Summer 2013 Impression: Halfway Through

By now the Summer Season has been going for quite a time and 6-7 weeks have passed already since the start of the first shows. Every single show that I am following has reached the halftime of how long it’s going (if it is 10-13 episodes at least). I thought that by now, I had quite a clear ranking and just wanted to share that! So here, I present to you, my top 11 shows that are ongoing while the Summer Season of 2013 and that I am following. Please note that I am not following any long running shounen, thus they won’t be on this list! I also am only counting real shows, meaning that OVAs, ONAs and Movies won’t be here! I also haven’t seen anything that has been airing so please forgive me for maybe missing out on a great Anime that you like and just post it down in the comments! I will add it to my Plan to Watch and will get around to watching it eventually. I am also only raiting the parts of the show that aired throughout the summer season. So if an Anime started earlier and carried over, I am only going to rate the part that got carried over.

11: Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou:
The Synopsis for this show already mentioned that this was going to be senseless and I don’t really mind that, if it is done in a way that is at least funny! For this show though, I just can’t bring myself to laugh a lot. This must be one of the worst comedy Anime that I have seen so far, based on my own humor. Of course that is totally subjective and others might find this Anime to be hillarious while it is only me finding this Anime plain boring and at times a pain to watch. I am also only raiting the parts of the show that aired throughout the summer season.

10: Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou:
After the first few episodes, I felt like this Anime was going to be amazing, trying to deconstruct the Magical Girl genre just as one of my personal favorites, being Madoka Magica, did. It did this with a lot of similarity to that show, but by now comparing those two shows just doesn’t feel right to me. There are a few major differences, being at first, that so far the Anime has deconstructed only the story, while Madoka deconstructed the whole genre, the characters included. The second being that while Madoka went from lighthearted to really dark and pretty stayed there, while Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou likes to jump around between those two. Those are the two major differences and the second even is the major flaw that Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou has so far. While I thought that the show was amazing at first, it did let me down and later on, and I don’t feel like this show is better than mediocre at this point in time!

9: Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation:
Neptune was something I was kind of looking forward to, since people told me about the games being really cool and that the Anime was sure to get just as cool as the games and well…let’s say while it is not bad, it doesn’t seem to be really good either. This is a really lighthearted show and the few parts of Drama that we get feel rather rushed, as it seems to me that they don’t really have any build up. What we get is a cool Setting with semi interesting characters and I story that jumps from one arch to the next in an incredible speed while not being anything outstanding.

8: Blood Lad:
The thing that makes me sad about this Anime, is that I have read the Manga and I had way to high expectations to this, being right now rather disappointing, even though it certainly is not bad. I don’t feel like it’s good either. It has a good storyline but it is a typical shounen (not that I have anything against shounen) that seems just way to generic to me as an Anime, while being pretty pleasing as a Manga.

7: Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou kangaetemo omaera ga warui:
This Anime is getting praised by many as the Anime of the season, but to be honest, after six episodes I don’t see too much of the appeal that it had at the beginning left. I feel like the humor is getting a little boring and while I appreciated how it started I hope that it will change it’s tone a little soon, while still staying the same for the most part. I like the idea, but at times it seems a little boring to me. Also I just can’t get pleased with the awkward feeling of the Anime in the same way that I got with Aku no Hana, which was a lot better to me.

6: Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi:
For this Anime it is pretty much the same as with WataMote. It started really well but as soon as episode 3 happens…well…let’s just say everything went downhill. The story is nothing really special and while I can still feel for the characters and everything, I don’t really see them as strong developed characters, since didn’t seem to have changed a bit since the start of the show and the only character that actually grew on me…well…no spoilers at this point I guess. Strong Opening episode, weaker following ones. Also this Anime looks amazing but that is normal for Studio Madhouse.

5: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya:
With the Fate-Franchise being one of my favorites out there, it was no surprise, that I picked this show up. Many people actually dropped the show after the first episode, to which i can only respond…WHY? This show’s beginning episodes were excactly what I expected from the trailers and texts about the show itself and I have no idea, what people expected to come out of a Fate/Stay Night Spin Off for the Magical Girl Genre. It does what it is supposed to do quite well and I am thankful for that. None of my favorites but still rather good. Plus it is getting quite dark right now!

4: Shingeki no Kyojin:
Ok…I am going to get a lot of hate for this one being placed this low on the list, but I stated this many times already: Attack on Titan is overrated. REALLY overrated. While at the start, this show seemed to simply be amazing, later on the speed of the show slowed down a lot and I actually was quite bored at points due to how slow it got. Remember that I only judge the second part of the show in this impression and that the first part doesn’t mean anything, meaning that the amazingly strong start doesn’t count either. Now the things that still complement the show are the OST that is really good at getting your heart racing and the visuals that are really damn good at times. Other than that…I hope it’ll speed up soon, since it still has quite good chances for the number one spot on this list by the end of the season.

3: Danganronpa:
Danganronpa is a little bit of mixed bag…Either you hate it or like it. There is almost nothing in between and I myself rather like it as a show. I am still not sure if I should rank this as a Guilty Pleasure since it is not well done and there is more than one Cringe worthy moment in this Anime,  but in total it rather pleases me due to how it can draw in the spectator during the class trials. That is why it recieves such a high score for me and I am not sure if that really is satisfied.

2: Love Lab:
I know…this is weird…but again, everything about humor is entirely subjective, meaning that I might think things are hillarious while you might not even smirk about it and the other way around. Love Lab is an Anime that is entirely based on comedy and thus it is only a matter of which kind of humor you like and if you happen to like the same humor as I do than you might find this show to be hillarious just as me! I don’t know if that is the matter so just try it out if you haven’t already. I myself think it is the best comedy Anime for this season.

1: Gatchaman Crowds:
Ok…I said that Love Lab on the second place was weird but this…is even worse. Gatchaman Crowds is another show that I actually know about it is not as good as other shows, but for me it definitely held the highest enjoyment factor so far. It is much like Valvrave just pure mindless fun and doesn’t even try to portrait anything different! I love how it has such weird characters, a cool concept and a story that is neither complex nor anything new and still is just fun to watch. People like this shows main character are just adorable and I love what it does and how it does, not to mention that the CG just looks plain awesome! Judging the enjoyment I can only say that this is the best show for this Summer Season, not because it is good, but because it is fun to watch!