Outbreak Company: First Impression

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

Outbreak Company first Impression Maid


This show is something that I only started out of curiosity, cause I really had no idea just how they wanted to pull something like this off and well…I went into this with really low expectations and what I got was freaking hillarious! So far I really have to admit that I do enjoy Outbreak Company a lot more than I thought I would and probably a lot more than I should. I feel like this is the kind of show that becomes a guilty pleasure really quick, as the characters are rather one-dimensional (not that that is abnormal after one episode), the humor is nothing that we haven’t seen before, but I just can’t help bu laugh out loud about almost every single joke. I am hoping that they are going to continue it the same way they have started it and that it’s gonna keep being this cool as I really adore both the world and the humor!

Score: 8/10

Fall Season 2013: Line Up, Staff and thoughts

Although this years summer season only began a few weeks ago, this years first seasonal Fall chart (version 1.0) has been published already, and bored as I was I took my time to research the Animes themselves. Here I shall present you the staff, the Synopsis and my personal thoughts on them. Hope you enjoy it and it helps you out a little! I am not going through anything that has had a prequel and through the movies and OVAs. I hope you appreciate that since I can’t cover most of them due to not having seen the Prequel. (My source mostly is ANN and the chart itself)

Galilei-Donna-Pic-01-e1373259644515Galilei Donna:
Synopsis: The story is about “three moons” — three of Italian astronomer Galileo’s female descendants who are on international wanted lists. (Anime Original)Staff: Right now we don’t really have a lot of information on who will work in this project, besides the Director and the Studio, of which only the studio seems to impress with earlier major works, being A1-Pictures, with being known for Animes such Sword Are Online, which had even though the show itself was only decent pretty good Animation. They also were responsible for Animes such as Anohana, Kuroshitsuji and Ao no Exorcist. The director, being called Umetsu Yasuomi doesn’t really have anything that stands out for him.
Personal Thoughts: Due to what we have heard of it so far, it might be a little bit of a fantasy adventure, being featured by A1-Pictures, which I think could get really interesting and I personally think that I’ll check it out!

Samurai-FlamencoSamurai Flamenco:
Synopsis: Plot summary not available yet! (Anime original)
Staff: The studio for Samurai Flamenco has yet to be announced, just as the plot, which makes for a really unsafe bet for this one. The Director though is available and he doesn’t seem to be too bad. His name is Omiro Takahiro and he has done works such as Baccano and Durarara, who both were quite good.
Personal Thoughts: With both Studio and Plot unknown, I am expecting the worst out of this and the picture doesn’t really make me want to watch this either….I guess I’ll stay away for now, until I get a full plot description that I can orientate at!

Gundam Build Fighter Seasonal ChartGundam Build Fighters:
: The story is set in the near future when GunPla battles, competitions that pit Gundam plastic models against each other, have become popular world wide in the “Second GunPla Boom.” Sei Iori a first-year-middle-school student and the only son of a model shop owner, is talented at building GunPla, but inexperienced in the GunPla battles. He encounters a mysterious boy named Reijiwho happens to be an accomplished Gundam Fighter. Together, they strive for the GunPla Battle World Championships. Sei’s customized GunPla is the Build Strike Gundam. (Anime Original)
Staff: While we do have a Director that isn’t too experienced in his work and doesn’t have any known works, we still do have a studio that made some pretty good stuff, including all of Gundam and quite some other Mecha shows, known as Studio Sunrise. Their works also include the oh so famous Cowboy Bebop and the quite new Accel World. With Kuroda Yousuke being the one doing the Series Composition there is another really good addition to the cast, since he did stuff like parts of Hellsing Ultimate, Jormungand, Trigun and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. Personal Thoughts: Even though I think that the synopsis in itself seems more like Pokemon than like Gundam, I still think that I am going to watch this, but more to see the work of the staff and how they are going to do this Pokemon x Gundam crossover since that actually seems a little weird to me!

