are expected to either be a nonsense story, that people are supposed to laugh about, or hilarious character interactions. As for the story of InuHasa, I found myself surprised about it, as there were times when it tried to really explain things and build Drama and suspension. It was these times, when I felt as if the show didn’t actually want to be a nonsense show, but rather be a Slice of Life Drama, which is sad, since these Drama parts could not be taken seriously due to all the nonsense reasoning that lead to them. Now, one could argue that this precisely was intended and the Drama part only was supposed to be another funny scene, but it just didn’t feel that way. There is nothing to laugh about, with a character holding an emotional speech about how he has to help people, or a character finally finding his destination after a long struggle if he would be able to do it.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Review Ridiculous Stuff

The amount of Ridiculous stuff is TOO DAMN HIGH!

Of course InuHasa doesn’t only consist of these serious scenes, they actually are rather rare, but often consists of a a lot of nonsense and really random things happening. These scenes are part of what makes this show a nonsense show for the most part. These scenes alone though, are nothing to laugh about and there is no actual humor in there, besides the obvious “Oh my god this is so bad I am laughing about it!”, which didn’t even happen very often to me in the course of watching this shows. The most part of the comedy happened when the characters were together, interacting.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Review annoying characters

The characters in this show get annoying really quick!


The characters for InuHasa are as I mentioned the main source of comedy and as such, the interactions are the most important thing for the whole show as it is supposed to be funny. Unfortunately though, the cast suffers from either being incredible unlikeability or just plain dullness.
We have our main protagonist Kazuhito Harumi, a book fanatic, that at first doesn’t seem to care about anything but his pleasure in reading. As we get to see a little more of him though, it gets more and more clear, that he actually just is our generic sarcastic guy. After accidentally saving his favorite author, he dies, gets resurrected as a dog and from here on lives with exactly the person he saved, being Kirihime Natsuo. She is our second main character and is a sadistic author, that for the most part of the show does nothing but hurt her dog, by cutting her with her scissor after he said or did something wrong. The Supporting cast of InuHasa is just one big pile of stereotypes. Credit where credit belongs though, the stereotypes that the show uses are all stereotypes that have been used rather rare in the last years, making them seem a little more original. For the most part though, it gets clear pretty fast why those stereotypes have not been used often, as most of them get annoying really quick.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Review Ridiculous characters

Some of the character archetypes are pretty weird

The characters in total for Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou, are as I said the most important part of the show, but at the same time the part that probably ruined it. Not even a single character was a character I started to like at some point and I was not able to relate to a single one. I didn’t feel any attachment to them and as I didn’t feel such, it was hard for me to care about anything that has happened within the show. The character interaction was quite funny when seen the first time, but as the show progressed the jokes were reused again and again, making them seem more and more boring. If the character interaction just have been written a little better this show probably would have had a lot more potential.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Review Lighting

The lighting at some points looks pretty good

The Animation for this show was rather average. The studio doing, is Studio Gonzo a studio that is known for either being amazing or being pretty much crap. There are some scenes where lighting is used pretty well, but there are other scenes, when it seems like the Animation studio closed down for a week and they were not able to do anything. Still the show looks quite okay and it certainly is above average. One more thing that annoyed me quite a bit was, that whenever the dog was talking that they were leaving his mouth open all the time and wouldn’t close it at all.

The Soundtrack for InuHasa was composed by Akito Matsuda, who doesn’t really have any other works besides this one. Still the Soundtrack in this Anime is quite good, always fits the tone and while there is no Standout track there is none that I couldn’t stand hearing either. Most of the songs sound rather joyful, but there are some quite piano songs, which probably sounded the best out of all. The Opening for this Anime was rather annoying and after some time I really couldn’t stand hearing it anymore. The ending on the other hand was pretty normal and nothing really worth talking about. The Voice Acting for this Anime was solid for the most part, even though there were a few characters that didn’t seem to be well done throughout the whole show, for the most part it actually was quite good.

