Anime Review: Isshuukan Friends

Friends are what many consider to be one of the most important parts of life. They are there to have fun with you when you’re in a good mood and there to build you up again when you’re feeling down, but what if you don’t know anything about your friends anymore? What will cheer you up? What will get you to have fun? Ladies and Gentlemen! Today’s topic deals with exactly this scenario! Today’s topic shall be Isshuukan Friends!

Isshuukan Friends follows Hase Yuuki, a rather average middle school student, that really doesn’t have anything special about himself. After seeing one girl in his class, Fujimiya Kaori, being constantly alone, he makes the decision to try to be friends with her. He follows her around and tries to approach her several times, but keeps getting rejected until one time she explains to him, that her memories of all friends she made vanish after only one week. From there on Hase tries every week again and again to be friends with Fujimiya Kaori.

The main concept behind Isshuukan Friends certainly is something worth getting hyped for! It may not be the most original of settings and certainly is something that has been done in a very similar way, but it had the potential to be something really moving and the first episodes definitely reached that goal! From the Soundtrack to the introduction of the characters, to the way the setting itself got introduced, everything felt really well crafted and honestly got me really emotional during the last few minutes of both episodes and while a lot of things were still left undeveloped and unexplained, they did have enough time to get that right within the following episodes. Something they unfortunately did not do. From a certain point on, the story started getting really repetitive. The episodes were built exactly the same way again and again, leading to them becoming predictable and in the end even straight up boring and sometimes even annoying. The show didn’t even seem to try to build upon the already existing potential it had, but instead seemed to be thinking the setting itself was enough to keep it’s viewers engaged. It comes to a point where every bit of Drama that is created feels incredibly forced and artificial, making it really hard to care for anything that is currently happening! That said however, I do not hate the show for that. It had enough moments that I thought to be incredibly cute and what kept me hoping the show would move on to a point where the Drama would actually work in it’s favor, but it was not enough to get me to forget how bored I was during some parts of the episodes.  The show does break away from this repetitive episodic concept later on in the series, but at a point, where it is already too late to just forget that boredom existed and where it moves towards really is not the best they could have chosen either. The Drama is still just as badly executed for the most part and while the repetitive structure of the middle part is gone, so are most of the incredibly cute scenes that I thought made the show worth continuing to watch. There are of course still points, where the show is enjoyable and the Drama is actually somewhat well done, mostly because they don’t have one thing it did before almost every time….both main characters on the screen….


It’s two main characters were probably the worst part about Isshuukan Friends. While at first, like the rest of the show, looking like something that had the potential to be outstanding, it quickly crystallized that they were way too static to really go anywhere.
We have our main character Hase. A middle school student that really is nothing out of the ordinary. He is your typical slice of life protagonist at the beginning, slowly working towards a goal (being friends with his classmate Fujimiya Kaori) and that’s completely fine for the first few episodes, as the potential for more character depth and development to be added is there for the rest of the show, but as soon as we get to know a little more of the character, the show seems to stop caring about the character in itself. He gets no more attention, meaning no more additional depth or development. His character is completely static for the whole latter half of the series, which is made even worse by the fact that what he seems to be stuck at is incredibly frustrating to watch. He gets jealous really easily, making him the center of almost every bit of Drama. Something I really wouldn’t mind, if the show didn’t use it every 5 minutes to create new Drama, that only feels just as forced as the previous one. This jealousy he shows also makes him the most annoying and unlikeable character of the series. It is really hard to care for him, which makes it even harder to care for the Drama that keeps getting built up around him, suddenly making the show a lot less enjoyable.
Our other main character Fujimiya Kaori isn’t even close as frustrating to watch as Hase, but still has her own fair deal of flaws. For a character that gets her memories reset every week it is actually quite surprising how much the character of Fujimiya develops. However the development and depth are this time not the problem I have with the character, but the way she is used. Just as her counterpart Hase, she often enough gets used solely for the purpose of creating Drama, which is something main characters really shouldn’t be used for. Still, she is a likeable enough character in itself and can be really cute from time to time, but the show fails again and again to really use that in the right way and except for the rather lighthearted episodes, this is one of the many factors that made the show rather disappointing to me.
Of course not everything about the characters was terrible, in fact I completely fell in love with the side characters. Both Kiryuu and Saki, who both get a lot more important as the show progresses. Kiryuu is the seemingly coldhearted but actually really helpful best friend and is easily the best written character of the show! He’s a lot of fun to watch whenever he is on screen and he made the show a whole lot entertaining just by purely being there and not even having that big of a role. The other side character is Saki. She gets introduced later on in the series and probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen….(well maybe not ever but I swear to god she comes close!). She is the cute airhead character that, ironically, keeps forgetting everything. Her interactions with mostly Kiryuu and Fujimiya made for some of the most entertaining scenes in the Anime, mostly because of how cute she is.