Kill la kill Seasonal Chart picKILL la KILL:
The story centers around two fiercely fighting schoolgirls, Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuuin. On a Campus ruled by force, a transfer student wielding a Basami sword brings about upheaval. (Anime Original)
Staff: The Staff for this show pretty much has one thing common in particular: Gurren Lagann! We have the Series Composition and the Director from this show and while I didn’t recognize anything else from what they have done so far, this is the only thing that really makes them seem amazing. I have to be honest, I haven’t seen Gurren Lagann yet so I can’t say anything about that yet! The studio for the show, being Trigger has done nothing that would be worth mentioning.
Personal Thoughts: I don’t think that this Anime seems appealing to me. While I still am not sure, whether I will pick this up or not, I can safely say that it won’t be the cast that will make me watch it. It seems to be not too bad, but I am not too sure about it either. The story just seems to not be my taste. The art though is something that seems quite cool…

Meganebu Seasonal Chart picMeganebu!:
The story revolves around a group of 5 “Ikemegane” (handsome eye-glasses-wearing) high school boys. (Drama CDs)
Staff: The Animation is going to be done by Studio DEEN, which actually might be the biggest thing here, due to them having done amazing works such as Higurashi, but at the same time having done really bad adaptations of really good source material, look at Fate/Stay Night and Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. The director is going to be Yamamoto Soubi, who doesn’t really have any major works yet and the Series Composition is going to be done by Akao Deco, who has been responsible for Mysterious Girlfriend X.
Personal Thoughts: By just looking at this…I see free! This really looks like free without the stripping. We have a few handsome good looking guys and a bit of slice of life. The Synopsis says pretty much nothing about the plot itself, so I actually would have said, looking at the Studio that is doing this that this is more like Fantasy, but there is not really a lot that makes it seem this way. After looking at the website, that seemed even less likely to me.

Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~ Seasonal Chart picYozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~:
Synopsis: The story revolves around a quartet of teenaged heroes: A super strong girl named Hime, a mind reader named Ao, a conjurer named Kotoha and an ordinary, powerless boy named Akina. The three girls and Akina protect the city of Sakurashin from supernatural threats. (Manga)
Staff: The staff in here is nothing special at all. We have Ryo-Timo, a pseudononym that I don’t know who is behind, as the director, not having done anything noteworthy. We have Ishikawa Manabu for the Series Composition, who doesn’t really have any special shows as well. We have Yaki Shin doing the music. For him it’s the first time working in an Anime ever! And the only thing that is notable is the production studio, being Tatsunoko Production did the original Gatchaman Series and the currently airing Gatchaman Crowds, which I do really enjoy!
Personal Thoughts: I don’t know what I should be thinking about this. On one hand, the synopsis looks kind of interesting and the pics look promising, but on the other hand I know that the original that this one is a retelling of, was shit and that the Staff is not the best either. It’s another Anime that I might be going to watch, that I am not sure about though.

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! Seasonal Chart picSekai de ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!:
Hagiwara Sakura and Miyazawa Elena are the leading members of the popular idol group “Sweet”. One day, Elena is injured by the attack of a female pro-wrestler Kazama Ruo during the recording of a TV program. To avenge Elena, Sakura enters the female pro-wrestling matches. (Manga)
Staff: I think we all know and love the beautiful works of a studio called Arms, that everyone is familiar with. The studio mostly has done Hentai shows, that I obviously haven’t watched due to me not really liking it. Other works of them include the quite hated Ikkitousen and the really popular Elfen Lied. I think we can safely assume, that during this show we are going to see more than one pair of breasts. The other members of the Staff didn’t get announced yet so the only thing that we know about this show is arms…
Personal Thoughts: I don’t think that I have to say that I am not a huge fan of arms works, with Elfen Lied being their best one even though I am not a huge fan of it either. With this being the only thing we know I think it is quite obvious to assume, that I won’t be watching this. The sports genre is something that I haven’t been into either, so I don’t guess I need more explanations do I?

Yowamushi Pedal Seasonal Chart PicYowamushi Pedal:
Synopsis: The story centers around Sakamichi Onoda, a high school Otaku who loves figures from Anime and Games so much that he would ride his bicycle to and from Tokyo’s Akihabara shopping district in a 90 kilometer (= 60 miles) round trip over steep slopes. Onoda ends up joining the competitive sport of bicycle racing. (Manga)Staff: Just as in most Anime this season the staff is nothing really special, mostly being people that didn’t have any known work before, This time we have Nabeshima Osamu as the Director, Sawada Kan for the Music and TMS Entertainment for the Animation Production. The only one that has provided us with anything being a little more popular is Yoshida Reiko for the Series Composition, who also did K-On! and Girls und Panzer.
Personal Thoughts: And here we go with another sports Anime…and there we go with another staff that isn’t really any popular. Even though the Synopsis features the word Otaku that doesn’t mean that it is any good…I don’t think that I will watch this, since as I said, sports Anime just aren’t a genre I really did get into yet.