In total, Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou is an Anime that tries to be funny at multiple parts, while still being a Slice of Life Drama. It tries to be way too much at the same time and even though it is not to be taken seriously for the most part, sometimes it just doesn’t feel that way! The comedy parts are for most of the time not funny and feel forced for the majority. The Drama is not really worth mentioning, as it is hard to actually get any attachment to the characters when they are seemingly only talking about and doing nonsense.
Now as I calculated the scores I gave InuHasa (Story, Characters, Animation, Sound and my personal enjoyment), I came to a score of 4.76/10, it tries to be something it is not, while still wanting to stay the same thing, leading to a failure at both points. As it is now, InuHasa has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks, but has not been released yet since it still is pretty new. If you want to watch it, it is available on Crunchyroll, if you want to stream it.
With that, I hope I was able to help you out with this Review and see you next time!

Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin (Episode 1-13)

The spring of 2013 can pretty much be summarized in one word: hype! Mostly centered around one single show, a show called Attack on Titan. Another shounen introduced to the likes of the Naruto and One Piece fans. But is this Anime worth the hype? Or is it again just another shounen that gets far too much credit for what it actually is?


the three walls surrounding the town

Story: The setting of Shingeki no Kyojin is set in the far future, where mankind has faced an enemy that has been unknown to them for a long time and get’s driven back into a single gigantic town, surrounded by three walls, higher than every titan seen so far, that shall defend them from any incoming threads. This obviously also means that almost no human being has enough courage to leave the walls. This being, the human race slowly starts to lose their technology and seemingly go back to medieval time.
Eren Jaeger, the son of a known doctor though, doesn’t simply want to stay within the walls that keep the titans from coming into the huge area, but wants to leave the town and explore the outside world together with his friend Armin Arlert. One day, the walls of the gate of the little district he  lives breaks, due to an incredibly tall titan and the titans enter it. From here on the catastrophe starts and everything goes down hill.
The Story of Shingeki no Kyojin is an extremely interesting take on something that has been done a lot. The zombie apocalypse really is not a lot different to this, considering that we have mindless human like things walking around, that only want to eat humans. The thing that SnK does a lot better than most Anime is presenting it’s world and showing the crisis.
The main selling point of the plot though is the pacing, being one of the fastest paced shows that I have seen so far and literally feeding us with plot twists within the first seven to eight episodes. The pacing though, while being the best point, at the same time can also be the weakest. Since the first episodes were paced that fast, when the show slows down to normal speed, it feels as if things would have completely stopped to happen. The pacing in the second half of this first part seems really off and in comparison to the first half let’s down a lot, even though it can’t even be considered really slow. It just feels this way. All in all SnK has a really intriguing plot, carried by an incredibly fast pacing that can be both blessing and curse due to it slowing down to normal pace.


from left to right: Armin Arlert, Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman

Characters: The cast of Shingeki no Kyojin’s first half is quite big, featuring many of the trainees that want to become soldiers for different matters, which leads to only few of them really getting depth added and most of them not being given too much attention to, due to that they didn’t have enough time for this. But I can’t really judge that much for the supporting cast, since we are only half way through the series and there is still a lot of time for development. That being said, the ones that actually do get depth are really swell written.
The main cast consists of three characters and is pretty well balanced, the most important one being Eren Jaeger. He is the son of a known doctor living in Shiganshina, the small district which the titans invaded first. Before they came, he already planned on joining the Recon Corps, that are the only ones that are able to leave the wall, searching for Titans to investigate and get to know more about them. After a titan eats his mother he swears to revenge her and kill every single Titan on this earth, making him seem at first sight like a generic character, but later adding enough depth to it to really make him an amazing character and develop him as the tragedy goes on.
The next character in the main cast is Mikasa Ackermann. She is Eren’s stepsister, for reasons that would go into spoilers and that I am not going to explain. She pretty much serves as the voice of reason for Eren and stops him from doing stupid things more than once. Later on though, as Eren becomes more and more independent, she is seems to be more of a love interest than what she was before, which still doesn’t take away the awesome ass kicking scenes in which she really gets to shine and all in all she really makes a great character.
The last of the three main characters is Armin Arlet, at first being postmarked as the pussy of the show, he later on really gets to shine and show his true abilities of making plans and being the mastermind for operations that seem to only be able to fail and make them possible. Armin is a childhood friend of Eren, that first got the idea of leaving the town due to his parents doing the same. They never reappear though, leaving him and his grandfather alone.
The main cast is, just as the supporting characters that the show focuses on, really well done and the they add a lot of depth to them, leaving a really good impression of them and making them incredibly likeable.