The Art style for Isshuukan Friends is rather simple. The backgrounds aren’t to detailed, but they really don’t need to be for this kind of show. The character designs are cute and  a perfect fit for Isshuukan Friends. They transmit the emotions they are supposed to transmit perfectly fine. They really aren’t very detailed, but as with the backgrounds they really don’t need to be. The Animation itself is decent,  but much like the rest of the Art is nothing special. It gets it’s job done while not looking jarring and not a lot more than that.

(If the link doesn’t work properly, what I mean is the song at 37 minuts and 37 seconds!)

The Soundtrack for Isshuukan Friends was composed by debutant Irone Toda. Even though not having worked on any other Anime before, he did a pretty good job for this particular OST. It’s very calm and nothing too special, but complements the scenes it’s used in very well. Especially the rather dramatic bits of the OST, mostly used in the second half of the series, stood out to me as particularly memorable. It is a type of Soundtrack that you can even listen to when outside of the anime. It is nice and calming and works really well as a background for working on something. Back to the original topic though. The Opening for Isshuukan Friends was ok. It was a rather typical one, but nothing that really stood out. While the Visuals did look quite nice, I didn’t particularly enjoy the song. The ending however, serves for a great closure after every episode. It’s a really nice song and while the animation is nothing special, the song makes more than up that. It fits the atmosphere of the show really well and makes for a great end to every episode.

In total Isshuukan Friends was a disappointment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a terrible show! While there certainly were a lot of parts that felt incredibly forced, I don’t think the show was unbelievably bad, but just could’ve done a lot more with what it had as it’s original concept and that unfortunately also shows in the enjoyment. While I did certainly enjoy the more relaxing and cute parts of it, it was the really dramatic parts that I sometimes even found to be cringe worthy I did unfortunately enjoy the show a lot less due to the rather high expectations I had. It was extremely frustrating for me to see a show I wanted to succeed so badly, just ended up failing at exactly that I thought was gonna be it’s strongest side, regardless of how relaxing and cute some other parts were.

In the end I would recommend Isshuukan Friends to people who are really interested in it or are looking for something cute just to relax after a hard day but I would not recommend it on it’s own! The forced drama is just overwhelming and doesn’t feel natural at all, with even the characters sometimes acting out of character just to create more of it! Of course it’s not all bad and there certainly was quite a good chunk of it I did really enjoy but it was not enough to make me recommend it to more people than just a few.


Mekaku City Actors: First Impressions (3 episodes)

This Post is going to be SPOILER FREE! There won’t be any plot points, that go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! It is not necessary to have watched the episodes I am talking about, however it might give you a better understanding of what exactly I am saying if you did!

To start off the first Impressions that are to be uploaded, we have the Anime, that got the most attention before the season started! Mekaku City Actors is Shaft’s and Akiyuki Shinbou’s newest show! It is about a group of teenagers calling themselves the “Mekakushi Dan” or the “Blindfold Organization” in English, that each have a special power involving their eyes.
Mekaku City Actors, for those who didn’t know, is adapted from a Manga, that was adapted from a series of Vocaloid songs called the Kagerou Project. It received a lot of hype due to the Manga’s popularity and the fact that it is done by Shaft! Has it lived up to that hype so far? Well let’s find out!

