Strike the Blood: First Impression

This first impression is still SPOILER FREE! It doesn’t go beyond the things said in the Synopsis! However I still would recommend to watch the episode before reading this since it will make things a bit clearer (I am not gonna give a summary!)

Strike the Blood First Impression Ending Scene

This scene at the end probably was one of my favorite scenes out of the first episodes this season so far…THAT OST!

Strike the Blood was another Anime that I went into with pretty low expectations, as I didn’t really see what they’d make out of the concept and if there’d be any likeable characters in there. But as we go into the first episode, I have to say that this probaly was one of the strongest starts into the new season so far. The world that we get presented in the first episode is a world that really cought my interest from the first second on. The characters while still rather mysterious are quite ok, with a rather generic tsundere and a quite cool main character that I really enjoy watching. The animation done by studio Silverlink was pretty good during the fight scene that was already delivered to us. There are still points though, where I am not sure how it is going to turn out. While the first episode already was pretty pleasent, I am not yet sure where they are going with the story and I can see how they could go into an arch style like Index did it, with a new antagonist every arch and another protagonist focused on in every arch. I am looking forward to seeing more of this though and hope that this is going well!

Score: 8/10


Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya: Episode 5

This Reaction might contain SPOILERS for the episode talked about! I recommend watching the episode itself before reading this (only if you want to watch the show itself of course)!


Moar Alter Saber :3

And it almost seemed as if this show dropped the humor completely. I really liked this episode, due to just how much amazing action was in there. I really like Silverlink, when it comes to those kind of things, cause they simply know how to do those things. Also the OST was for the most part really good this episode. To be honest, I think that the story for this show is not good. I really don’t like it as much, but for as much as the story and the characters lack anything, this show makes it up with awesome battles and animation and more than one pretty funny passage. Even though they cut the humor a lot, they still left a lot over with Rin’s and Luvia’s interaction. I didn’t like it as much though and while it added a nice feeling to everything, I didn’t enjoy it as much.

Episode: 7.5/10