The Animation looks amazingly fluent in fight scenes…


…but relies on many stillscreens while not featuring fast movements

Animation: The Animation of Shingeki no Kyojin has been handled by WIT Studio, a side studio of the famous studio Production IG. The studio itself though didn’t have any work before this, making this the only thing that they have created so far, aka their debut and that really is something that people are able to realize, due to production delays and unfinished animation in some episodes.
Those issues aside though, the Animation quality itself while battle scenes is amazing! The fighting scenes and actually generally the scenes when they use the 3-D Movement gear (a gear that makes them seem like “Medieval Spiderman” (random gigguk quote)) is incredibly fluent and just something really good to see. At this point a lot of credit to Araki Tetsurou, who was directing this and made the gear as awesome as it is!
On the other hand though, while not fighting or doing anything that requires fast movements, the quality drops a lot, to a point where still screens become more normal than actual animation. This of course is due to the budget being almost completely used on the action scenes, leaving nothing but a little amount for everything else. While I do approve of the amazing battles against the titans, I do think personally that they should have kept a little more budget for the slow paced parts and even though the action scenes wouldn’t be as good, the scenes that don’t need as much movement, wouldn’t throw me off as much.


Cover of the Shingeki no Kyojin Soundtrack

Sound: The OST of Shingeki no Kyojin has been composed by  Sawano Hiroyuki, who also did the soundtrack to Animes such as Guilty Crown and Gundam: Unicorn and this Soundtrack really doesn’t let down! This is probably what gets you heart racing the most in the entire show and makes this show a lot more enjoyable, even with those flaws that it has quite a few of. The OST is really good at getting you excited for the battle to come or make you emotional for what just happened. A thing that really helps the show. The songs are mostly just as fast paced as the show itself and even get you singing whatever you understand without even watching the show. The slower songs are pretty emotional as well and give a good feeling of how dark this Anime can actually be.
The Soundtrack almost always fits perfectly and as I said multiple this really gets your heart racing during every fight scene and just scream out the words that they are singing (as far as you understand them that is…)
I don’t think I really need to talk about the first Opening “Guren no Yumiya”, but for those who actually seem to live behind the moon, this Opening must be one of the best to come out in the last few years. Not only does it get stuck in your head really easy, it also just doesn’t get boring and while watching the show always makes you want to see SnK now. The ending “Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai” on the other side of the show, does not let either and features quite good animation together with a beautiful song sung by Hikasa Yoko.
As far as I can tell the Voice Acting cast has been really good. While again, my Japanese is not good enough to understand everything, I really like how they do get over the emotions and huge congratulations to Ishikawa Yui, who had one of her first appearances in an Anime ever here in this show as Mikasa and really is an incredibly good newcomer. I hope we will see her again!

In total: Is Shingeki no Kyojin overrated? Yes! Does that mean it is bad? No! Not at all! While this show has quite some flaws, the overall impression of this Anime still is really good. I do enjoy this a lot, even though it has it’s faults and even though it got a lot slower in the end there was still a lot more going for it than against it and the enjoyment factor is really high. I just don’t think it is that good, that it deserves a spot in the top 10 of Anime after only 7 episodes.
After calculating all the scores that I have given this Anime (Story, Characters, Animation, Sound and my Personal Enjoyment), I came to an amazing score of 8.3/10

Anime Review: Steins;Gate

There is a rumor of Anime getting worse and worse in the last years, losing it’s niveau and only producing shows that are storywise and characterwise of a lot lower quality then earlier shows. And tehre is a rumor of a few shows considered as the “Saving graces of modern Anime” (Shoutout to HoldenReviews!), including shows such as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, Fate/Zero and the show that I am wanting to Review right now. Steins;Gate!

Story: Steins;Gate takes place in the year of 2010, in the part of Tokyo called Akihabara. Here our main protagonist Okabe Rintarou, also known as Hououin Kyouma, lives in a small laboratory together with his two lab members Hashida Itaru, aka Daru and Shiina Mayuri. Together (or actually mostly Okabe and Daru) they modified their microwave into a device that is able to send textmessages into the past. One day Rintarou accidently uses it after finding a dead woman that he talked to only minutes ago. After he goes through a weird process he finds out, that the woman he thought was dead is still alive, leading to massive confusion.