Mekaku city actors without a doubt is one of the most popular Anime for the current anime season! It caught a lot of people’s interest by using a cool concept and throwing an even cooler Animation style on it without even having to think whether it fits or not. And that is exactly where it’s problem lies! The director for the Series is noone less than good old Akiyuki Shinbou, well known for his work on the Monogatari Franchise, Nisekoi and basically any other Shaft show that has ever existed! I have to be honest here and admit, that I actually really like Shinbou’s style and the way he does the shows he does, however when it comes to this particular show, I just can’t defend him! The show doesn’t work with his style at all and has to be modified at several points to actually work somewhat well! The dialogues are being dragged out way too long and the situation sometimes even play completely different then it’s Source Material and while I usually wouldn’t mind that, Mekaku is different! Akiyuki Shinbou completely changes the feeling of the show and makes it seem like a simple Monogatari Clone, which is disappointing as I was one of the people that were really hyped for it! It doesn’t seem like it’s own show anymore, but rather like just ANOTHER Shinbou Anime. That alone doesn’t make it a bad show though, as Monogatari itself is one of my absolute favorites and if Mekaku feels that way it must be similarly good right? Not really! The best thing about Bakemonogatari and it’s followers, are the amazingly well written and interesting characters, as well as the incredibly intelligently written dialogues! In Mekaku none of that is really there! While the characters are likeable and the dialogues certainly aren’t bad, they aren’t groundbreaking either and they are not even close to where Monogatari is. That makes it feel like the show is trying really hard to be Monogatari, but just fails horribly at it! That at least is for the first two episodes! Episode three of Mekaku city Actors is a lot more focused on moving forward it’s plot while still developing their characters, than it is on showing off Shinbou’s style! The episode was a lot more fun than the ones before and while I did end up enjoying episode 1 and 2 to a certain extent (Shaft fanboy ftw), episode 3 was on a whole new level and I really hope they continue the way episode 3 left off!
In total Mekaku City Actors has been rather disappointing and while it still managed to entertain me, it really didn’t live up to the expectation I had for it. Episode 3 did look a lot better than the previous ones though, so hope is not dead yet and I really do hope that this show will pick up within the next few episodes, as I personally do really love the Manga! I would recommend giving this one the three episode rule and see for yourself if you are able to enjoy Mekaku City Actors, even though Akiyuki shinbou is way too present. Also if you did drop it after one episode I would recommend trying out episode 3 as it certainly is a huge change in style! Feel free to redrop it after that, but what is coming from now on, might be completely different from what the first two episodes showed us!


First of all Happy Easter everyone and I hope you are all enjoying your day off 🙂

This is actually something I am writing completely spontaneously and I don’t really have a plan on what I even want to write so bare with my if I get sidetracked!
The reason why I am writing this (If you didn’t figure from the title of the post), is because today is the day, that I have my WordPress Blog for a whole year!
At this point, I just first of all wanna thank you for those who stuck with me for a long time and even though I don’t update often and if I do in a way too long manner, still read my posts! If you do: YOU ARE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU! I know I am not the biggest of all bloggers and to be honest, I don’t need to be! I started this, cause I admired people like Gigguk or Arkada doing Videos on Youtube and wanted to be just like them…it didn’t quite work immediatly, but I do think I did improve a lot within the last year!

Though I guess I can’t just leave it at that, but kind of have to say some more…goddamnit it ‘-.-

So well…let’s go with a throwback and just kinda look at what I did back in the days and how my Blog developed!