Nagi no Asukara Seasonal Charts picNagi no Asukara:
The story is about Manako Mukaido, a middle school girl who is indecisive and Hikari Sakishima Manaka’s caring childhood friend (Full summary not available yet) (Anime Original)
Staff: The most notable thing about this would be the Animation Company, being P.A. Works, who are responsible for shows like Angel Beats, Another or the currently airing Uchouten Kazuko, who all looked pretty good! I really like their animation style. The director, being Shinohara Toshiya has done nothing that is worth pointing out, while Okada Mari who is going to do the Series Composition, also did it for Toradora and Kuroshitsuji.
Thoughts: The Synopsis doesn’t really say a lot, but for now the staff looks promising enough for me to pick this show up for now. Maybe I will decide against it later when the full Synopsis is out, but for now…the name of P.A. Works is enough for me!

Outbreak Company Seasonal Chart picOutbreak Company:
Shinichi Kano is a “thoroughbred class” with a light novelist father and an erotic game artist mother. He has no special talents except for his vast knowledge, opinion and insight on moe. Despite this, the Japanese government assigns him as a “moe” evangelist to the Holy Eldant Empire, a parallel world. In this fantasy world where dragon soar the skies, shinichi forms a deep friendship with the half-elf maid girl Myuseru and the beautiful young empress Petoraru. Even as he deals with the threats of war between different fractions, he worries that he himself is an invader to this wondrous land. (Light Novel)
Staff: This is probably one of the cast that we know the most and at the same time the least about. There is nothing notable for anyone in this staff besides Inai Keiji for the music, who did the music for Btoom!. For the Direction Oikawa Kei was hired, while the Series Composition is going to be done by Arakawa Naruhisa. The whole thing is in the hands of the company feel, who doesn’t really have any major works either,
Personal Thoughts: This sounds like fun, while at the same time bearing a little bit of dark undertones. A mixture that is not that easy to do, but if well executed this could really be a better Anime for the fall season. Actually really looking forward to it!

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukenai Seasonal Chart picKikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai:
Synopsis: The “Symphonic School Battle Action” story follows a boy puppeteer named Raishin Akabane who travels from Japan with his female Automaton Yaya to study at the highest institution for “Machinart” (The craft of making Automatons). A combat tournament at this Walpurgis Royal Academy in England determines the top puppeteer or “Maou”. (Light Novel)
Staff: Again an Anime, that we don’t know anything about but the studio that is going to animate it, which this time is called Lerche and the only notable works are the currently running Danganronpa and the Fate parody Carnival Phantasm.
Personal Thoughts: First off: can anyone tell me what a “Symphonic School Battle Action Story” is? Like seriously what do they want to do with that? While the staff for this one is not yet announced, I don’t know if I should pick this up. I am pretty much half interested in the Synopsis, not sure if this is something worth picking up or not. The character design looks really good though!

Log Horizon Seasonal Charts picLog Horizon:
The story begins when 30000 Japanese gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder Tale. What was once a “Sword and Sorcery World” is now the “real world”. The main lead Shiroe attempts to survive with his old friend Naotsugu and the beautiful assassin Akatsuki. Nyanta is a mysterious player who looks like a cat. (Novel)
Staff: If it comes to the staff of this Anime, they actually did something that I can talk about, not always in a good manner but at least something. The Director Ishihira Shinji has done parts of Fairy Tail which I myself haven’t seen due to it’s length, but heard of that it actually is really good. The Series Composition is done by Nemoto Toshizo, who was responsible for Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou, which so far hasn’t been really good as an Anime and  a show called Inu x Boku. At last we have the Animation studio being Silverlink, who have done quite good Animation before, for example in parts of Hellsing Ultimate.
Personal Thoughts: I guess it’s just normal, that the first thing that comes to mind is Sword Art Online and that doesn’t really leave a perfect taste behind. Still this show pretty much just has as much potential and I am looking forward to if it will actually live up to it or just go down like SAO did.