The story of Steins;Gate is in my opinion definitely the strongest point of the Anime, including more twists and turns than most Anime that I have seen so far, setting it up as really complex and well thought through story! One thing that many people do complain about watching this show though, is that it starts incredibly slow, only explaining things and only shifts into the serious part rather late. In my opinion though, the pacing for the first episodes was perfect and if they would have tried to make it only a little faster everything would have felt incredibly rushed leaving a start that would have been a lot worse. I also like that they get a lot of the explaining out of the way early, not having to explain things later on. As soon as they are done with this though, the really serious part starts and shit begins to hit the fan, with more and more twists happening and more and more drama involved, as the Anime gets really dark.

Characters: Steins;Gate for me is a perfect example that character developement is not a hundred percent necessary in a show, as long as the characters remain interesting! The whole time travelling theme makes character developement hard to execute and that is why the only character that really changes throughout the show is the time traveller itself, being Okabe. Still every single character the show introduces is being given attention to and they do get a lot of depht in the course of the show, making for an incredibly strong suppoting cast, in that every single character is likeable and relateable to.
The main character of the show Okabe Rintarou, must be one of the mose interesting characters that I have see in quite some time, calling himself a mad scientist and giving everything and everyone weird nicknames, he definitely seems to be a little weird in his head at first, but it’s not that late, until you realize, that he actually is a character that really cares for others.
The second main character being Okabe’s childhood friend Shiina Mayuri. She is mostly shown as the cute little girl, that is a little clumsy and maybe not always as smart, but it is really refreshing to see her interaction with Okabe, since she always seems to commit herself to his jokes. Even though she almost never is really doing anything, she still has a huge roll in the overall plot.
The third and last main character is Makise Kurisu, a young woman, that is currently studying just as Okabe is. She at first is convinced that time travel is absolutely not possible, until she randomly comes to Okabe and wittnesses his experiments. Even though she saw what happened in this laboratory she still is not convinced and only slowly, as the plot begins to move forward she starts believing in the experiments and that what happened was time travel. The best thing about her must be her interaction with Okabe, since she is a tsundere (pretty much the most likeable one I’ve seen) and opposes almost everything her lab partner says. Seeing them arguing really never is boring.

The whole character cast in Steins;Gate is really well balanced. Adding depht to every single character, the Anime does a really good job in building up relationships and showing interactions between characters. The only problem there is, being the character developement, which is impossible due to the time travelling, is not solved by overshadowed by the sheer amount of well written characters that it almost doesn’t matter.

Art: The Animation of Steins;Gate has been handled by White Fox, the company that was responsible for shows like the recent Hataraku Maou Sama and a show called Jormungand. The Animation in total was really good and fluent, the backgrounds were really detailed and always fit the shows theme, while at first brighter, they got a lot darker near the end of the shwo which only gave the darker part a lot more feeling to it.

Sound: The Soundtrack has been handled by Takeshi Abo and Murakami Jun, who both don’t really have any other major works besides Steins;Gate (Robotics;Notes for Takeshi Abo). The OST is actually pretty well done, something I only realized after actually listening to it myself. It already helped building the atmosphere of the Show, but now that I really listen to it, I really enjoy it much more than I thought! It mostly consists of pieces that are rather quiet and those really are the best part of it. While the ones that are a bit more lighthearted are nicely done, they are nothing that I would listen to a lot myself. The voice acting in Steins;Gate is for the Japanese part superbe. While my Japanese is not good enough to actually understand everything, the emotions that are supposed to be brought to the viewer are done really well. For the ending and Opening, the Ending is really good, featuring one of my favourite japanese songs, even though the animation in it is rather boring. The Opening on the other hand, has music that is just as good, but Animation that stands out in a lot of ways and makes for one of the best Openings I had the pleasure to listening to.

In total Steins;Gate a show that should not be missed, not only presenting a plot that has amazingly many twists, well executed characters, but also shining in it’s presentation. I can’t recommend buying this Anime to those who have access to it enough, since this is worth every single cent you’ll be paying. After calculating every single score I gave (the ones above + my personal enjoyment), I ended up rating this Anime with an incredibly strong 8.86/10