My first post: The first thing I ever posted on this WordPress Blog, was a Review, it was a Review of the Higurashi spiritual successor Umineko and oh god…rereading that thing, is not a good idea as it is part of my dark past when I still was an absolutely horrible reviewer…if you still want to read it though, here you go:
It wasn’t the first thing I ever wrote, but one of the first and the only other ones that I actually wrote before that are not on this Blog for the most part! They are however still to be found on my MAL profile if you are interested. Just as a warning though, they are even worse than this!
Moving on from that, my second post was my first entry in the tag, that I should be using the most! It was the Seasonal Preview for the Summer Season 2013 ( and while my predictions weren’t completely of, they certainly weren’t really good either! It wasn’t really well explained and there was almost no information in it either, but I guess that’s to be expected from someone that only just got started with Blogging 😀 If I compare this with my seasonal outlook for the next season though, that one certainly had a lot more information in it and….actually was way too long…I still don’t think ANYONE actually ended up reading all of this… (
Directly after the Summer season started, I immediatly started bursting out First Impressions and there were tons of those…I think I wrote something for basically every sing show I watched back then, before summing it up in one post, where I told you guys, what show was the best so far and what show you should definitely stay away from! OH GOD DAMNIT WAS I WRONG! I actually told people that Danganronpa was the best Anime of the season and that Gatchaman Crowds was too weird to be any good…I can’t do but laugh at that by now…AHAHAHAHAHA! ( Comparing that to now, I really don’t put as much content out as I used to…I just am way too lazy to put out any First Impressions…Instead, I now do a ranking of how I liked the shows and tell you in there what exactly is good and what isn’t, though that may not be happening this season…depending on how I feel since I do have a lot of other stuff to do (SORRY!).
After doing all those First Impressions of course I had to continue doing the episodic Reviews and I got sick of that rather quick….I think it took me around 6 weeks, to stop with it as it was way too tiring and I just kept repeating what I said! By now I rarely do any and only, if there’s a big thing to talk about!
While still doing them, there was another thing I started, that I called the “Anime Blog”  (Most original name ever, I know where I just talked about what I have been watching or reading recently and how I liked it! Well for this one I wasn’t even too lazy to do it, but just kind of forgot…well that’s just how I am ‘^^ I was thinking about picking it up again, but since I am on 2 Podcasts by now, where I regularly talk about what I’ve been watching and also tell it to everyone on Twitter all the time, I figured I wouldn’t need to!
After that I have one of the most important posts in my Blog history and that would be my Steins;Gate Review! ( While it doesn’t seem to be anything special on first glance and really isn’t the best of my Reviews, but it is special in the way, that it was the first one for my new style of Reviewing! If you look at my first reviews and my current Reviews, it’s obvious that it has changed a lot and that change is what makes my Steins;Gate Review special to me! It was the first one that really took time for me to make and was the first Review, in which I really did go more into depth instead of just saying whether the show was good or bad! I am quite proud of it as the result of a change in style!

Other than that there really isn’t a lot to say…there were some minor changes, but there hasn’t been anything to special! Once again, I just want to thank anyone, that has read my posts and I hope you don’t mind me to continue posting my own biased opinion on the internet 🙂


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Anime Review: Samurai Flamenco

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Once in a while, the Anime industry produces something so different or unique that it is bound to stand out from the masses of shows we get each season. Popular examples of that kind of show being Fooly Cooly, known for it’s ridiculously fast paced storyline, or the unique direction style of Akiyuki Shinbo he uses in shows such as the Monogatari series or the currently airing Mekaku city Actors. Of course those kind of shows don’t always go right and often enough backfire hard! The Anime that is today’s topic is a prime example for exactly this kind of show and while it doesn’t completely fail per say, the factor of it’s weirdness certainly.plays a huge role in how many people do like it. Today’s topic shall be the Super Sentai Tribute Samurai Flamenco!


While the show is incredibly realistic at first...

