Impression: RWBY

The Discussion about what exactly Anime is has always been something that has been talked about a lot, as there are several opinions, that Anime can be defined as. This discussion has recently been heated up again, with the release of the highly Anime influenced web-show RWBY, directed by Monty Oum, known for his amazing choreography in the fights that are included in his show and produced by Rooster Teeth. So far 7 episodes have been released, with almost every single one having the length of 5 minutes, the plot didn’t really get that far. From what has been shown so far, it seems that the world RWBY is presented in is rather complex and that there are a lot of points, where many details are added. At this point in time though, the only thing that we know actually is that there are weird monsters in this world are getting hunted down by people called Hunters/Huntresses. Also something exists called “Dust”, that can basically be summed up as magic in a materialized way. There are a lot of points that I don’t necessarily love about this show, like the 3D-Animation that at some points in times just looks really cringeworthy, which is the same with the Voiceacting, the VAs only being people from Rooster Teeth. It did get a lot better though from episode to episode and it kinda feels like they’re learning a lot out of this. The characters and the plot so far, even though we haven’t seen a lot of it yet, seems a lot like a typical shounen right now, but all this is honestly not a real bother for me. If people are talking about RWBY, they normally want to compare it to other great Anime and I personally think that that is nothing you should do, as this is something that has been done with a tiny Budget and it only had around 2 actual Anime episodes to build it’s plot. This is something fanmade and nothing that is supposed to be really professional and it’s not even that it is all bad! The fighting scenes look freaking good in here, as this is what Monty Oum is really good at!

In the end, RWBY is compared to actual Anime rather mediocre, but as it stands, this is not an Anime and as such not comparable to them. I think it is doing a quite good job for what it is and am looking forward to seeing more of it.