Coppelion Seasonal Charts picCoppelion:
The story is set in 2036, after radioactive contamination from a nuclear accident has put Tokyo under a blockade. Three high school girls have been sent to this dead city. Thanks to genetic engineering, the three girls have been impervious to radioactivity since birth. They form a special forces unit, codenamed “coppelion”, in the third division of Japan’s ground self defense force. (Manga)
Staff: I know nothing about this Staff…there has been nothing announced and no information on anything else about this Anime. I am sorry!
Personal Thoughts: Honestly…I’ve had enough of special forces consisting of high school girls. Still this might be good, as long as the Anime really focuses on the radiation thing and the isolation and not the girls doing their girls things plot. I hope they will do so and might give it a try!

Walkure Romanze Seasonal Chart picWalkure Romanze:
Synopsis: The story centers around Takahiro Mizuno, a student training to be a Begleiter (knight’s assistant) at an academy where aspiring knights joust. He himself had come to the academy to train as a knight after becoming the unrivaled junior champion in his own home country. However, an injury in a tournament’s finals forced him to withdraw. Instead, he decides to be a Begleiter to one of the academy’s maiden knights and help her win. (Visual Novel)
Staff:The Staff for Walkure Romanze is relatively balanced with no one having anything incredibly good, but everyone having something to show. The Director, Yamamoto Yusuke has been also working for Sgt. Frog, while the Series Composition also has done works such as NANA and Kaempfer. The Anime is going to be animated by 8Bit who also did the Infinite Stratos Anime that is going to get a sequel in the same season.
Personal Thoughts: One one side, right here we have the only Visual Novel Adaptation for this whole seasonal chart, as they seem to tempt to die out. And Visual Novels often pretty fast become a Harem and do like to go into the direction of an erotic game. On the other hand though, while I see the possibility to make this a Harem, I kind of like the premise. The thing that right now actually makes me turn down the Anime is the screen shots of the Visual Novel that remind more of a Hentai than anything else. (I don’t want to use them here though, go search for them yourself!)

Golden Time Seasonal Chart picGolden Time:
: The school romantic comedy of Golden Time revolves around Banri Tada, a college student who lost all of his memories before his high school graduation. The story follows Banri, Kyouko Kaga (a girl whose seemingly perfect looks belies her hidden regrets), Kyouko’s significant other Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and other students at Banri’s college in Tokyo. (Light Novel)
Staff: This is another occasion, where nothing really has been given out to the public other than the Synopsis. I don’t even know the Studio yet…sry about that!
Personal Thoughts: I didn’t watch too many RomComs yet so I don’t know too much about the genre but it just doesn’t seem to really work out for me. Nothing that I wouldn’t watch, it doesn’t interest me too much. Has yet to be decided!

Strike the Blood Seasonal Chart picStrike the Blood:
The school action fantasy story of Strike the Blood revolves around Kojou Akatsuki, a boy deemed the world’s most powerful vampire (once thought to only exist in legend and lore), and Yukina Hirameki, a girl entrusted with watching over the vampire and if needed, hunting him down. (Light Novel)
Staff: While both the chief director (Takao Sano) and the normal Director (Yamamoto Hideyo) haven’t done anything special, the Series Composition is what catches my eye for this staff, since it was done by Yoshino Hiroyuki, who worked for shows like Accel World, Sound of the Sky and Magi. The show is also going to be animated by Silverlink, who I mentioned earlier as being a company that actually does pretty good animations.
Personal Thoughts: Honestly I think the thing that this will depend on is how the original author sees Vampires. Does he see them as awesome fighting blood sucking creatures? Or are they just plain boring things? By now vampires in total are getting old (even though they normally can’t age…) and we really need some vampires that are original or just really badass again!Will try this out!

Daiya no A Seasonal Chart picDaiya no A:
Synopsis: The story follows Eijun, a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they strive for Japan’s storied Koushien championships through hard work and determination. (Manga)
Staff: The notable thing again is neither the Director nor the Series Composition, but the Studio that is producing this show. Better said the studios. The two studios working together for this are both pretty known. Production I.G. is known for the still, 10 years after it’s release, amazing looking Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series, or for it’s only recently aired Suisei no Gargantia. Madhouse on the other side has amazing animation in works like Btoom, High school of the Dead or the currently airing Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, making for an incredible production cooperation. The director’s name is Masuhara Mitsuyuki and didn’t really do anything worth mentioning, while the only thing notable that the Series Composition (Konuta Takeshi) has done is Blood Lad
Personal Thoughts: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s more sports again. Honestly…I live in europe so I don’t really have anything to do with Baseball as a sport. That alone would be a reason to not watch it, but the combination of Studios really makes me interested, since both Madhouse and Production I.G. just do amazing work. I am still thinking about this, but it’s most likely for me to not watch it.