While the show is incredibly realistic at first…

The Story of Samurai Flamenco basically is an homage to every single Super Sentai or Superhero show that has ever aired! It follows Hazama Masayoshi, a rather normal but uprising model, that has an unusual obsession with Superheroes! He has basically watched any Superhero-show that seems to have existed and owns tons of figures. However, it does not end at him simply being a rather passionate fan, but he wants to be a superhero himself and because of that he often leaves his house at night dressed in a cosplay-like outfit, to help society to become a better üöace and help people in danger! Of course though, it is not as easy as that and he has a lot of problems in finding work as a superhero, so he mostly ends up getting angry over incredibly small crimes that have no meaning at all. The Anime shows his struggle as he tries to become more and more of a superhero and be accepted by society while at the same time keeping his identity hidden. A realistic interpretation of the Super Hero genre…sounds interesting doesn’t it?
Due to the shows nature, I will not be able to keep the following part of this Review completely Spoilerfree! However I will try to be as vague as possible so even if you still plan to watch the show, you should be able to go on without skipping! throws that out of the window rather fast!

…it throws that out of the window rather fast!

Samurai Flamenco’s story is a weird one to say the least. It starts out pretty nicely, portraying a Superhero in a rather realistic setting and that is exactly the charm of it. The story is not too eventful at first and even though it does have some rather nice twists, it is this sense of realism and the well written characters that make it enjoyable! However SamFlam does something that noone would’ve ever expected it to…it completely solves every conflict that has ever been within this show and then proceeds to throw every single concept that had been going for it out of the window. The realism that had been the base of the show so far completely vanishes and the show quickly develops into a huge rollercoaster of Plot Twists.I usually would say that a show having a lot of plot twists is a good thing, but in the case Samflam, that just is not true! This show pulls it’s Twists out of thin air and there is no way to say what exactly is going to happen next and in this case that is nothing in favor of it! The Plot Twists for the most part make absolutely no sense at all  and even the explanation to everything that happened feels more like desperate try to finally get this show over with than an actual explanation that is supposed to be taken seriously. It gets more and more ridiculous every time to the point, where it even seems to escalate to Gurenn Lagann level and it happened several times while watching that I found myself questioning the minds of the writers of this show. In the end though, I also have to admit that the amount of ridiculous Plot Twists in this show ended up being it’s biggest fun factor and while I was really irritated by a majority of them, the level of escalation that it has did make it fun after all.  The show did go from it’s realism being one of it’s biggest charms to it’s escalation being one of it’s biggest charm. However this escalation factor wasn’t always big enough to carry the show on it’s own and only really is when it gets close to the end. It happens so, that the show falls flat on his face a lot and mostly after the biggest and most ridiculous Plottwists happen.
For a long time the show is not sure whether it wants to be taken seriously or as a mere joke. While some of the scenes and character interactions do seem very serious about the Superhero-theme, the fight scenes and monsters seem to have been written while the author was high. This leads to a rather large part of the show dragging on a lot and to it needing something else to carry it, good thing it has one more aspect it is good at!


Gotta love this show :3

Gotta love this show :3

The character cast has exactly that kind of thing, that the story lacks for the most part! Realism…at least mostly! The characters for Samurai Flamenco do feel really inconsistent at a lot of points! While they are really well and realistically written for the most part, there are parts in the middle of the show where neither is really true!
Just as with the story, the characters start out as for this type of show unusually realistic and while some of the decisions taken by the main characters are questionable, the characters do get really well characterized and I did really enjoy basically every single one that was important! However just as the story, the characters do take the same turn and the character department developes into another part, where the show just doesn’t know what to do! Especially Masayoshi keeps going from extremely realistic to incredibly irrational several times and that’s mainly what I mean when I talk about the characters being inconsistent! The other characters however do often make up for that! While some of them feel a lot like Plot Devices and not all of them seem to be necessary, the majority of the characters are incredibly likeable and for a  long time were the driving force of the Anime and the thing that kept it alive! Most notably Goto! Goto is Masayoshi’s best friend and keeps helping him out, using his position as a police officer, even though he has a huge share of problems himself that get unraveled later on in the show! He is by far the most likeable character of the show and incredibly well written. Another noteworthy character is Mari. Mari is a rather popular Idol of the Idol Group MMM by day and a super hero trying to help Samurai Flamenco at night! She doesn’t do it out of love for Masayoshi though, but rather because she is a pretty self centered person and basically is addicted to attention. While not necessarily likeable, Mari is an extremely well written character and when the show puts serious attention at her, it happens more than once, that SamFlam suddenly has one of it’s most realistic points overall. She even is responsible for the darkest and one of my favorite episodes in the show. In total, SamFlam’s characters, while being inconsistent at points, are by far the best part of the show and what saved the middle part of the show from being absolutely horrible!

