Anime Review: Casshern Sins

Super Heroes by now are a standard part of our lives, being adapted into thousands of films already, we are used to incredibly powerful men and women walking around in weird skintight clothes that are supposed to be their trademark. It has almost been done to death in western media and I myself am not a huge fan of those franchises either, with a few exceptions. In Anime though, while we have quite some superheroes, it is not nearly as much as in the western media and only few of them really rose to popularity in the Otaku Culture. Today I will Review an Anime that is rather unknown to the masses, while still not disappointing in most parts. Casshern Sins is a Spin Off of the original Shinzou Ningen Casshern, which aired in 1974, meaning this show was goddamn old. It aired in 2009 and tells the story of an Alternative Universe.

Casshern Sins Review Casshern

The main protagonist for this show is more of an Antihero than an actual hero!

Story: In this Alternative Universe, the world is almost only inhabited by Robots and the humans that once created those, became rare. This world is shown in a post apocalyptic state, where all the robots, which couldn’t die due to them getting old earlier, now slowly ruin away. This Ruin heavily resembles rust and seems to work the same way as infirmity for humans. Here lives our main protagonist called Casshern. He is a robot that is immortal, immediately heals every time he is wounded and cannot decay like all the others Robots. There also are a lot of rumors around him, that if a robot would devour him, he would get the immortality that is Casshern’s. Our protagonist though, doesn’t know what happened to him and has no idea why he is immortal and where the Ruin comes from.

Casshern Sins Review Luna wo...

The past is not always something you want to remember…

There actually is not a lot more to say about the plot, as it is rather simple and going deeper into it would result into spoilers. The thing that stands out though, is not the plot itself, but the Setting it is presented in. One thing has to be said though, being that this show is slow! For almost the whole show it moves forward so slow, at points it even gets a little boring. It actually takes the show 12 episodes before it gets a little faster, before it actually goes back into slow-motion mode again and decides that the fast pacing is something it doesn’t like, before only getting a little faster in the final episodes. This is something that many people might find to be a problem with this show and something that turns away many. I myself didn’t have any problems with that though and actually thought it fit the world rather well, but that is just preference and I can totally see why people might not like that.


Casshern Sins Review Characters

Death is present everywhere in this Anime, yet it is amazing how strong most of the Supporting Characters are

Characters: For the majority of the show, it moves forward in a “Character of the Week”-Style and only goes away from it if it gets to a climax, which happens rarely due to the slow pacing. Every single episode, the show introduces a new Robot or Human, lets them interact with the main characters that are currently present, before either letting them stay, leaving them alone, or killing them off. It’s a concept that quite some shows often use in a similar way, being the “monster of the week”-concept. A really popular Anime for this is the Mecha Deconstruction “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, which introduces one enemy per episode and let’s the three main characters kill them off at the end, before it goes into the actual main plot later on. Casshern Sins does the same thing with it’s supporting cast. The thing that most shows that use this concept intend to do is get depth added to their own characters. Casshern Sins does this while also getting a little more into the Setting every single episode and every single episode that is used for a Supporting character in the end helps our main character realize the thing that the whole show wants to tell us, being that without death, life would not be livable
This concept is executed in such a good way, that every single episode we get a new character, that for the most time doesn’t even show up anymore at all, that is either really likeable or just amazingly well written. Unfortunately this can not be said about all the main characters. More than once, I had the feeling that the supporting cast would be overshadowing the main characters by far. We do get development for every single one and a lot of depth of course, especially to Casshern, but all this doesn’t help me to sympathize with the characters more and I feel like they were way to boring for the most part to actually make for a good cast. Leaving us with an amazing Supporting cast, while the main cast didn’t succeed in convincing me of them being really interesting.

Casshern Sins Review Coloring

The Coloring in Casshern Sins is simple yet beautiful!

Art: The Art in Casshern Sins is, to leave it simple, amazing! It’s another show where Studio Madhouse doesn’t disappoint in just being awesome. The fighting scenes, which exist at least once per episode, look really good and are completely fluent. The coloring is for the most part beautiful and fits the dark atmosphere really well, while still featuring a lot of colors. The Characters Designs though, are something that I had my problems with, with it being really old school, since the characters were designed in 1974 already for the most part, which is not a style that I really like. That again is only preference and doesn’t really matter for the overall enjoyment but rather is something that I didn’t like myself.