Toaru Hkuushi e no Koiuta Seasonal Chart picToaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta:
  The story of love and aerial combat follows a former prince who lost everything to a revolution, a girl who became the symbol of revolution, and another girl on a journey on her own. The orphaned prince, now renamed Karueru, embarks on a one-way voyage to discover the ends of heavens. Aboard the levitating island of Isura, he meets a girl named Claire. (Light Novel)
Staff: Another Anime we don’t know the company that is doing it yet. The director’s name is Suzuki Toshimasa and has done almost nothing worth mentioning and the series Composition is done by Yamamoto Hideyo, who also did the Series Composition for the Zettai Karen Children Spin Off called The Unlimited: Hyobu Kyousuke which I really liked, even though it is quite underrated. The Script is also written by Yoshida Reiko, a man that is responsible for multiple shows this season, that has done works like K-On and Girls und Panzer.
Personal Thoughts: We already have 3 girls and a boy in the Synopsis…this kind of makes me think of a Harem! The only reason I might be watching this for is for Hyobu Kyousuke since it was an Anime that really is underrated. The other parts of what we know by now, I am not sure about whether or not I do like it. Thinking about picking it up.

blazblue Alter Memory Seasonal chart picBlazBlue Alter Memory:
Synopsis: The story is set in December of 2199, when the streets are full of anticipation for the end of the year and the start of a new one. Amid the celebrations, word spreads that Ragna the Bloodedge, an SS-class rebel with the highest ever bounty on his head, has appeared in the 13th Hierachical city of Kagutsuchi. The apparent aim of Ragna or the “Grim Reaper” is the destruction of the System controlling the world. To collect the bounty, a motley array of unrivaled fighters converge on Kagutsuchi. (Game)
Staff: The staff for this show doesn’t stand out in any possible way. The Director called Tachibana Hideki hasn’t done anything special just as the script writer Takahashi Tatsuya. The only one having done anything notable is the earlier mentioned Akao Deko, who is responsible for two shows this season and has done Mysterious Girlfriend X before. The work is again divided into two studios, one being Hoods entertainment, the studio that did Mysterious Girfriend X and TeamKG who have their debut with this one.
Personal Thoughts: I have to admit I am kind of interested in this one, but still do fear that this is going to end in a bad way. The Synopsis looks good so I might give it a try. Not sure yet.

Ore no Nounai Seasonal chart picOre no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Come o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru:
The story centers around Kanade a boy cursed with the mental power of “absolute multiple choice” – A multiple-choice quiz will suddenly appear in his mind and the choice he makes will become his reality. For example he would have to chose between going nude from the waist up or from the waist down in school. While in school, he is given another choice: 1) beautiful girl will fall before him or 2) he will fall from the rooftop in female clothes. He chooses option 1, and a blonde girl called chocolat falls before him. (Light Novel)
Staff: The staff for this is just another staff that has almost nothing that I knew. The only thing that actually was worth mentioning was that the Anime called Campione is done by the same Studio being Diomeda. The director Inagaki Takayuki and the series composition Kanasugi Hiroko have both nothing they can really show.
Personal Thoughts: This time I really don’t care about the Staff, because the concept just looks so hilarious that I just want to watch this, even though I think that this would perfectly fit for a Visual Novel, since the Multiple Choice is the main element that distinguishes Visual Novels from Light Novels, but anyway. I am kind of looking forward to this one and hope that they will do i well!