The Soundtrack for Samurai Flamenco was composed by Kenji Tamai, who never really did anything besides this show and that certainly is recognisable! The OST doesn’t stand out in any way and even though it fits the tone of the show, it really is nothing special! In contrast to the actual OST though, the Openings for SamFlam are amazing, as they fit the show perfectly and are really good at getting you hyped for what is to come in the episode, even though the episode itself might be rather boring to watch, which is the case for most episodes in the middle of the show! They are rather fastpaced rock songs and as such are a perfect fit for the show itself and sounds really good as well! The Animation for the Openings however is not always the best, even though the first Opening and the second version of the second Opening do look okay in style and direction, I’ll have to talk about the first Version of Opening two! The Opening itself, seems like an extreme budget cut and has almost no new animation in it! Instead, they use already aired scenes from the previous episodes and throw in something that resembles a little bit of a slide show! Fortunately, they fix that a few episodes after it’s first time coming up, but it’s annoying, considering how the second Opening music wise is the better one! The endings of the show are the complete opposite of the Openings, as they are rather calming and usually serve as a nice outro to an episode that featured another extremely weird plot twist or some more incredibly ridiculous monsters. I wouldn’t say they are on the same level as the Openings but still are rather good!

The Animation for Samurai Flamenco was produced by Studio Manglobe, known for their works on Ergo Proxy, Deadman Wonderland and Watanabe’s Samurai Champloo! While they do have some shows that are rather popular, SamFlam’s Animation honestly is pretty hit or miss! Some episodes can be pretty well animated, while others seem to be complete crap! The shows animation is pretty inconsistent, but that never really actively bothered me! Of course, I am not an expert in the field of animation and I surely am not the best person to judge it, but the when the animation needed to be fluent it was fluent enough to show us something to enjoy and when it didn’t necessarily need to, the show slowed it down! While in total the animation was not a lot better than average, it certainly did do it’s job and was good enough to sustain the series!

In total, Samurai Flamenco is one of the most memorable Anime to come out within the last year and even though it certainly is not for everyone, it is enjoyable enough for me personally to recommend it! If nothing else, Samurai Flamenco is an experience that has to be experienced by every person on it’s own, as there is nop objective way to say if one is going to like it or not! However, if you do enjoy Super Sentai or Superhero shows or Movies,  I would definitely recommend to check this one out! And even if you don’t, I still would definitely say it is worth giving a shot though, if nothing else at least to experience the sheer ridiculousness that is it’s plot!

With that, I hope you enjoyed this Review of Samurai Flamenco and I do hope it helped you! As always, if you did enjoy, remember to subscribe to my Blog or follow me on Twitter, for further updates! Also check out my Youtube channel for more content, such as Spring Seasonal Previews and further uploads! Thank you for watching and until the next time!

First Impression: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

Not quite sure what to think of this relationship yet to be honest...