Casshern Sins Review Dio and Leda

I’m not too much of a fan of the character design

Sound: The Soundtrack of Casshern Sins is something that I didn’t realize during the first few episode, but that grew on me really fast. It mostly consists of really quite pieces, using a lot of guitar. It is used perfectly for the most part and one of the few songs in the Soundtrack that I actually didn’t like was the only one that was not the opening or ending, was the only one using lyrics. The Openings and Endings though, were something that is in contrast to the OST itself actually…rather annoying. While the first Ending song was okay, I could stand neither the first Opening, which was plain annoying to me and the second ending, which I actually didn’t watch a lot.


Casshern Sins is a show that is not for all people, featuring a pacing that is a lot slower than the pacing of most, but if you happen to like more than a few genres and are able to take things that are a little different from the usual shows, it definitely is worth checking out.
Now as I calculated all 5 scores that I have given (Story, Characters, Art, Sound and my personal Enjoyment), I give Casshern Sins a 7.96/10 as a show that  pleased me, but not as much as others did! It currently is available for legal Streaming on FUNimations web page, if you happen to live in a country where you have access to that particular Stream (Other than me ‘-.-). It also has been licensed by FUNimation if you happen to live in America, and by Manga for the Europeans.
With that I hope I could help you and I’ll see you next time!


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi: Episode 4

This Reaction might contain SPOILERS for the episode talked about! I recommend watching the episode itself before reading this (only if you want to watch the show itself of course)!


Interesting Characterdesign imo…looking forward to see a little more of her!

I guess the real point of this story starts here. After last episode being amazing, featuring Humpnies death, we get into a whole new arch, starting off with a city of the dead that seems to be a lot more beautiful than any city of the living that I have seen, no matter if Anime or Reallife. It holds 1000000 people, of which pretty much everyone is dead and they do hate Gravekeepers, making Scar and Ai seem a little out of place and I guess that’ll be a lot of trouble in the next few episodes. For now we have another character completely introduced and two others being teased, by letting one grabbing Ai and telling her to leave and the other one being to talked to by previously mentioned Kiriko. They seem to be really interesting to me and I really do look forward to seeing more of them, especially since they are both featured in the Opening quite long. Another really good thing was again the animation. Studio Madhouse does not let down at all and not even the Backgrounds are really detailed, but the 3D movements are incredibly fluent and look really good!

Episode: 8.5/10
Show: 8.25/10

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi: Episode 3

This Reaction might contain SPOILERS for the episode talked about! I recommend watching the episode itself before reading this (only if you want to watch the show itself of course)!

The god of this world loves making wishes come true…but it seems that he doesn’t always do it in a way they like it. The thrid episode of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, which I was really looking forward to finally got released and I have to admit, this was really cool! While I was a bit annoyed by them not resolving the Cliffhanger immediatly, they did it later on and how they did everything was really good again. After the waaay to fast pacing in episode 1, the shows seems to have found the right pacing. The story seems to like to surprise me and I really didn’t expect the turn of things into Ai’s father actually dying…(I loved him as a character Q_Q). Another highpoint of this show really is the animation! Madhouse doesn’t disappoint and I feel like they are doing a really good job, not only animating but also directing this since I honestly like the camerangles!

Episode: 8.5/10

Show: 8.16/10

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi: First Impression

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi certainly was one of my most anticipated series for this summer season! It was promising, having a pretty unique but not nonsense concept. Now that the first episode is out, I am quite unsure how this is going to turn out, since if the show keeps the pacing it currently has, it might  lose many viewers over the course of it airing, no matter how well thought out the story is. If it slows down from now on, it might get a lot better than my current impression of it, which simply is rushed!  The Animation though was really nice, being done by Madhouse I didn’t expect any less though. The Soundtrack that we heard until now was kind of cool too, relying mostly on softer piano pieces, which I did like!

In total, this Anime has a lot of potential in becoming really good after having to rush it’s first episode in order to explain the whole setting, but it might as well turn out to have horrible pacing. I hope that this will go into some kind of dark plot and get a bit tragic, it at least showed signs of going this way.

Final Score: 7/10