Non Non Biyori Seasonal Chart picNon Non Biyori:
Synopsis: The Slice-of-Life Comedy is set in a countryside school with only five students total. The nearest bookstore is 20 minutes away by bicycle , a certain “J_up” magazine comes out on Wednesdays instead of Mondays, and the video rental store is 10 stations away. Fifth-grade school girl Hotaru Ichijou transfers from Tokyo to this school and readjusts to the slow life in the country. Her fellow schoolmates are Natsumi, Korami, Renge, and Komari’s big brother Suguru in the third year of middle school
Staff: In here, we have one person that really impressed me, being Shimo Fumihiko, who has written the script for shows such as Air, Clannad, Higurashi Kai (which doesn’t fit in there at all..) and the disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. That guy really seems to know how to do things. The Director is the same Director as for Kokoro Connect and is called by the Kawamo Shinya. The Series Composition is again Yoshida Reiko, who has also done K-On and Girls und Panzer. The studio for this one is going to be Silverlink who do a good job animating and have done things such as Kokoro Connect and Fate/Kaleid Liner.
Personal Thoughts: This is an anime that I wouldn’t consider watching without the staff…but with the staff being this good, I really am looking forward to this! I also can relate to the situation a little, since I am living in the country myself and a SoL comedy never really is too bad.

Diabolik Lovers Seasonal chart picDiabolik Lovers:
The story centers around the six sadistic Sakamaki vampire brothers. Yuki Komori is a positive thinking girl who nevertheless is troubled by seeing spirits and experiencing poltergeist phenomena. In her second year of middle school, she transfers to a new school – a night school for entertainers and celebrities – due to her father’s work. There are rumors that there are vampires among the student body, and Yui ends up living with the Sakamaki brothers. (Drama CD)
Staff: The thing that me might be most notable is the studio again, but this time not for it’s amazing earlier arts, but for Aku no Hana which if people look at the beginning of it, looks horrible. The character designs were good due to the shows nature, but the animation itself just wasn’t good, but for more information just look at my Review on it. The director called Tagashira Shinobu, is here doing work for the first time and the series composition (Nagatsu Seiko) has done nothing worth mentioning either. The only thing that was notable is the music which is scored by the same person who composed for Robotics;Notes and Blood Lad, being Hayashi Yuuki.
Personal Thoughts: I think everything should have been said as soon as the titles involved Lovers and the Synopsis the word vampire right? The staff is nothing special either, so this is over for me already. No thanks

Pupa Seasonal Chart picPupa:
  The “life-and-death-sibling” story follows Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa, a boy and his little sister who find themselves all alone. One day Yume sees a mysterious red butterfly and her body undergoes a strange metamorphosis – into a creature that eats humans. Utsutsu struggles to find a way to restore his sister. (Manga)
Staff: Again only the Studio is interesting, being once more Studio Deen, who have done works like Higurashi before, but also things like the original Fate/Stay Night and the Umineko series. The director Mochizuki Tomomi has done nothing I should mention.
Personal Thoughts: personally this is the Anime I am looking forward to the most, since the Synopsis seems really appealing to me and I still haven’t lost my hope in DEEN (even though I still hope for a Umineko Sequel). Gonna watch this!

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova- Seasonal Chart picAoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova-:
Synopsis: In the story, humanity lost much of it’s developed land due to global warming in the first half of the 21st century. Then, a “Fleet of Fog” loaded with Super Weapons suddenly appears all over the world. Without the ability to withstand this fleet, humanity was defeated and could no longer travel the seas. 17 years after the devastating naval war, Gunzou Chihaya and his friends somehow commandeer a “Fleet of Fog” submarine and rename it I-401. Together with Iona (I401’s “mental model” or physical incarnation in human form) they take on the “Fleet of Fog”. (Manga)
Staff: And this time we actually have it the other way around, as the studio (Sanzigen) is the one that has nothing to offer, while everyone else does. The director is Kishi Seiji, who has done the direction for several game adaptations, like Persona 4, Danganronpa and Devil Survivor 2, plus the Direction for the quite popular Anime Angel Beats. The Series Composition is Uezu Makoto, who also worked for Danganronpa and Devil Survivor 2. But he has something that makes everything a little worse, being the name of School Days in his record and making him a little suspicious. The music is going to be handled by Kouda Masato, who is going to have it’s debut with this soundtrack.
Personal Thoughts: I personally think that this show looks really interesting and I really want to check it out! The staff in total looks awesome as well, so this is another one that I am actually quite looking forward to.

With this I am done with the first seasonal chart of Fall! I don’t know yet if I am going to do this for other seasons too since that was a heck of a lot of work (around 4 hours I think ‘-.-) and I don’t always have that time. Hope it helped you out though and I kind of look forward to the fall season!