Not quite sure what to think of this relationship yet to be honest…

So after the ending of ImoCho a few weeks ago, the Anime industry decided it needed a new Incest Anime and here we go…However other than certain other shows, this show isn’t all about the Relationship between the two siblings which even only got hinted and is not even canon, but as it seems it will deal with different subjects such as bullying and discrimination as well! I am quite interested in how it is going to turn out, considering how popular the Light Novels for this are and so far it doesn’t look half bad! I was really concerned about this one, as it is by Studio Madhouse, the Studio that also did last Seasons Mahou Sensou and completely failed at doing so! The studio recently really hasn’t been all that good and most of the stuff they released have been rather flawed…However having heard rather bad things about this show as well, I am pleasently surprised about how this turned out! The first episode looks rather interesting, as it builds up the world and introduces the characters. I do like the setting and I hope they will use it the right way, even though I kind of see the Main character syndrome coming already! My current problem with the show is that even though they already got some of the characters into rather bad positions I kind of feel like they rushed that and did it at a point, where I couldn’t care for any of the characters yet. Speaking of the characters, they all seem to be quite boring and so far I am not too fond of the main protagonist as he seems quite blant to me, which is never a good thing. Another thing that does kind of bother me is the incest. Now I don’t have a problem with incest in Anime per say, even though I don’t necessarily like it either, but I feel like the romantic-ish relationship between the siblings does feel very forced and seems to be simply existing for the sake of it being incest! The Animation is on usual Madhouse level, meaning it does look beautiful and is very fluent! The Soundtrack does sounds nice when it needs to as well, but rather generic in the Slice of Life Moments. In total I feel like this show could go either direction! If the characters actually get developed and depth added to it, this show might turn out to actually be good, but if not it will probably just end up being another Madhouse Trainwreck!

First Impression: Akuma no Riddle

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)


That Opening was love at first sight :3

That Opening was love at first sight :3

Akuma no Riddle was one of the Anime I was the most hyped for this season! With it having amazing artwork and a pretty intriguing Synopsis, I was really hoping for this to be a really good show and this first episode certainly didn’t let me down! I really enjoyed the different characters that got introduced and their interactions were I lot of fun to watch! Especially Haru is a lot of fun to watch and even though she seems to be quite cliched, I really enjoy her character! There was a good amount of foreshadowing already, though I would even go as far as saying that it was a little to much, since I do have my own little conspiracy already after episode 1 (which I am not going to tell you because Spoilers!) but to be honest that doesn’t bother me too much! The main focus of the show seems to be on the characters and that is something I really like! The character cast may be huge but to be honest I did enjoy basically everyone introduced, though I do hope it doesn’t fall into the same trap as Danganronpa of not taking a closer look at them due to their probably inevitable death! I did enjoy watching the Direction as well, while it was nothing too out of the ordinary, everything looked in place and even though I didn’t expect it, the Animation done by Diomedia, a studio that really isn’t popular, is rather good and fluent! After seeing the studio attached to it, I originally didn’t think it would look good at all but it ended up being pretty eye-catching though that is probably due to the character designs for the most part! About the OST I am rather conflicted! It did fit the show really well, but they seem to be falling back on some rather generic tracks. Not that I mind that, but it sometimes is really noticable! The only other problem I have with the Soundtrack is that they seemed to be reusing one of the Songs for the entire episode, which after some time did get a little annoying! However the Opening and Ending made up for that as they both sound AND look bloody amazing! In total I thought the first episode of Akuma no Riddle was really good and I certainly did enjoy it a lot! I am really hyped to see more!


First Impression: Selector Infected WIXOSS


This may become a little darker I feel like…

Let’s kick this Season of with one of the Anime I was most hyped for to get released! Being based on a card game, Selector Infected WIXOSS wouldn’t have caught my interest if it wasn’t for a few things about that make it stand out! While I do not have the best experiences with Cardgame Adaptations and they usually end up bekng kids shows, this show caught me off guard with a Seinen Tag! Seinen is a Genre I really wouldn’t have expected to exist as a Tag to a show that originally was only a Card Game. With the Directing also being done by the same person that did Steins;Gate, which is one of my favorite Anime overall, this show turned out to be more and more interesting! Having now seen the first episode, I have to say, I am not blown away, but I certainly thought it was quite nicely executed! It did a quite good job at introducing us to the characters and the World. The character interactions were really interesting to see and the characters so far are really likeable. There already is some slight foreshadowing and I am wondering what this is going to turn into! My personal favorite of the episode must have been the first minute, which I thought to be really well executed! If WIXOSS stays as well written as episode 1 was, I think this might end up being a pretty decent show and I might really enjoy it! I just hope it doesn’t fall flat on it’s face and become a trainwreck!